typo record

the signs as unnaturalm hair dye colors:

aries: maroon
tauros: that brassy color when brunettes try to bleach
sollux: Splat!™ has a fucking kit with bleach and red and blue with suicide squad harley on the box
cancer: silver
leo: green
virgin: also green but blue-er
i actually cant remember what the scales are called: turquoise
scorpio: pastel blue
sagigjgijitarious: dark blue
capricorn: purple but it always looks bad
uhhhhh eridan: most brands have a pink/purle color but they all name them different things
pieces: pink

date a boy who reads. date a boy who reads textbooks aloud to his friends when they’re anxious. date a boy who reads about his murderous latin teacher’s past. date a boy who wears a secondhand school uniform and goes to private school on a partial scholarship. date a boy who works three jobs to put himself through school. date a boy who sacrifices himself to a mystical forest to help his best friend on his quest to find a mythological welsh king. date adam parrish.

Something Just Like This

//chucks this at everyone and runs because if I don’t publish something now I never will

Jackie finds herself at a loss for words when she sees Janna holding out a popsicle to her.

Even with the heat beating down on her back as she skateboarded through the city, it never occurred to her that she should get ice cream, much less a drink.

She doesn’t want to pin the blame on herself for that, though. During the summers, she hates inactivity to her very core, thinking she’ll drive herself mad if she doesn’t burst out into the great outdoors to do something to get the blood flowing.

Janna doesn’t say anything. Her smirk is just knowing as she nudges the popsicle closer to Jackie.

The chips of ice along the edges are reflecting some light from the sun, sparkling in their own tantalizing way to bait Jackie into accepting the treat. Really, there isn’t any reason to refuse it.

She grabs it too eagerly, almost, giving it a quick lick before glancing at Janna, who flops onto the bench beside her.

“Whew! It’s hot.” Janna fishes her phone out of her pocket to check the time. “It’s 3:30pm.” She says, sounding horrified. She waves the phone in her hand, staring at Jackie with judgement firm on her face. “How long have you been out here?!”

Jackie lets the weight of the ice cream dip her popsicle stick. “About 3 hours.” She guesses, though she hadn’t exactly checked the time before she left. She only remembers the humid air drifting over her head like a warning, telling her that it was only going to get hotter as the day went by.

Janna shakes her head, mock-condescending. “You’re crazy, dude.” She turns on the phone again, and starts typing. She’s most likely texting the group, or maybe even sending the cat pictures that she can’t get enough of. “If I didn’t come here to save your ass with ice cream, you’d be dead.”

Jackie pretends to be sullen. “I can take care of myself! I would’ve gotten water. . ” She remembers to lick the popsicle again once she sees it starting to drip. “. . eventually.” She tacks on.

Janna’s not necessarily wrong about her conclusion, since Jackie probably could have died of thirst without help. Even with the signs of a parched throat and a clammed up body, she nudged it all aside to just keep skating.

Meanwhile, Janna treats herself so well that she can lie on her couch for hours without feeling sorry about it.

She does have her own taste for thrill too, and it takes the form of occult shenanigans and possibly even note-note pranks. But she always finds a way to not get into too much trouble.

Many of her friends (and victims) love to blame her lack of karma on dumb luck, but Jackie thinks there’s a neat system behind it that no one else has figured out yet.

“Suuuuuuure,” Janna drawls out, sounding entertained. She throws one leg over the other and stretches her arms out skyward. “Let’s face it, Jackie, I’m like. . the greatest good you’re ever gonna get.” She grins conspiratorially after that.

Jackie turns the words over and over in her head, wondering if she’s making a mistake about their familiarity. Janna’s still hitting her with that crafty smile of hers. “Are you. . quoting something?” She asks in confusion.

“Nope!” Janna springs from the seat at that moment, but she’s laughing too hard to be telling the truth. Yes, Jackie’s definitely missing something right now. But the shrewd tinge to her grin has melted away, lighting up into something genuine and so Janna.

“Listen, we’re all planning to see a movie today.” Janna says, joyfully changing the subject. “My house. Wanna come with?”

