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Awesome Posters Of Quotes By Gollum, Bruce Lee, Iconic Movie Characters

UK-based freelance designer Pete Ware of 17th and Oak, previously featured for his typography posters of iconic Star Wars Quotes, has created a new body of work. 

His trademark posters feature quotes that forms the silhouettes of some iconic movie characters such as, Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, Rocky and Gollum from Lord of the Rings. 

I just created my first piece of fanart EVER for the Welcome to Night Vale Tumblrvale contest: an illustration of this quote from the Summer Reading Program episode. Even if I don’t get chosen (at random), I’d like the WTNV creators to know I think they’re incredible or I wouldn’t have created typographic artwork for them. 

“A combination of a passion and admiration for Jazz music and keen interest in the typographically natured artwork associated with the music, led me to pursue the area of ‘Jazz. This is my successful entry to the 2014 International Society of typographic Design student assessments, the brief: Every thing about one thing” See full poster series » yasseenfaik.co.uk