tyrants of the netherworld

Valvatorez ~ Disgaea 4

  • Vampire demon banished to Hades, a prison in the Netherworld
  • Was once a tyrant with incredible power but now refuses to drink blood because of a promise he made
  • Now spends his days babysitting penguin creatures
  • Is convinced sardines hold special power. It’s all he eats and all he talks about.
  • He always keeps his promises and believes in The Power of Friendship
  • Can’t sit idly by when this are thrown into chaos, or something/someone doesn’t meet his standards
  • Honestly he just desperately needs a babysitter and his usual one is MIA
  • Is now at human-level strength here in FSL. Pray for him.

Mun details under cut.

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DESASTER (Black / Trash metal from Germany)


Full - Length Discography:

  1. A Touch of Medieval Darkness - 1996
  2. Hellfire’s Dominion - 1998
  3. Tyrants of the Netherworld - 2000
  4. Divine Blasphemies - 2002
  5. Angelwhore - 2005
  6. Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate - 2007
  7. The Arts of Destruction - 2012


   (Desaster - In A Winter Battle !!!!!!!!!)


Victim of My Force - Desaster

Just found out about these guys now… blackened thrash, fucking awesome.