Quotes are a Chekhov’s Gun: Trowa
From Episode Zero to Episode 02: The Gundam Deathscythe


“Beasts only bare their fangs at enemies. They are true to their feelings.”

The statements are thought to be there only to officially establish Trowa as another true-blue enigmatic guy (you’re not alone in the title, Heero). But having reread Episode Zero before rewatching the series, I’d say those words serve a little more than that. In the calmest way only Trowa could, he said it…with a little bitterness.

I’d say Trowa’s got trust issues from what happened in his past.

Refresher: In his Episode Zero, he saves a girl named Middie because he thinks they’re alike. (You know what I notice with these kids? They are so thirsty for someone who are like them, someone who could understand them. They’re thirsty for someone they can genuinely call a friend.) Anyway, the girl befriends him and even gives him a crucifix so that “God will protect you.” In the end, it turns out that Middie is a spy, and the crucifix she gave him (plus that PSP-like game she brings around) is a tracker. Trowa doesn’t show it, but I think it broke his heart. He grew up in a circle of adult soldiers and Middie just destroys his first chance to have a real friend his age.

That’s not all. Some guys who helped raise him sells them out to the Alliance one day because “we have our livelihood to think of”, killing their Captain–a surrogate dad, if you will–in an operation.

After all those he must have thought, Animals are way better. At least they don’t pretend to like you; at least they don’t build up your trust only to rip it apart when you least expect it. They don’t betray. They don’t call you friend or family and then bare their fangs at you.

That’s probably why Trowa liked to work alone in the first few episodes. But once he knew he could trust the other pilots, he opens up. :)