typographic composition


Ask me anything process: FINAL DESIGN

After lots of reprinting and alterations, I have finally finished my interview presentation. Overall, this whole process has not only improved my awareness of compositional and typographic layout, but has also taught me a great deal about the prototyping process and the need for transitioning ideas into something physical.

The cutting of my final cards was not as clean and polished as I had hoped it to be, however since the deadline was fast approaching I had to submit the design with a few small cutting errors. I will definitely leave more time for the printing and cutting steps for my future projects.

Overall, I think the format and design I have chosen works well to relate to James’ profession as a photographer and replicates his clean and technical approach in a minimalistic manner.

Erica 26.05.17



A typographic composition applied on the metal surface of two water pipes (approx. 100m each).  On each pipe there are two clauses and single words attached to them. All those are provided by district dwellers as a result of a social action conducted in a form of the dadaist exquisite corps.