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“Okay, enough with the bad sound effects.”

*I didn’t know how to spell out most of what Hunk said, so I checked the episode transcript online, hoping to get an idea but…

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What's the best way to get an agent?

Getting a literary agent

In order to get a publisher, you need to find an agent. A few publishers will consider writers with no agents, but the typical submission route sees an agent pitching your work to publishers.

Who are agents?

Agents are experts in the book business. They consider hundreds of books a day, choose a few promising clients a year and try to pitch their work to publishers. If you did get an agent he/she is your best bookish friend! Agents are experts who believe in your book. Treat them fairly and don’t expect them to be you biatch. Their job is pitching to publishers, not advertise your book (nor edit or listen to you whine). Know what to expect.

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What do agents do?

They select authors as clients and try to get them good deals with publishers. They are paid when the writer is paid. Never give money to anyone to read your work! A serious agent would never ask for money.What don’t agents do? They don’t advertise your book, they don’t edit, they don’t cook for you, nor look after your children.

How do I get an agent?

To get an agent you have to write a query letter. In fact, on average, you have to write about 100 queries to find an agent, and that is only if your book is prime stuff. An alternative is to take part in “pitching competitions” like PitMad on twitter or attending a writers’ pitch conference.

How do I select which agent is right for me?

Don’t flood all the literary agents of the world at once. Choose two or three who published books you liked and are similar to yours. If you can’t think of any, you should probably be spending more time reading before you consider publishing.  Check AgentQuery to find agents open to submissions in your genre. Do some research on them, make sure they are a good fit and be ready for rejection.

How do I deal with rejection?

Dismiss it. It’s part of the job and it’s good for big egos. Finding an agent is like finding a soulmate, all you need is one. BUT, if after ten queries nobody asked for a partial of your manuscript, you might want to question if there is something wrong with your query or if you’re pitching for the wrong genres. Alternatively, it could be that your project is “high risk” or not “mainstream” enough, in which case most agents will not take a chance. I personally think that high risk projects are awesome: go indie and publish yourself!

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So, how do I write a query?

This is a quick guide on what is a query letter and how to write one to successfully pitch your novel to a literary agent or, less commonly, to a publisher.

Before I say anything about query letters let me disclaim that most of what I learnt comes from the infinite wisdom of Her Holiness the Query Shark, a successful agent dedicated to help hapless, unexperienced writers. Study her website and see plenty examples of failure and success, rejoicing at her snarky sense of humor.

What is a query letter?

A query letter is a short missive (typically an e-mail) that pitches your book in 200-300 words. Don’t go over 400 words, it should fit in one page. A query letter will be likely the hardest thing you will ever write.

What elements should be in a query letter?

A query should answer the following questions:

1-Why did you select this agent?

Successful agents receive about 100 queries a day. Never write “Dear Agent” (guaranteed click-delete response). Agents want to know why you think they are a good fit for you. If you are thinking this is not your job but theirs, you’re better off indie publishing. Ask yourself how many agents are banging on your door right now and how many writers are banging at any one agent’s door. Got the picture? Good. Now do research on your agent. Good lines would be: “you represent this other book (pertinent book similar in style or genre to yours) so I thought…” or “You are seeking books in this genre so…” To find information about your agent of choice, start with AgentQuery, then check the specific agent’s website and any interviews online. Sometimes you might want to go as far as to check their twitter feed or search for videos. Yes, it is a lot of work and a time drain.

2- What is your book about?

You are a writer. SHOW, DON’T TELL! Never say “this is a great story” or “this is the best book you will ever read”, “this is the next bestseller” etc… SHOW THEM!  Start with the conflict. Don’t tell them everything, just enough for them to want to read more, possibly getting a feel for your voice.

3- Why are YOU qualified to tell this story?

Are you writing a book about the Vietnam war and you’re a fifteen-year-old Italian? Well, good luck pitching that. You will have to explain why you think you are qualified, and why you are in a unique, privileged position to tell that story.

In general: You only have 200-300 words, choose them well.

1. Avoid clichés; you are a word crafter. Still, don’t overdo it! Verbose queries are not good. Use your style.

2. No typos, you hear me? None.

3. Be professional. It’s really difficult to get the tone of an e-mail or letter sometimes. Avoid jokes and confusing double meanings.

