Here’s a few snapshots of my book! There’s more but Tumblr will only let me upload so many images at a time.

My concept was animal rights (obviously). I wanted to take a mostly typographic approach, and to be more informative than preachy. Yes, my foreword and my essay (an excerpt from Gary L. Francione and Robert Garner’s book The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation?) are arguing in favor of animal rights, but later on in the book there are statistics that back up why we hold that point of view. The front cover is made up of quotes about animal rights wrapping from the back, around the spine, and to the front, set in a 50% black to make them subtle, to show that this is an issue that’s being largely ignored. The title, For The Voiceless, is integrated within that text, and highlighted in bright white to draw attention to what those words are saying. My end sheets are made of transparency paper, inverted with animal textures such as eyes, teeth, and paws to get that play between the imagery and the text. When the essay ends, there are statistics set in big, splashy text to intrigue the reader and provoke a conversation on the matter, supported by imagery about animal rights. The entire book is set in Univers because it’s extremely versatile, with many different styles and weights, and has very well-designed numbers. My biggest inspiration for this was Bruce Mau’s typographic design practice Massive Change.

This was a very engaging and fun project, but also very challenging. I had problems with finding content on such a general subject that was high enough resolution for print, typesetting Francione’s long essay, typesetting the text on the cover so that the title words were all on the same page and near each other and that there weren’t any weird rags or gaps, and typesetting the statistics so that they looked visually interesting without losing their informative character. The hardest part was the binding; it’s holding together, but it’s not perfect. For my graduation portfolio, I’ll probably get it reprinted and then professionally bound.

Overall, though, I’m super happy with how it came out. I worked really hard on it, and I feel that my concept really shows and makes an impact on the viewer. Yay!

An honor and a privilege.
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If you are not fully, totally and truly committed to creating the life you desire, chances are you won’t.

It’s great to note that once you do commit, God will bend over backwards to support you.

But you have to be real clear on what it is you want. Mixed messages are confusing and leave you with a mess.

It’s your life, MAKE IT EPIC!
-Jhon LeBaron

Project Inspiration #2 - This too shall pass

Requested by athousanderrors 

She also provided this lovely explanation: A saying that reminds you that every form, feeling and situation in your life is temporary; when life is hard, trust that it will get better. When life goes well, savour that moment before it’s gone. 

It’s definitely one of my favourite sayings so I was very happy to see it in my inbox.

Watercolour brush lettering with coloured pencil details.


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