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Ok so in Cherry Bomb Mark said something really,,, interesting:
‘’hater, hater, talk, talk, whatever i hear from you, i can digest easily. take a fist or a stone or a gunshot. Strong nine, take it, a cherry bomb’‘ 
Which, in my opinion, clearly stands for the hate Donghyuck has been getting for his ‘’scandal’’ + the hate Johnny and Doyoung got for being added to NCT 127 and let me tell you i’m so proud of Mark for always addressing such things just like in Mad City with the iconic line ‘’Why are they doubting TY?’’
He’s truly an angel that wants the best for his members.💖

hurt tonight.

baz feels empty sometimes.  i got inspired for this fic by listening to let’s hurt tonight by one republic. the lyrics of the song don’t really have that much in common with the fic, it’s more the feel of the song that inspired me. 

word count: 2k


Baz hadn’t been over for a few days. When Penny thought of it she realised it must have been at least a week since she’d seen Baz in the flat. Being busy with her homework had kept her ignorant to this, but now it was weekend and Simon was alone in his room. It was… strange. Baz often couldn’t stay away for longer than two days and the two of them barley ever spent time at Baz’ place.

Penny wondered if there was a chance that they were in a fight. Even more so, she wondered if she should get involved with whatever was going on between the two of them or not. Her instant response to that would have been no, she was not involving herself in their problems. Though, after she’d thought it over again, she cared a lot more about their relationship than she would have preferred. They were both her friends—and she did not have many more friends besides the two of them—which meant she wished them the best they could have. Especially after all that Simon and Baz had already endured.

After a few moments lost in thought she decided that just asking Simon about it was the least she could do. Offering herself as a supportive listener was different from involving herself in their problems, she told herself.

“Come in,” said Simon shortly after Penny had knocked on his bedroom door.

She walked into his bedroom and saw Simon slouched on his bed with his laptop resting on his lap. He seemed relaxed, probably too relaxed for him to be in a fight with his boyfriend. Simon didn’t hide his emotions very well, you could basically feel any emotion radiating from him. Penny realised she would have known from more than just Baz’ absence if Simon and Baz had been in a fight. So… they weren’t in a fight?

“Baz hasn’t been around for a while. Why isn’t he here tonight? It’s weekend,” Penny asked, unable to keep the curiosity inside her.

Simon shrugged. “He’s been sick the last few days.”

Penny frowned at that. “But, Simon, he’s a vampire.”

Simon copied her frown. “I know… I guess it’s sick as in not feeling well. A vampire can still not feel well right?”



“But,” Penny was still a bit confused about it all, “you don’t know anything more than that? What did he tell you exactly.”

“He said he wasn’t coming by because he wasn’t feeling well.”

“You didn’t ask him what was going on?” Penny asked.

Simon stared at her for a little while. “Should I have?”

“Didn’t you want to know?”

Simon shrugged again. “What difference would it have made?”

“You would have known.” And maybe he needs you, she thought, though she quickly argued herself on that. Baz knew Simon and knew the way Simon worked. If Baz was in need of Simon he should’ve told Simon. You couldn’t expect from Simon to read everything between the lines.

“I guess I would have, but knowing he isn’t feeling well seemed like enough information. I told him I’ll wait for him until he feels better.”

“Maybe you could visit him. Don’t you miss him?” Penny pushed.

“I could,” Simon said and became quiet for a bit. “What if he just wants rest, Penny? He didn’t tell me to come visit him.”

“Did he tell you not to come?”

“… No.”

“You could just text him and ask him if he’d like you to visit him,” Penny encouraged him. Penny felt a little ridiculous for having to help Simon this way, but she knew that sometimes Simon just needed a bit of guidance onto the right path.

Simon nodded. “I will.”

“Good,” Penny said in satisfaction and she left his room.

A few minutes later Simon was at her bedroom door to let her know that he was going over to Baz’ place. Penny smiled to herself whilst shaking her head slightly. The two of them were a piece of work.

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Home 2/?

Back, Forward

(Once again thank you for the nice comments on chapter one. : ) I wanted to make a note and let you all know that I will be planning on posting every Friday around 5-7pm on EST just so you all have a time frame of when to expect it. Apologies to those in other countries.)

Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: This will be a slow start fic kinda. In later chapters there will be NSFW content but for now just expect fluff and awkwardness.

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ono yuuki and eguchi takuya | “this yeast is fickle…mr. sugar adores the yeast…right now, they’re in a show together. so! if for example, the yeast was eguchi-kun, would the sugar be ono yuuki-kun?” -morikubo showtaro, tokyo otome restaurant

sources used: JP wikipedia (小野友樹) (江口拓也)

inspired by @ectini and @luxicity, onopara in paris scans from @nikkipro

(Fun and completely irrelevant fact: I plotted this out for a week on Excel.)

I found them because of Exit Tunes Presents ACTORS’ KaiMike, and stayed because their friendship gives me hope in the world (lol) Seriously, though. Egu famously gets along with senpai through inviting them out to drinks, and OnoYuu does not drink alcohol. OnoYuu is good enough in soccer that his plan A was to go pro, and one of Egu’s long-standing childhood traumas is soccer.

Despite their differences in tastes and hobbies and a whole lot of other stuff (…fashion sense…), they still made Team YuuTaku as their independent project together, they still hang out together, they’re still each other’s good friend. Which I think is really great.

(Further note: while I did my best to at least sort this by year, there’s a big chance I got some dates wrong - like in large franchises they didn’t join at the same time, for example Yu-gi-oh. In this case I just went with a year one of them joined in, depending on what I thought fit best.)


And turns me to gold in the sunlight [insp]

Hi there! My name is Doug Dug. I have just met you, and I love you.

I have been sent on a special mission. Master says he observed from blogs, such as straightwhiteboystexting, the horror that a lot of women go thru on dating apps, so master sent me on a mission to bring smiles to the land of despair known as tinder. For mission updates, please follow my master at notthedisneyyourelookingfor. I hope to bring uncountable amounts of smiles to all.