Jackie blinks, thinking this is all moving along so fast, like Janna knows how to kick up the speed of her perception. Like the world has skipped a few turns on its axis.

It’s not bad, though.

It kind of reminds her of riding the skateboard again, sailing past pedestrians and cars as the wind sifts through her bangs.

Yeah, it’s not bad in the slightest.

“Sure, why not.” Jackie says, lips turning up. She’s not able to suppress her smile, especially when Janna’s own grows bigger.

She’s not sure how she gets the same rush of skating as she does from talking to Janna, but that moment of clarity can wait. She’s ready to wind down to her wavelength, ready to meet up with the rest of her friends to ask about their day.

This is just one of the many positive notes of summer, Jackie thinks, as Janna holds out a hand for her to take.

Malboro’s Goodbye Heavensward Tour!

Yesterday with the help of @oblivionswater and friends we organized a slow walk tour on our server to say goodbye to Heavensward before we march into Stormblood.

We started in Idyllshire and moved to the Hinderlands where we first paid respect to Alexander.

We moved on towards the Foreland where we passed through Anyx Trine and paid a visit to Vidofnir.

We proceeded towards the Churning Mists all the way to Zenith where were climbed and took a moment to honor Hraesvelgr.

We turned back towards Moghome where we stopped to visit Mogling. Most got their moogle minions out and did the moogle dance for a bit! 

Then we took the route back through Mourn.

We rode through the Chocobo Forest with mostly dragon mounts out!

And then we were greeted by the harsh cold snow of Coerthas.

We flew from Foundation to Azys Lla to honor Yasyale.

And we flew to Tiamat to pay a silent respect to this poor grieving dragon.

Finally we passed through the Steps of Faith, riding a special gifted Black Chocobo and….

…went to visit a friend.

With our journey close to an end, we raced to Baelsar’s Wall where our journey ended and a new is to begin.

See you in Stormblood!

[[ Link ]]
Image of the Route if anyone wants to do it on their server.
Apologies for the typo on Tiamat.
[[ Link ]]Recorded Livestream of the event.PS. Yes I was Teledji riding a turtle there leading the way. ^_^/
WINNER 2014 S/S. Runway 01. Modern Suit.

“WINNER exhibited tasteful suits in this collection. The monotone or colorful suits create a classy yet modern look. By choosing suits with different number of buttons, each member contributes to creating a witty ambience to the suits that one could deem dull. TAEHYUN looks young and classy as he fully buttons up his shirt inside the three-button suit while going tieless. JINWOO creates a classic and vintage look by wearing a tie to go with his navy three-button suit. The three-button suit that used to belong to middle-aged men was reborn as a classy one through WINNER. By wearing different colored tinted shirts, SEUNGYOON and MINHO stand on the opposite ends of the spectrum. SEUNGYOON’s green suit is funky while MINHO’s navy one is masculine. The materials stand out as well. SEUNGHOON’s suit jacket that uses different material to the collar makes him powerfully individualistic.”

anonymous asked:

Sonja, those pics from June 16th with the mystery guy were at Sunset Blvd right? Because Ultra Records' offices are there! Same street! All makes sense now!

i just did some dark larrying and this is what i got

okay so louis and co were papped right outside of saint felix in west hollywood (which btw is an affordable and recommended lgbt spot according to the timeout los angeles article i linked above aka liz can we go there when i come visit you pls)

there are two locations but this one is the one on 8945 santa monica blvd (the awnings on the other one look different and also the other location doesn’t match with the street number i grabbed of the building next to it in another pap shot)

the los angeles ultra records office is located at 6683 sunset boulevard which is only a 13 minute drive away from saint felix

so yes, i’m definitely the eyes emoji right now because what you’re saying is entirely possible.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams - “Kim”

His new self titled record is Ryan Adams 14th record - REPEAT(AND NOT A TYPO) 14TH record already. That alone is pretty staggering, especially when you consider the quality of the stuff he did with Whiskeytown before his prolific solo career got going. Really liking this one a lot…I would say it’s my favorite since Jacksonville City Nights.