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Ayyy finally completed a new print. I’ve honestly been wanting to make a Lucina piece for YEARS, so I don’t how it took this long. Now if I could just summon her in Heroes… /Conrad

Prints are now available here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/506650656/the-future-is-not-written-lucina-fire?ref=shop_home_feat_4


Robert wanted to be loved. My brother Tyrion has the same disease. Do you want to be loved, Sansa? Everyone wants to be loved. I see flowering hasn’t made you any brighter. Sansa, permit me to share a bit of womanly wisdom with you on this very special day. Love is poison. A sweet poison, yes, but it will kill you all the same. — George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


Ser Jaime? Even in soiled pink satin and torn lace, Brienne looked more like a man in a gown than a proper woman. I am grateful, but … you were well away. Why come back? A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged. I dreamed of you, he said. — A Storm of Swords, Jaime VI