4. Be respectful. Start with Dear Miss Amman (just an example, by golly, I’m not an agent!) Most agents don’t care if you call them by their first names, but some really hate it. They are professionals and they don’t know you. Play it safe.

5. Don’t beg. If you don’t think your book is awesome, nobody will. (Avoid things like “I have been sick” “I have fifteen children” “I barely sleep” “Forgive the typos”).

6. Don’t boast. Be confident, but professional. If you have some facts that can help you list them clearly.

7. Don’t state the obvious. “I would be glad to provide a full manuscript upon request.” Of course you would be. Finish with “Thank you for your time” or similar.Essential info to include: the title of your manuscript ALL CAPITALS, the word count (approximate to the closest 5,000), the genre, your signature with your full REAL name, address and phone number.


-Check for specific guidelines on each agent’s webpage! Some will go as far as to tell you what type to use. All will specify if they want a partial with the query (typically the first three chapters pasted in the body of the e-mail).

-Send no attachments unless specifically asked. It’s the fastest way to the garbage bin. They fear viruses and will never open an e-mail with unsolicited attachments (signatures, files, anything).-Separate your paragraphs, so that your e-mail is not a scary block of text. Happy querying :D


I compiled this and more advice on a free writer guide you can get from my blog. Click here to check it out. No, it’s not a scam. Yes, I’m a real published author.

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I was wondering if you'll give me your opinion on this. As a writer, say for example there's certain hard fact that you may have gotten wrong (like maybe science stuff) and a reader points that out to u. How does that make you feel? Like generally, how does it feel when a reader points out a flaw or contributes criticism (mainly the constructive type). I hope I dont sound too rude...

Nope, you don’t sound rude at all @defiantlilsheep!! It’s an interesting question!

Short answer: It depends!

Mode of delivery, tone, and content matter a lot.

Mode of delivery: private message are preferable to criticisms or corrections left in public comments. If people are reading my fic, it’s either on LJ (which has a private messaging system), tumblr (which has a private messaging system) or AO3, where I link to my tumblr ask box at the end of my fic, so there’s not a logistical reason for people to choose the public route. So when people leave a comment like that on AO3 or wherever else, it sometimes feels like a callout or like it’s more about them showing off what they know than trying to reach out to me and be helpful. Think of it this way: if you saw that someone had toilet paper stuck to their shoe, would it be better to tap them on the shoulder and whisper it in their ear so they can fix it quietly, or to make an announcement to everyone in the vicinity?

Tone: It’s hard to describe, but some messages or comments are clearly friendly and well-intentioned and some read as smug and condescending. As you might imagine, that makes a big difference in how it feels to get the comment!

Content: Hard facts and typos, yes. A comment about hard facts is different than a flaw or criticism more generally, though. If there’s something factually wrong, I want to know (preferably in a private message, from someone who’s genuinely being friendly and trying to help). Ditto typos. I want to know! And generally feel momentary exasperation with myself and gratitude to the person who’s pointed it out for giving me the chance to fix it before other people see it. But the broader stuff….there’s a good chance I don’t want to hear about it bc:

  1. if the story is out in the world, the odds that I’m going to change something other than a hard fact or typo are slim, so if you’re telling me there’s something wrong with the story that’s just gonna stress me out and feel shitty.
  2. giving constructive criticism takes skill and practice, and reading a lot of fic is not the same thing as learning how to workshop fiction; tbh a lot of readers don’t know how to give criticism that’s really constructive, and will leave comments that say things like “that twist was obvious” or “that was heavy handed” or “that dialogue was bad” without explaining (without knowing how to explain?) exactly what made that obvious or heavy-handed or bad. At that point it’s not concrit, it’s just telling me why you thought something was crappy. It’s only concrit if it’s constructive, if it’s teaching me something new or helping make me a better writer, and maaaybe .01% of “constructive” comments do that.
  3. the line between a flaw in the story and a matter of personal taste gets reallllll blurry for some people. There’s one commenter who comes to mind who, across multiple stories, only comments about whether the “right” person bottomed and sometimes about whether Ginny and/or Pansy were the “right” amount of bitchy. That is not constructive. Reading a story that doesn’t jibe with your headcanons doesn’t make the story bad, it just means you see things differently. But I’ve gotten a fair number of comments that are just about how readers would have preferred a different way of writing X event/character/sex scene, and that is annoying af. It’s fanfic! If you want something done differently, write it yourself!
  4. some commenters hide behind the idea of “constructive criticism” and use it as an excuse to be dicks. “Your story sucked it was flat and cardboard, bad sex, no feeling, wish I had my time back, you shouldn’t write more.” “That was really mean! If you don’t like it, stop reading!” “Why are you being so sensitive, jeez, it’s constructive criticism!” Like, buddy. My non-friend. My non-pal. Nothing about that is constructive, you’re just venting your shit all over my inbox.


