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IN WATERMELON SUGAR – Richard Brautigan

Publishing in September is Vintage Classics new cover for Richard Brautigan‘s  In Watermelon Sugar. Purely typographical to engage with the magical oddity of the writing. A perfect project to work on!


Scott Albrecht’s “Here and Now” at Andeken Gallery.

Opening July 3rd, 2015 at Andeken Gallery in Amsterdam is artist Scott Albrecht’s (Previously on Supersonic) solo show of brand new typographic woodworks and drawings entitled “Here and Now.”  The Brooklyn based artist meticulously hand cuts and sculpts these works of art from re-appropriated materials and found objects.  The show will be on display until July 24th, 2015.


Light the fire

This is the work of Thomas Picard graphic designer and typographer from Paris, France. Taking type personal leads him to a very nice chalk lettered stamped style. But not to forget his calligraphic skills which he shows in combination with food photography. Enjoy his work!

  • Between 1935 and the early forties, the WPA issued some two million silkscreened posters. Whatever their subjects and intentions—some were public health initiatives, others supported the parks, and others still were straight-up propaganda—the posters, in their ubiquity, had a profound effect on graphic design and commercial art. “The surge of interest in new typographical design and the influence of the WPA Poster Project’s supervisor, Richard Floethe, had a dynamic effect on the project designers. Floethe had studied at the Bauhaus and genuinely believed in a utilitarian approach to art. The designer, he felt, should be equally at home in industrial design, stage design, typography or painting. Good visual thinking could be applied to any discipline.”

(via How the WPA Posters Changed Graphic Design)


El Huerto by txema mora / txemamora.com

My task was to design the graphic identity and the different elements for a new restaurant in A Coruña, Spain. The design incorporates food, animal and vegetables vintage illustrations mixed with the graphic identity. Also I designed a typographic composition for a 8 meters wall. The interior design was released by Pedro Durán (Pepita de Oliva)

Creative Typographic Designs

A stunning collection of Creative Typographic Designs made by creative and talented illustrators from different places around the world. Enjoy!                                               Popular search terms:typography creative blogcreative design made from typographycreative typography designtransparent typography

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