Self-branding by Aplauso

Aplauso is an art direction and graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain and established by Mikki Lozano & Adri Valls. Their design is focused on branding, editorial and web design, offering solutions based on a conceptual and functional design.

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Dept of well being

Today we spotted a nice guerilla street action going on in New York created by @KillyKilford founder of the dept of well being. Bringing some social impact to the life in the city and to the attention of the public. They collaborate with communities, corporates and governments to create positive social impact and well-being solutions. Enjoy them!


Branding & Packaging for Brücke Bier by Anna Salvador

“Brücke it’s a brand formed by a Schwarzbier and a Weissbier. Its name refers to Franz Ernst Brückmann, a german doctor who wrote a play in which the Brunswick Mumme was mentioned as a drink with miraculous effects. Thanks to this legend, the Mumme, a beer that has been elaborated in Brunswick (Germany) since 1390, became popular and expanded into new territories.”

Anna Salvador is a graphic design student based in Barcelona, Spain. Most of her work is focused on Editorial Design and Photography, but also graphic design, branding and packaging. She believes that beauty and functionality lies in simplicity and clearness so that’s what she’s trying to express in her projects.

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