  • Corrections on typos and hard facts (like, scientific facts, dates, etc. that you’re going to include a source for) are welcome and appreciated
  • Preferably in a polite private message 
  • Your headcanons/preferences/kinks/power trips/mean feels disguised as concrit are not welcome, in a private message or otherwise

But! I know I differ from some other authors in this, and would be interested to hear what other people think!!


Okay. Uhm. Sooo I’ve noticed a large increase in hate messages to some of my mutuals and a lot to myself. I don’t respond to them, I just delete them because I don’t really want such hateful or mean things to be the first thing a person sees when trying to check out my writing or the rest of my blog.

I’m not sure how to feel about the fact I’m getting this things. Mad? Sad? How about just disappointed. 

Yes, I’m a spaz. Yes, I make a lot of typos and have plot holes galore in my stories. Yes, I’m overall not perfect or the best writer on tumblr but I’m doing this because it’s fun and I love writing, not because I want to get rated by a bunch of assholes whose opinions I didn’t ask for. I’m so sick of seeing the same things over and over and over again in my inbox every time I see I have messages I get anxiety that’s not how tumblr is supposed to work what the fuck.

For one thing, at least get some balls and send your messages off of anons because we all know you know that you’re afraid of getting your ass handed to you (which would happen in a fuckin heartbeat if we knew who you were). 

So, yeah, I know that I’m a lot of things but I don’t quite care. If those traits of mine didn’t exist then I wouldn’t be me. I’d be someone else. Maybe I wouldn’t even be running this blog, maybe I’d be running an aesthetic blog that hates fanfiction and fandoms and all of that. 

That’s not the person I want to be. I like who I am. Stop trying to target my old insecurities because you have a lot yourself. 

Oh, and also, stop being mean to my friends. That’s something I won’t ever fucking tolerate.

NH Week Day One - Gifts

Special Delivery

Modern AU
T (for language)
Words: 3295
A/N: This is the first NH prompt I’ve written in what feels like forever. I won’t be participating in every prompt this week but I’ll definitely promise you at least three. Hope you enjoy (it’s one of my favorites I’ve written for these two.)

Hinata, no.”

“Really, it’s fine.” She insisted, anxiously fiddling with the ends of her hair. “I want you guys to—“ holding the phone away from her face momentarily, Hinata waited for her coughing fit to pass before inhaling deeply, pressing her phone against her cheek once more, “I want you guys to have fun.”

But it’s your birthday!” Ino all but shouted into the phone. Hinata winced, holding the phone away from her ear slightly. “What kind of friends would we be if we went out without the birthday girl?!

She bit back a laugh. “Don’t worry about it. Trust me, you’re going to have a lot more fun without me.”

Bullshit,” Sakura grumbled. Hinata could only imagine the two girls wrestling back and forth over Ino’s phone. “We only have the most fun when we’re all together.”

Exactly. Who is going to hold Forehead’s hair back now when she inevitably drinks herself sick? I’m not doing it.”

Hinata couldn’t help but smile upon hearing Sakura mutter something in the background that sounded like ‘fuck off Pig’. And when she could hear the two start bickering she couldn’t hold back her laugh.

“I’m serious you two. Go out, have fun. I’ll be here, drinking soup and watching Netflix.”

But how am I supposed to give you your gift!?” Ino whined, her attention back to her phone.

“You can give it to me when I see you guys on Saturday for your New Year’s Eve party!”

But then it won’t be your birthday anymore,” Hinata could hear the pout over the phone and had to sigh.

