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february 12, 2017 | 12:05 pm | 15/100

first post of the year 🎊🍾 and i’m using my bujo again!!! ✨💌 one of my new years resolution is to post more of my own content, so here’s to a fresh start 🤓

Slytherin Things (Part Three)

Dark sunglasses, black purses, blank canvases because of fear of parents discovering your art, tiny decorative notebooks, sarcastic Typo notebooks, hand-drawn bookmarks, thyme leaves in little bags, rose petals, beautiful shells, green glitter, leather jackets…



Typo online haul! Everything is supper cute! Bought with my friends for the free shipping 🙊🙈

Although the planner is 6.16-6.17 the spread is actually the same so I’m using the June ones from last year for this year as well!

P.S. I have extra planner (A5 exact to the pic) and willing to sell it at supper cheap price (sors Singapore only! )


[ENG] Yo. It’s my first time writing on this blog since a long long time ago. Sorry ! I thought about how could I udpdate in a cool way this tumblr, and… Okay, I just didn’t touch CSS, javascript, html, or anything else, because I wanted to post quickly. So here I am ! I restart with a new positive mind, thanks to personnal development books and methods like Miracle Morning, KonMari… And I will explain more with drawings ♥. Bye bye !

[FR] Hey ! C’est la première fois que j’écris sur ce blog depuis un long moment. Désolée !! Je réfléchissais à comment mettre à jour mon blog de manière cool, et… Ok. J’ai pas touché au CSS, javascript, html, tout ça, parce que je voulais poster rapidement. Du coup me revoilà ! Je recommence avec un esprit optimiste, grâce aux livres de développement personnel, et de méthodes comme le Miracle Morning, ou la méthode Marie Kondo…

J’expliquerai plus de choses prochainement avec des dessins ♥ Salut, salut !

(PS : Sorry for my English mistakes…).


|| 15 June 2017 🎯
Haven’t been feeling great today, so I’m not so productive… I just flipped through my bullet journal / planner and I realised it’s been pretty hectic. The question goes to whether I should take a break? But the holidays are coming to an end and the exams would start immediately… the anxiety…

Wow apparently the setting of Free! is before 2008. According to the Free! Creation Notebook vol.4, that’s the reason why the characters don’t use smartphones and the animators took special care to avoid electronics such as computers and tv that could date the story. And it’s because long jammers are banned in tournaments since 2009 and men’s swimsuits can only maximally cover the area from the navel to the knee, so Rin and Makoto and Sousuke couldn’t have been wearing them in the anime.

We can still kind of date the series by the phones they use though. Mobile phones became ubiquitous in Japan since the 90s, much earlier than the west. But 1999 is when they first have internet access and color screens.

This is Nagisa’s phone from season 1 episode 9, with color screen and internet access, so I’d say it’ll at least have to be 2000 or later for a high school student to casually own one of these models.

Can we talk about how dreadful Rei’s phone looks lol.

Makoto also uses a generic slide phone that dominated the Japanese market along with flip phones (which peaked at 2007 before smartphones took over).

Haruka has a similar phone too but in a different color.

In the next screencap you can clearly see there’s an ipod-looking music device:

The first generation ipod, first design of its kind, was released in 2001. And that model looks like it’s an ipod nano from 2005.

So I think we can conclude that Free! and Free!ES took place some time during 2005-2007 (or 2001-2007 if you assume that ipod is first gen). UPDATE: Apparently the tournament Rin and Haruka competed in was the 2009 World Aquatics Championship at Foro Italico in Rome, where long jammers were last used in an official tournament. Here’s a comparison post of the venue by @matsuoka-lin (thank you!). So there’s a good chance that they graduated in 2007 (since the notebook specifically noted that the show is “before 2008″) and competed as pros in 2009. :)

So if they were 17-18 in 2007, the youngest possible age they can be, they’d be 26-27 by now. :)

Also honorable mention of these playstation wired dualshock controllers from 1997 (Makoto probably never updated his console lol):

And the fact that Makoto DOES own a smartphone! The first iphone was released in 2007 so it’s entirely possible :)

Back to School Essentials

I’m now back to school after our semestral break. Someone asked me to do a stationery/school haul so I’m gonna share to you some of the things I bought and the things that I already have which I’m still going to use.

Where I buy my stationeries?

I usually buy them at Muji, National Bookstore, SM Department Store, and online shops.


Left: I got it from Art Box in Glorietta 4. They cost Php 50 each notebook.

Top Right: Got this notebooks from Muji. They cost Php 350 for a set of 5 notebooks.

Bottom Right: I bought this notebook from Typo in Greenbelt. It has 3 dividers inside. This was on sale for only Php 160. 


I’m currently using the Starbucks x Moleskine planner (the one on the right). I won the plain Black Moleskine Notebook from Starbucks during their Christmas Launch. 

Pens and Highlighters

Of course, I can’t live without these!

Top Left: Muji 0.38 Gel Ink Pens for Php 65 each.

Top Right: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. My mom bought this in the US.

Bottom Left: Muji Highlighters for Php 65 each.

Bottom Right: Zebra Mildliners. This one’s old. Some are out of ink. I bought this from Dolces Online on Facebook/Instagram around Php 350 - Php 400.

Index Cards

This is another must have for me since sometimes I use index cards in studying. This is a plain one so I can freely design or write on them. I got this from National Book Store for Php 17.50 each.

Sticky Notes and Page Flags

Sticky Notes are so important to me since I don’t want to write on my books, and instead, I use them when I want to insert some details. I also use them in my planner. I’m not sure how much these are since my mom bought them for me.

