Labor is a necessity that gets us the things we need for survival and for recreation; jobs, as they are traditionally understood in our society, are positions for people to not only justify their own existence but also to justify the existence of capitalism. I genuinely believe that most people could feasibly enjoy labor and get meaning from it, but being forced to sell your labor to a capitalist so that he can profit off of your necessity is an alienating experience. The American people don’t “need more jobs”; we need a means in which we can extend democracy to production and other social institutions, so that the great capacities of technology and sustinence are controlled by all who use and are affected by it, rather than controlled by a tiny minority. Capitalism is more lenient feudalism with a spectacle of “choice, choice, choice”. In other words, even though the standard of living has generally increased since that period, class relations still dictate the great majority of social/economic/political relations. Controlling socially-operated production autocratically (as in capitalism) is textbook tyranny, you just don’t notice it because the title isn’t “king” or “lord” or “president”.


Tyranny Voiceover Bloopers