She should’ve known they would’ve protested as much as they were currently. She understood to an extent. It wasn’t that she was too sick to go out—she may have been exaggerating her up-and-coming cold that had notified her of its presence when she woke up that morning—but she was sick, and she did have to go to Ino’s party four days from now. If she went out tonight there was no way she’d be well enough to go to that.

Hinata wasn’t a big fan of drinking and parties—so she mainly went along with it all since most of her friend were—but if she had to choose when to do it, she’d rather be at her best. And two parties in one week would simply be too exhausting for her little introverted heart to take.

So if it meant skipping out on her own ‘birthday party’, she was alright with that.

“Go out. Have fun. Don’t get too drunk. I’ll see you two on Saturday and we’ll make up for the lost time then. Ino, you can give me your present then.”

A pair of giant, over-dramatic sighs were the only response she got.

Smiling, she continued, “Call your Uber and go have fun. I have a date with Netflix. Love you girls, see you Saturday.”

And as quickly as she could, as to not give them any further time to object, she held her breath and hung up the phone. She knew her best friends, and she knew that if she didn’t end the call, she’d likely be suckered into going regardless. She already felt a tad bit guilty for cancelling but reasoned with herself the same way her friends would.

It was her birthday, so realistically she could lay in bed all night if she wanted.

Letting out a deep breath, she laid back further on her bed and reached for her laptop.

Across town, two women—dressed to impress and with faces very carefully made up—frowned at each other across the couch they were sitting on.

The blonde sighed, turning her attention back toward her phone and sighed, idly tapping the blank touch-screen with carefully manicured fingers.

“So what?” Her pink-haired companion asked. “We still go out? That’s hardly an option now.”

The blonde was silent for a few more seconds before an idea struck her. Slowly, a wicked grin spread across her face.

“Oh no,” Sakura deadpanned. “I know that look. That’s not a good look. What’re you thinking of?”

She rolled her eyes, “It’s nothing bad. Wipe that look off your face, it’s ugly.”

Sakura huffed, blowing a carefully curled piece of hair out of her face. “Alright fine. What’s the plan?”

Ino simply grinned wider, “We send her gift to her.”

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yoongi; have a break, have me

》typing this on my phone for the devil @mvnyoongis ♡ good luck, satan-i mean, sweetie! pls excuse any typos i’m half dead but i wanted to write a lil’ something before i hibernate.

if yoongi had been right, or at least, if he had kept track of the time since you woke up until now, it would approximately be three hours and forty-two minutes since your bum has been glued to the chair by the study table. now don’t get yoongi wrong, he knows how important this is for you. the whole procedure and the amount of facts and knowledge you’d need to remember accordingly to move forward to complete your goals to proceed to living your dream; yoongi knows of the struggles and watching you slump over the table as you read through the same thing over and over, it sort of aches his heart.

he rolls over on the bed, chin in his palm, elbow propped as he lazily fixates his eyes to the back of your head. he clears his throat, shifting slightly before he coos your name, followed by: “shouldn’t you take a break…? it’s been hours since you got up to stretch,”

on cue, you stand with your eyes still robotically locked onto your notes. you do a few moves to pop the joints and you wiggle your arms a little to give your muscles a bit of movement before you slop down to the chair, “done.”

yoongi rolls his eyes, finding you’re being absolutely ridiculous and his book isn’t as entertaining anymore. whining, he frowns at you, “that wasn’t even proper! at least do it right,”

“busy,” you murmur, locked in the haze of wanting to remember everything in order that you brush him off. usually, it works. all the time, actually. until yoongi finds a reason to break this pattern because you yelp at the sudden force dragging your chair back and fuck the day yoongi suggesred the rollers to be installed at the sole of each leg.

“hey! let go!” you desperately clutch onto the edge of the table, finding leverage to anchor yourself down but yoongi’s stubborn like you, chuckling, “don’t think so. you’re gonna take a break and you’re gonna take it now,”

“piss off! i didn’t force you to take breaks when you were busy!” oh, wait a minute- “yes you did,” yoongi snaps, grunting as he tugs onto your chair harder, “now it’s time for me to return the favor,”

the image of you making yoongi stay hydrated and fed as he curls himself up in the studio flashes. as to that other time when he was practicing nonstop. or that one day he locked himself in the recording room but only unlocked the door for you so that you’d have the benefit to care for him and it looks like yoongi’s not going down without a fight.

