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i’m the same way with george washington omg. all i ever talk about is george, and my friends are like yo calm down you’re tearing up and jfgkjt

((I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s just so hard for me to explain to people who don’t have that kind of relationship with a historical figure, y'know? Like you love them, but you’ll never meet them and it’s completely heartbreaking so you learn everything you can about them so it feels like you’ve somehow met them.))

OOC//: (( RIGHT. ))

Fa-ha-hinally got that dissertation sent off! Time to get back here for real methinks. Gonna play the last parts of The Betrayal to get me in the mood, then start writing the things.

> Dobby, I owe you an overdue reply.

> Altairr, you too, are you still interested?

> There’s this majestic figure of a certain tyrant I simply must initiate correspondence with.

> Mon cher Cœur, aussi.

Oui. Bon.

The Rise and Fall of a King || tyrantkingwashington

This was it. The moment of truth. The moment the Mohawk warrior desired more than anything. It was time to face this so called King. He had drank the tea of the Great Willow only twice now and it seemed to be a good amount of power obtained from it. With the help of the wolf and eagle, Ratonhnhaké:ton felt more than suitable to take down the Mad King.

Furrowing his brows he took a few steps forward, placing several feet of space between him and his opponent. “This is it Washington! Your reign of power will end! Today is the day you die!" Ratonhnhaké:ton shouted firmly as he unsheathed his tomahawk. "You brought this upon yourself and for that I will make sure you pay for the lives you have taken!”