Struggles of an ENTP Typologist

When I don’t have a fictional ENTP in a universe don’t take it lightly and assume I am wrong and back it up with you being an ENTP. I am one too. And I try! I try so hard to find ENTPs in things, especially female ENTPs. I want there to be ENTPs in things like Star Wars. I tried to make an ISFP Rey into an ENTP. She isn’t one! People say I have R2D2…you mean the robot? With no personality? Plays the role of the funny thing made for children and merchandising purposes? I mean it is better than calling any self respecting human being a Jar Jar Binks, but still….

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You are pulling at strings telling me R2D2 is an ENTP. So I’m beepy? Shut up.

Or look at MCU so far. So many people yell at me that Tony Stark is an ENTP and I wanted that to be true but how the functions actually operate and determine themselves in a personality are not found in Tony Stark. I’ve heard all the arguments and most have no concept of functions in MBTI or they rely heavily on stereotypes and reduce my type to egocentric, sciencey, and a few jokes.  I’m just saying typing him ENTP….:

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Again I want an ENTP in the MCU super bad! I just don’t have one yet. I can’t back that play of mistyping Tony, my logic and my heart wouldn’t be in it. It would literally just be to appeal to people on the internet I don’t know who I find have invalid arguments. Trust me, Tony is a cool dude I would welcome him with open arms to the ENTP club, but he just isn’t one. This will be clearer when I create his new profile (that isn’t him being an ENTJ either). 

Other fandoms I wish there was an ENTP in: The 100, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Firefly, Galavant, Hannibal, Merlin, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Peaky Blinders, The Shannara Chronicles, The Walking Dead, Archer, and I super wish that Lisa Simpson was an ENTP.

There are just times in every person’s MBTI life when you have to realize your type isn’t represented in one of your favorite stories. That your favorite character isn’t your type, and that is okay. But when it comes to things as huge as MCU and Star Wars, just wait cause the odds are with all these films for these huge franchises, if we wait, we will all have someone.