“you’re going to break the chair! and my arms!”

“so don’t make me and let go,” he hisses, hating how your arms are trembling but you’re as fucking hard headed as he is. but in the end you relent with a grunted fine and your fingers release your hold for yoongi to nudge you back straight to the bed. with minimal effort, yoongi gets you to lay with him in the soft blankets and cozy mattress that dips as both of your weight presses down. his arms slip around your waist and he buries his face in your neck, grinning, “there we go,”

“you know, usually when i make you take breaks, i give you food and make you drink water,” your hands betray you when they slide over his forearms, relishing on the warmth of his skin and the gentle caress of his lips at the side of your neck, his chest molding against your back delightfully, “well, you ate already. and that big bottle of water of yours is empty. so obviously you lack of love and care so of course, it’ll be from me,”

“…where the hell did you get that logic?”

“just shut up and let me hold you for a while.”


Please forgive any typos I’m having a hard time seeing because I’m crying so fuckig hard and I can’t see through the tears I literally have tears streaming down my face and neck not in the way tumblr usually means ‘I’m crying’ I am legitimately upset

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Hi! So I checked your FAQ and I couldn't find anything on whether or not you have plans to do a short story compilation for October Daye... just wondering if that's on the docket? Obviously that takes time and effort so no pressure, I'm just wondering if it's something you've considered. (If not, this girl's gotta go on a hunt for certain anthologies asap!)

I am not a publisher!

Things publishers have:

* The budget for original cover art
* Access to printing resources
* Distribution resources
* Someone to copy-edit all my bullshit

Things I do not have:

* Any of that

I mean, I commission the amazing @taraljc to design eBook covers for me, but those are all very story-specific, and not great for collections.

“But wait,” you may cry.  “Self publishing is a thing which exists in the world, and you already distribute your InCryptid shorts in eBook form!”  And this would be true, but also false, because I don’t sell my InCryptid shorts.  I either give them away or sell them to anthologies, which means that when there are copy-editing issues (see #4 above), I can shrug and say “you get what you paid for,” and not feel bad about the fact that typos exist.

(Typos in my totally-for-free work that I did all by myself for no financial reward have led to negative reviews because someone didn’t like the fact that the the word “the” appeared twice in a sentence.  Which is totally fair–you do you–but the fact that it happens with free stuff means that it happens twice as much with stuff that people have to pay for, which means you have to have a CE budget.)

Also, I am very passionate about the digital divide, which is why I have gone out of my way to arrange for physical editions of everything possible, including Velveteen vs. and Sparrow Hill Road.  So self-publishing a collection of Toby stories would not, for me, fulfill the accessibility requirements I put on my own work.

As far as a traditional publisher doing it…any Toby collection would have to come from DAW, as they publish the novels and it would be uncool of me to go elsewhere.  Which means DAW needs to know that there’s enough interest to make it profitable.

TL;DR: I would love to do a Toby collection, but it would have to be through a traditional publisher, and they would have to know that there was a market.  So tell ‘em, if it’s something you want.

OH and btw, I’ve been gone for a few days so forgive me if this has already been stated but…

I’m side eyeing the fact that Angela Kang wrong (bahaha, somewhat appropriate typo) wrote both Coda & Thank You. Hard. I mean…how do you conveniently have the same writer do both the original death people question & now the new one??

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Did you notice on the LAX pic the back of his jacket has her bros name on it

Oi, Madre di Dio! Zayn’s fabulous NT found out I’m on leave and started the shenanigans!

Hello my Anons, and before I answer seriously (or as seriously as i can considering the hilarity of the topic), let me tell you something funny: When I first saw the photos, about 4 hours ago while I was out, I was on my phone so I didn’t have a clear picture. I saw Zayn’s jacket, i saw the suffix “WAR” and the letter “N” before it, and my first thought was “why the hell is Zayn wearing a MANOWAR jacket???”… Manowar was a heavy metal band (they still exist) of the ‘80s who had the record for the loudest band ever…. yeah! Good lyrics but you cannot possibly listen to the “music”…. Then I had a stroke of genius and turned the phone so the pic became bigger and saw the word “ANWAR” and thought that manowar might have been preferable….

