Michelin’s visionary concept

Credit: Michelin

Tyre manufacturer Michelin has presented, and created, a concept tire made from bio-sourced and biodegradable materials using 3D printing. The tire is airless and is designed to last as long as a vehicle.

Its ultra-durability comes from its honeycomb structure, which is inspired by natural models, mimicking the natural growth process at work in a plant, mineral or coral. 

All images credit: Michelin

The tread of the tyre can be replenished using a 3D printer, meaning that it can be altered to fit alternative terrain or to simply replenish the tyre after an amount of wear. 

Michelin says that the Visionary Concept communicates with the vehicle, and the vehicle communicates with it. Without getting out of the car you can be informed of the wear on the tread and program a reprint, choosing the type of tread pattern needed at that particular time for the intended use. 


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Have you ever heard of a jack story? A man gets a flat tyre on a country road. He sees a house in the distance. He walks up to the house, and along the way he starts thinking, ‘What if they don’t have a jack? What if they have a jack but they wanna charge me for it, and if they do, how much would they charge? A hundred dollars, two hundred, a thousand?’ So by the time the man gets to the house, rings the bell, and they answer the door? He tells them, ‘You know what? Keep your goddamn jack.’

So you get my point? You have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s mind, so the best thing you can do is trust them. Because if you don’t, I’m telling you, you’re gonna do something that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.
—  Donna Paulsen, Suits