“The Stranger Things title sequence is pure, unadulterated typographic porn. With television shows opting for more elaborate title sequences (think GOT and True Detective), the opening of Stranger Things is refreshingly simple. It trims the fat and shows only what is necessary to set the mood. More importantly, it proves a lesson I’ve learned time and time again as a designer: you can do a lot with type.

But how do a few pans of a logo accomplish so much in such a short amount of time? I break down its typographic success to three powerful plays: recognition, scale and palette.”

The Typography of ‘Stranger Things’: How one designer got hooked to a TV show in 52 seconds


Learning a Manifold of Fonts

Machine Learning research from 2014 by Dr Neill Campbell provides an interactive exploration of font forms:

The design and manipulation of typefaces and fonts is an area requiring substantial expertise; it can take many years of study to become a proficient typographer. At the same time, the use of typefaces is ubiquitous; there are many users who, while not experts, would like to be more involved in tweaking or changing existing fonts without suffering the learning curve of professional typography packages.

Given the wealth of fonts that are available today, we would like to exploit the expertise used to produce these fonts, and to enable everyday users to create, explore, and edit fonts. To this end, we build a generative manifold of standard fonts. Every location on the manifold corresponds to a unique and novel typeface, and is obtained by learning a non-linear mapping that intelligently interpolates and extrapolates existing fonts. Using the manifold, we can smoothly interpolate and move between existing fonts. We can also use the manifold as a constraint that makes a variety of new applications possible. For instance, when editing a single character, we can update all the other glyphs in a font simultaneously to keep them compatible with our changes.

Try it out for yourself here

Hello everyone! I get a lot of questions regarding the fonts I like to use in my edits, so I would like to compile them all into a masterpost! Most of these fonts can be found in this lovely website here or is already installed onto your computer as one of the default fonts (i.e Arial or Times New Roman, etc)! If at any time you are wondering what fonts I use in my graphics, you can always refer to my faq, which you redirect you this post! Fonts with a link will redirect you to the preview of the font. Some fonts will not be found on dafont, but instead will redirect you to various other sites where you can download a font for free.






If you have any favorite fonts you would like to share, you can always message me or send me an ask! I am always open for suggestions and more pretty fonts!