Anwar Hadid; younger brother to Gigi and Bella, 16 years old…. a model, signed to IMG (they sure start young these days) and having the same ‘agent’ ( Luiz mattos who is a senior manager) as his sister Gigi. Should I say “Nepotism”?

You know, Anwar had given an interview to Paper magazine that was publicised in April where he said some interesting things:

Modeling isn’t Hadid’s only goal, though. “I started working on clothing designs about two years ago but didn’t think anything of it until recently,” he says. “I made a bunch of pieces – not just men’s or women’s, but for anyone who wants to wear them – and one of the things I really want to do is put them into production.”

As for whether Hadid might get back on a “traditional” trajectory and attend college, he says it’s something he’d like to do – but not yet. “At some point in my life I’d like to go, I think,” he says. “But I want to do that when everything else that I’ve wanted to accomplish is accomplished.” This ambition is echoed in advice imparted to him by his mom, who he calls his “biggest role model in life.” Says Hadid: “She tells us ‘to work hard now so you can play hard later.’”

In the photos of last night Zayn is clearky wearing one the pieces that Anwar made and wants to put into production which means that Zayn is promoting Anwar. Now, if you go through Anwar’s twitter, or through his IG, you will not find him promoting Zayn’s work; on the contrary, there are a few tweets about… Jordan Payton! (remember him???). And I will refrain from commenting on the fact that for him education is an aftrthought…

We knew that ZiGi was a PR relationshit (not a typo) set up mainly to benefit Gigi who needed greater exposure in Social Media to get better jobs and contracts (Bless you Tommy Hilfiger for saying it in public!). She has managed well in IG (though she is still 40M behind in followers from her friend kendall jenner and this means that she’s losing MONEY) but in twitter she needs all the help she can get with less than 3M followers.. 

What I couldn’t fathom was that Zayn would be shouldering the promo of more members of the family; though coming to think of it, why I am surprised? During the unforgettable Zerrie era, Zayn was saddled quite often with Jonnie, Perrie’s brother (with whom he had such a close friendship that” they went camping together on the date on jay’s marriage”, remember the articles?). Now he is saddled with Anwar, with whom he has such a close friendship that he wants to help him with his fashion endeavours; meh… same old shit on a different day! At this point I consider him lucky that he wasn’t ask to buy a house for Gigi’s mom too, though I think that the only reason is her father’s job. But if the BS goes on for longer, they’ll find a way to bring her more into the narrative.

As to Zayn’s whereabouts, we simply do not know them! When we see them leaving Gigi’s apartment even if they have one suitcase with them (only one suitcase? for two fashionistas of such caliber?), it doesn’t mean that they are flying out of NYC… it could very well be that they are driving around the block…

Last evening they were “pappped” in LAX by paps who had nothing better do but were chilling there having coffee and took two selfies with two attendants who asked for them. Since we know that zayn can easily fall of the grid and travel without fanfare,this means that they needed to be seen together out in public. My gues is that since they hadn’t bee seen for almost a month (since July 13, I think) and the stunting was only done via social media, anxiety or no anxiety, they needed to put up a performance for the public.

I can practically hear zayn’s voice saying “it’s showtime folks”!

ami de cour

In the original post of ami de cour, I accidentally posted ami de couer instead (the bane of late nights and failing eyesight no doubt). Below is some correspondence I had with someone kind of enough to politely point out such an embarrassing typo. I thought I would share their thoughts here because it is always nice to be educated by an informed native speaker who understands the subtleties which aren’t always translated on paper.

(when it was still misspelt as ami de couer)…in your last post about the French word : “Ami de coeur”, the signification is in NO WAY negative! As a French, if I were to use that word, I would use it to talk about an intimate friend or a lover. So, I decided to check in the Académie française dictionnary and in literature it’s used as a synonym for “fiancé” or “beloved”. A nice expression. 

(after I amended my typo) Yes, it changes everything. And therefore, your definition is correct. In fact, “ami de cour” can mean two separate things. The first one, is the definition you gave. I believe in this case that it comes from a French play of the eighteenth century and refers to the royal court. The second one is a legal term. It comes frome “amicus curiae”, used in Roman law. Then it was incorporated in English law and later in international law. According to Wikipedia, it’s “someone who is not a party to a case, who offers information that bears on the case but who has not been solicited by any of the parties to assist a court”.

Thanks again, jardinssecrets