T-REX + STARGAZER LILY, Copic markers, for sale here

I finally finished her!! This took ages to finish because I was so scared of colouring the flowers and messing them up but I’m happy with how they turned out, even if one of my markers almost ran out of ink. I’m considering making this one of a pair, I found some really nice references for a Triceratops skull so might give that a go too (undecided on the flower accompaniment but suggestions welcome)

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The signs as Jurassic World’s Dinosaurs

Indominous Rex ( Awesome one ): Sagittarius & Leo

Tyrannosaurus Rex ( Flare chasing one ): Aries & Taurus

Velociraptor ( Chris Pratt loving one ): Gemini & Capricorn

Pteranodon ( Flying one ): Aquarius & Pisces

Ankylosaurus ( Indominous fighting one ): Virgo & Scorpio

Mosasaurus ( Big water one ): Cancer & Libra

Words cannot describe the joy I felt when Claire lit that flare and stared down the queen of the park, leading her out to the final battle. I was legitimately squeeing in my seat.

Jurassic World had problems, but in that particular instance it made me so, so happy. The T-Rex enthusiast and absolute JP nerd in me was doing backflips.

I made a draw because feels

Some things are so inherently awesome they require no explanation, so please enjoy this video from Gascon Horsemanship of a very familiar inflatable T-Rex riding a beautiful trained horse as it prances while also kicking a giant soccer ball (and that’s only the beginning). It’s Jurassic Paso Park!

[via Sploid]