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Is it me or does andy literally have SUCH nice arms like whenever that boy wears a short sleeved t-shirt im breathless goddamn its like theyre the perfect amount of muscle and then his h a n d s holy shit his hands are beautiful im crying as i typ e th i s

in conclusion i am c ry ing

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"#if you wanna drag a romantic poet#DRAG WORDSWORTH" WORD IT UP.

Wordsworth can get REKT ok he is the inferior specimen of all Romantic poetry??? Coleridge’s poetry is on so many drugs it’s just delightful, Keats’s is horribly tragic and emotional and sensual and gorgeous, Mary Shelley writes some DARK HARDCORE STUFF and her hubby Percy was kind of a sweetheart in comparison but he still wrote awesome poems about MOUNTAINS and also POSSIBLY THE BEST SONNET OF ALL TIME (Ozymandias), and there’s also a lady poet named Charlotte Smith that nobody has ever heard of who wrote poems about DINOSAUR FOSSILS, and my one true love Lord Byron is just a fucking rascal and his poems are hilarious and so alive and excited and adventurous and electric!!!!

and Wordsworth is just over here nipping phrases from his sister Dorothy’s journals and writing about how pretty the daisies are?? While all the rest of the Romantics are getting high or fighting in revolutions or having sex in graveyards or writing angry articles or swimming across the sea or protesting awful political things or owning weird-ass pets or being amateur scientists or traveling all over Europe and all the while writing about these insanely interesting things??? Keats managed to live about a third of Wordsworth’s lifespan, spending a large amount of that very very ill or caring for other people who were very very ill, and still write insanely interesting things???

And ol Will there is just living in a cottage somewhere and getting complacent and boring and uuuuUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHH he is literally too boring for me to even insult????? He is the mayonnaise white bread sandwich of Romantic poetry and im falling asle e ep   j u s t   typ i ng  abou t       h i m…

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ICH WILL IBLALI HEIRATEN! Ich habe sogar nen Plan wie ich ihn kennenlerne :D aber weiß nicht ob ich mich das traue ._. Bin sowieso ncht sein Typ :s ..

Ich sollte es mit meinen 18 Jahren fertig bringen, eine gute und hilfreiche Antwort auf diese Frage zu geben. Leider bin ich blöd im Kopf und fasse meine Reaktion in dieses wunderbaren Bild: