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Worship isn’t just Fireworks

Type & Edit by Jasmine Ruigrok

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. - Matthew 6:6 

Authentic worship begins in the quiet place of the heart in stillness and secret. When we  can come before our Heavenly Father at home and out of sight to worship Him, the times we come together corporately to worship become more powerful because we are ready to receive from the Lord. True worship may at times be expressed boldly like fireworks, but it begins quietly in the privacy of your heart.

Photo Book Production Diary - March 27, 2016 

For two full months of being rejected by publisher after publisher, I was beginning to lose faith that this book would ever be made as well as the project itself. Luckily, my dear friend, Kosaka-san, mentioned that he was now working with Kimiko Hirano, the wife of the legendary graphic designer/typographer Kouga Hirano. Since Kimiko just released a book about Shodoshima (the island where we live and the actual setting of Barnacle Island), he thought it might be a good idea to show her my photos. I handed Kosaka-san a copy of Modern Times to give to her as a gift. When Kosaka-san passed it to her the following week, Kimiko and her husband both apparently loved the book and agreed to meet.

Today I visited them at their house. Upon seeing my prints, they excitedly said that they would help me. Kosaka-san was onboard too. After some talk, we decided to try self-publishing together. My only worry now was that to make a decent book, could we really raise 2,000,000 yen ($20,000)?




Joana Santos, Andrew Sosnowski, Michael Ahrain, Ficciones Typografika 1162-1164 (72”x36”). Installed on April 17, 2016. Burning Questions by students from Press Pass Studio led by Angharad Lewis and Sarah Boris at The Cass, London Metropolitan University. More on Ficciones Typografika


The space between old and new technology

Typograph.Journal Vol.04

A must-read for anyone interested in typography, Typograph.Journal celebrates the creative process of the world’s best and brightest typographers, type designers, letterers, calligraphers, and printmakers. On the strength of the previous three volumes, the hotly anticipated fourth issue was released today!

Nicole Arnett Phillips, the Brisbane-based typographer behind Typograph.Journal says: 

“Volume 04 demonstrates how great design responds to limitations of technology, while not allowing itself to be constrained by it.” 

Nicole is currently working on a series of letterpress prints that translates letterforms between analogue and digital mediums. It was these visual experiments that sparked the content development for Typograph.Journal’s latest issue.

“Volume 04 shines a spotlight on creative’s who embrace technology in their work. We investigate the space between archaic design craftsmanship and today’s digital lead practices – we also look at some fascinating projects that combine both old and new mediums.”

In recent years, the design community has re-connected with slow media. Contemporary creatives embrace letterpress, calligraphy and working with their hands. (Nicole unashamedly admits there is a large letterpress focus in this volume!) We are once again recognising the value of traditional craftsmanship and honouring simple tools and processes. But we are not entirely steeped in nostalgia. Designers love emerging technology too! TypographJournal volume 04 examines expressive digital mediums that reference human gestures and the human condition. The content is not so concerned with the technicalities of the digital realm but rather the ideas that might redefine its boundaries or the way we practice and create.

“The pathways we take in our creative process, and the tools we use when creating inform who we are as designers.”

The issue features a stellar line-up of design talent including The Doves Type, Gonzalo Hergueta and Lucas Benarroch, Starshaped Press, Craig Ward, Novo Typo, Dave Foster, Amy Papaelias, Resistenza, Matt Haynes,Jess Cruickshank, Kate Hursthouse, Steve Mitchell, Studio Lowbrow, Jamie Clarke (that’s me!) and more.

The publication serves a growing global scene of type enthusiasts, Typograph.Journal showcases exemplary work, analyses design process, and shares ideas through accessible and concise articles.

Limited to 1000 Copies Typograph.Journal is available to purchase for AUD$19.00 at - http://www.typographher.com/shop/volume-04.

Creative Typographic Designs

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A stunning collection of Creative Typographic Designs made by creative and talented illustrators from different places around the world. Enjoy!                                               Popular search terms:typography creative blogcreative design made from typographycreative typography designtransparent typography

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