The page flags are also important to me because I label my books by chapter or article so I can just immediately go to that page without taking so much time looking for it. One pack costs Php 244.

Other Essentials

I always bring with me some scotch tape and washi tape. I use the magic tape since they do not tear the paper when I use it on them, unlike a regular tape. I also need some glue since we have to attach a photo on our index card. I also need a correction tape since I’m not great with spelling and always misspell words. 

So these are my basic essentials for school. Shoutout to @akilahpina for requesting this!

Favorite school supplies!
• Typo 5 subject notebooks X 3
• Typo pencil cases X 2
• Staedtler highlighter set
• My life, my bae, my MacBook Air 11"
• cue cards!
• my lovely minimalistic planner.

“Don’t watch the clock, do what it’s doing, keep going”.


[06.28.17] | 20/100 “hey dee, u haven’t posted anything in a month”

IM SO SORRY HUHU school’s about to start soon so you’ll probably see me more often!! or see my complete disappearance as I drown in the impending workload of senior year

stationery featured: Typo notebook (A5, ruled, spiral), Dong-A Fine Tech (Black, 0.5), Dong-A U-Knock (Purple, 0.5)


Fuck chronic pain haul

When ur chronic pain hits n u lift bc fuck u

Red Undies $6
Bodysuit $25

Elf Primer $13

3DS XL Cover $23 (idc about 5¢)
Mystery Console Ball $5

Rick N Morty Keychain 2x$10
Sailor Moon Coasters $15

Choker $10

Socks $10

NYX Cosmic Metal Lippies 2x$15

Notebook $17

Rainbow Lights $40
Water Bottle $30

TOTAL: $244

I went a lil ham today, keep in mind I didn’t even use a structured bag today, just a tote

Character Prototype: HARUKA NANASE

Affiliation: Iwatobi High School 2nd Year (Free!) / Iwatobi High School 3rd Year (Free!ES) / Swimming Club Vice Captain
Birthday: 30 June (Cancer)
Height: 175cm
Weight: 63kg
Specialty: Free (freestyle/crawl)
Physique: Slender and well toned
Family: Father, mother
Image motif: Dolphin
Image color: Blue
Favorite food: Fish, mackerel, wet food
Least favorite food: Dry food, food that’s complicated to eat
Strength: Cooking, drawing, handiwork, delicate jobs
Weakness: Working in a group
Strong subject:  Home economics, art
Weak subject: English (conversational English)
Hobby: Soaking in water

Staff Distribution Material / Prototype Character Sheet

(*Since this is a prototype, some parts are different from the actual show)

- A normal family (Not particularly rich or poor)
- As a strong fixation towards water and swimming
- He feels soothed when he’s inside water, he finds his own space in water
- He has a heart of gold
- A proud person
- He is smart and skillful and can carry out any tasks flawlessly
- He is very punctual
- He doesn’t voluntarily engage with people, has no interest in human relations
- When he’s unhappy about something but doesn’t have a comeback, he has a habit of turning his head sideways in silence
- He doesn’t like others meddling with him, and he tries to avoid interacting with others
- He doesn’t like it when something doesn’t make sense, but he won’t reject it unless there’s a reason
- He doesn’t like forcing or being forced by others
- He can’t bring himself to like his own name, since it sounds like a girl’s name
- Since he doesn’t speak up for himself, he sometimes relies on Makoto speaking on his behalf
- He’s not good with Nagisa since they are so different in personality, but he has a soft spot for him

scans courtesy to @aliasanonyme


I had a mini back to school haul in my recent trip to Manila! I bought 6 notebooks from Art Box! I didn’t even know they were already here. So lucky we passed by them. I swear I stayed for almost an hour in the little shop. I also bought the set pouches and the New World Atlas Notebook from Typo since they were on sale! Lastly, I won the black Moleskin notebook from Starbucks during their Christmas Grand Launch! I’m so happy!



Beginning year 12 at the end of January, I spared no expense back to school shopping 😬😬 I absolutely love everything I got though so here it all is:

2 smallish whiteboards - Target
Legal revision blank notebooks - Muji
Glitter journal - Typo
Rose gold and black pens & 24 pack of markers 😍 - Target
Sharpie highlighters and InkJoy pens - Coles
Spiral notebooks - Typo
Pretty pink & green notebook - Fox and Fallow
Weekly planner - Target
2017 planner - Kikki K
Constellations notebook & pencil case - Typo
Gold binders - I just covered ugly binders with gold contact from Coles :)


An early Happy Birthday to @deeptrouble cus I didn’t know whether we’d be able to meet up in time. Two customized Typo notebooks for ~extreme study time~ Just wanted to show the first one which was drawn in the style of Night In the Woods. We love the main character, Mae, so I drew us both as cats eating our favorite foods. The grammar is a lil wonky or ‘childish’ cus that’s how we roll.

If you wanna see the second notebook’s sketch, you can check out my instagram: deesdoodleswastaken 💕 There’s also a short vid of me surprising her with the gifts xD

After reading on studyblr about Typo, I was super disappointed to hear it is an Australian company, until I realized there’s a store right here in SoCal. I drove out there and went absolutely nuts. Best. Place. Ever.

friday, january 15th 2016

my first post as a studyblr weeee!

i’m really happy i got to buy some new supplies over the past few weeks and i can’t wait to start using these for my new uni semester!

pictured: ~ muji 0.5 gel ink pens in black / a pack of 5 muji notebooks with different coloured spines in the size A5 / an A5 typo top loader notebook / zebra mildliners / a few washi tapes i bought online ~

and i’m really happy with how this picture turned out (•̀o•́)ง

also, i hope everyone’s doing great! have a good night!