How to spot a fake Italian Restaurant

“PASTA FUNGHI” VS “PASTA AI FUNGHI”. Just from the grammar in the menu you can spot a non-italian writer. “Pasta funghi”  is a poor and fake attempt to sound italian. What’s missing is the “with” in the middle. Pasta ai funghi, or pasta coi funghi… the particles in the middle can vary, but in italian “pasta funghi” is incorrect, and no italian would write it down just for the fun of being short. As well as pizza funghi, pizza salame and dozens of other combinations. If the dish comprises two ingredients (e.g. pasta and mushrooms) then a particle in the middle has to be there. If you are a proper english speaker and you open a british restaurant in Rome, would you change in your menu the name Yorkshire puddings in Puddings alla Yorkshire just to sound a bit italian? No, it would just sound weird; you would keep the original british name.