When Words Literally Pop Out Of The Paper - A Look At Tolga Girgin’s 3D Calligraphy Exercises

Tolga Girgin is an Istanbul based artist who specializes in calligraphy, lettering and graphic design. She also works as a Electrical and Electronics engineer for a company in the same city. In her latest project, the artist explores 3D calligraphy, a series of handwritten letters intelligently etched on paper to seem as though they are standing upright on the surface of the sketchbook because of the artist’s adept skill with shading and perspective.

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You’re My Everything - original print from The Worship Project.

While pondering what to write for encouragement today I was writing messy random words, and this little phrase basically wrote itself. I love days when that happens, as it shows what my spirit is praying.

So here’s some simple encouragement for your journey - if you’ll make Jesus your everything, He’s promised to add to your life every good thing that you need.

I speak blessing, life, the encouragement and friendship of Holy Spirit, over your lives today. I pray that you know His touch and His presence in your life - even as you read this right now.

You are loved! x

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