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Run Away Home, 8: King of the Apartment

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I have commentary about the chapter but it’s spoilery so I’ll put it in the end notes, even though I don’t usually like end notes.

Enjoy the chapter! Love you!

Gwenvid, David & Max, Gwen & Max | 34 504 words total | T | Max was the last person Gwen expected to find standing outside her apartment early on a Wednesday morning in September. But he had nowhere else to go. And the only logical next step was to call David.

King of the Apartment | 4 072 words | Chicken fights to establish who rules the apartment, stuffed animals, weekend plans, and Hallowe'en movies.

When Gwen got up in the morning and finally found the courage to leave her bedroom, she was unsurprised to find that she was the last one up, but grateful to discover that David had already fed all three of the kids. Her usual Saturday-morning café de olla was already almost finished when she stepped into the kitchen, and she accepted it from a smiling David with a relieved sigh. He waved her into her seat at the table, turning back to the stove where he was making another batch of eggs.

“Have I ever told you you’re kind of a hero?” she asked, eyes closed as she sipped at her coffee. “I’ve never liked living with morning people before, but you… you’re a pretty good one.”

“You must be very tired,” he teased. She opened her eyes to peer at him for a moment, amused to see that while he was trying to play it cool, he was biting down on a huge smile at her compliment. “You’re rarely so forwardly nice to me.”

“Well, you fed the kids, made my fancy coffee, and here you are serving me breakfast. I think I owe you a little kindness, at very least.” He laughed as he put a plate of eggs and sausage down in front of her. She smiled for a moment, and then her eyes snapped wide open. “Oh, sweet mother of god, I sounded exactly like my mother just now.” She sounded like her mom hinting to her dad that he was going to get some after he’d been helpful, specifically, but she didn’t think that part was important to add to David. “Jesus Christ. Next time I start to talk like that, please, slap me.”

“I’d rather not,” he answered, sitting down next to her with his own coffee.

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every time our chat glitches on my phone it tells me we been mutuals for 3 years & i find that crazy but i am so happy we began talking & became friends you are so funny & amazing even when you pass out the second your face touches the pillow when you say you won’t asdfghj i wish i could’ve done something more special if i hadn’t died yesterday but i will make it up in the future don’t worry c;

Jyn Erso x Reader
Word Count: 1,110

Description: Jyn is a frequent visitor to the medbay, and with those visits come a friendship along with a little something more.

You remember the first time you met Jyn, the way she had walked so calmly into the medbay as if there wasn’t a bloody gash obscuring her left forearm. She was calm, a little lightheaded though it was to be expected with an injury as serious as her own.

She felt differently.

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either half this fandom doesn’t have siblings or their relationships with siblings aren’t very relatable