Flourished Creativity

Flourish forms and ornamental handmade scripts these are the specialities of Bobby Haiqalsyah so called bobsta14. He is a real good freelance graphic designer with a love of type, lettering, and illustration. “Hustling type, connecting people, and making things happen”, as he says. Every single artwork is designed with great power and passion for typism. Enjoy his work!

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Inspiration exists

Once said Pablo Picasso and Mirko Camia, digital artist and typographer from Milan, italy knows how to do it. The fundamental point in his illustrations and typography, which is always used with the greatest detail possible, launching increasingly strong and direct messages. At this moment is to make known my project “YOU CAN CHOOSE” The project is simply pure advertising illustration in order to raise awareness on current state of our planet.

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Typostrate Cookies

extra for winter we took out a traditional recipe from grandma to bake some fantastic cookies for typostrate. It’s easy to make these cookies.


500g flour
250gr butter
200g sugar
3 small eggs
1 pinch salt


Mix the the flou, sugar and the eggs with the butter in one big bowl and knead the dough with your hands till there are no more clumps in it. Than keep the dough at a place of your choice that it could respose for 15 minutes. Now coast the dough with a rolling pin and get your christmas shapes for cutting out the forms. after that you can paint the pieces with egg yolk and put chocolate or coloured crumbs on it. 12-15 minutes in the oven on 180°C or 350°F degrees should work. At least enjoy the cake and surpirse your family with lot’s of cool cookies.

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Doctor Vector

alias Filip Komorowski contacted us yesterday with the question if we like to post some of his stuff on our site. And yes of course we do! The typographer and designer from Warsaw, Poland is a young talented guy made by the streetart scene and fascinated by playing with type. As an all around creative doing music, illustrations, typography and graffiti, he is always powered by sourrounding influences. We love to support young talents and if you are one with amazing artworks, feel free to write us!