Socrates & Plato, Anne Sullivan & Helen Keller........ Tami Taylor & Tyra Collette

 Now that I’m no longer stricken with the burden of having an awesome job, assisting the people who make television shows, I have ample time to criticize their work.                                 

When I say “criticize” though, what I really mean is obsess over.  Because when you’re on the outside of the snow globe that is Hollywood, you start becoming enthralled with the falling glitter all over again. 

You might have read yesterday that I recently attempted to get my hair cut like Adrianne Palicki’s. And you might have thought to yourself, “wow, what a pathetic loser." 


Well…that thought has crossed my mind as well.  But while I do tend to appreciate everything that I’ve learned about Ms. Palicki (after all, we do both have tattoos dedicated to our parents), it’s really her identical twin, Dillon, TX resident Tyra Collette, that captivates my interest.  And Tyra and I are so not strangers.  In fact, she’s practically my best friend.  So see, I’m not actually pathetic after all.


It’s because of my newfound friendship with Tyra, that I’ve voluntarily written a dissertation about the editing of Friday Night Lights as it involves my BFF&E and her mentor, Tami Taylor, played by the great Connie Britton.  Yes, this is literally what I do all day. 

Sit back and enjoy… really, it’s fascinating stuff… http://onaveryspecial.blogspot.com/2013/02/laverne-shirley-mary-rhoda-macaroni.html