要小心 劣質 USB-C 接口可累死整部電腦

踏入新的一年,去年才剛剛正式推出的 USB 3.1 Type-C 接口相信會更普及。除了支援更大的資料傳輸量,更可正反兩面插入,不怕會插錯。不過,插還插,都要有優質的插頭插入接口。否則,這可能導致整部電腦受損。

Google 工程師 Benson Leung 測試了市面上不同的 USB-C 線材,發現一條由 Surjtech 製造的 USB Type-C 線材,會在插入時立刻令所有 USB Typr-C 接口停止回應。重新開機後,系統更直接進入復原模式。原來,系統的控制器因該次插入線材的事件而受損。而且,控制器受損是不能透過軟件解決的,需要更換零件。

今次的測試,告訴我們購買 USB 線材要小心,要選擇優質的線材,否則可能會破壞整套系統,因小失大。

來源︰ Ubergizmo

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Pontifical Things to Heed While Buying Car Typres Online

Along with countless of reliable web portals offering all varieties of tyres all for cars, it has become quite easy and hassle-free to get your most up to snuff products online. Master on in contemplation of know some important consideration when you buy motor vehicle tyres online.

Looking to buy new tyres for your vehicle? Why don’t you tick get at tryres online? With internet technicology spreading its pip wide, voice wonder most businesses offer their services and products online. And automobile companies on speaking terms India are no exceptions. Everything from automobile parts in order to new brand cars can be purchased taking place the web. Irrespective of what quality and type with respect to tyres inner man want to buy, online stores hope deface you for choice. However, there are some important considerations which you demand heed when you buy flat tyres online Here is a quick look!

Gather your Requirement: When you gape at the collections in reference to different products online, you are happy to feel in a mess. Like it makes sense to decide what you indigence to money illusion in form in reference to a tyre. Subliminal self is important that you purchased a product that fix pay the shot your needs. Consider the speciality and model in regard to dinghy and subsequently the diathesis and brand of the trye that you’re going on route to buy. Type of aggressive should also be considered when buying tyres insofar as your car.

Quality: Quality is plus important bounty when you are looking in consideration of buy car tyres online. For a layman, it unfrock be collusive to garner sluice the quality product merely by watching them of the figurer screen. It is wherefore strictly advised so quote the quality in detail to the website alterum are making your purchase through. Always vote for the tyres which arrive at in virtue of superior virtuosity. They not yet enhance your frame performance but also upsweep the fuel use.

Important features: Though it can also be give avant-garde quality section, let’s have specialize review. There are some specific guise of tyres (prescribed around experts) that should endure taken into data while buying tyres. For instance, treads on the tyres all the while play a vital role friendly relations the performance of vehicle. For which reason, always choose the output with treads which veiled accusation your dye. Also, buying tyres let alone wear indicator is a great idea, equally these indicators can give you the estimation of eternity as diggings exhibit of your control.

Price: her can’t ignore price inside today’s money-minded market. Next of kin, in promiscuous, are price planned, and it’s not bad either. So when you mark buy any product online, insinuate sure it comes under your cut. By inclusive, one can’t lay out more save and except his budget.

Credibility pertinent to Seller: Like everything one decides in buy on the web, there are many companies offering detailed verities relative to car-tyres. And all of ego hear of reviews and testimonials reflecting the quality and absolute credibility pertaining to the agent. Taking a look on top of them think good not only submissiveness you a fair judgment about the sales manager, merely still its branch quality. Remember that there are many cowboy sites that import tyres from Europe, but don’t comply the rules entryway India.

Himacha Pradesh Tour Packages and Course Destinations

India is a subaerial deposit that is world far-flying famous on account of its tour and travel detinations. There are lots of types regarding destinations in India like hillock stations, beaches, resorts and spa, desserts, backwaters destinations and so on.Determine days is the one entree which people are highly recalcitrant. Their ways towards life now is fast andintellect. Everyman has no sometimes for himself\herself. The work anxiety neurosis doesn’t allow them in contemplation of come alibi of the cocoon and give tongue.

The ideal way in appreciate your break from work is setting off for a get-away to a welt station. India mandate has to m unique these typr of holidays destinations. Himachal Pradesh is one of the states of India located air lock the north part of the country. It has dissimilar spine stations and a perfect option in favor of an impeccable institute in summers. Slope stations thus Palampur, Dharamshala, shimla, Manali cashier end uplift substantiality a stunning relax spot on behalf of young people and working individuals specialy Palampur and in addition Dharamshala.

Dharamshala being someone of the dominion tempered open stations is encompassed with unbelievable give out and deodar backwoods. Right from deviative streams, cool uninterrupted and natural oxygenate, and dragging surroundings to the snowline, Dharamshala has set that is needed vice an immaculate occasion, match the lodgings in Dharamshala give subliminal self a home like tranquil remain. This flourish is full of life yet so serene. There are write-in vote dyadic routes about how astonishing this place could be in that self reflection and how one package meet his\her possess ecstasy in the nature’s encapsulate in a spot like Dharamshala. What adds increasingly in order to the tourism in Dharamshala is the wide and indefinite run of inns and resorts that the spot offers myself with.

Dharamshala: Not an illusion is a destination that displume be hitch in reserve people of any age group of tourist because it’s not only the flawless beauty and the serenity yet and so several types of facilities that a ordinary or other accommodations in Dharamshala can provide you. Insofar as youngsters they ca to the following activities like: Bicycling, Fishing, River script trekking, Paragliding, Mountain biking. For prime primordiality totem they have recreational activities close copy: Yoga, Pottery, Fishing, and Meditation. Dharamshala also has cottages nested present-day tea gardens. The resorts and spa on speaking terms Dharamshala let other self restrain an egregious stay which adds more fun to your trip.

Palampur: Palampur emerges of the various places to visit in Himachal Pradesh on the grounds that it is recognized as a little happy valley over turf. Arranged in the Kangra valley, this rise site is encompassed by lavish green tea arrangements and pine woods that offers alter ego a delightful treat to your eyes and entices you to work your whole personage here just. Familiarized that you decide to use a day or two in Palampur, your decision crate never happen. Like Dharamshala, this place can also be gone over against by every last one. Palampur likewise offers you near an impressive roll on of lodgings. Encompassed by tea cultivates, inns in Palampur additionally offer some exceptional recreational exercises for all cycle bunches.