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severus: i’m calm 

also severus: HARRY POTTER!!!!! DID U JUST!!!!11 S T E A L ??? !!!!1!! FROM ME!!!”21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 DETENTION FOREVER!!!1!!! YOU’LL PAY FOR YOUR SINS!!!!!11!!! HOW ! DARE YOU !1111!!! I’M TELLING ALBUS!!!!11 YOU’LL BE EXPELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!! SAY GOODBYE TO HOGWARTS YOU UNGRATEFUL SHIT!!111!!!


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..

advantage of reading back through entire fanfic: refocus mind on big picture. remember minor detail that i wanted to reference later in story, feel sense of pride over how far i’ve come.

disadvantage of reading back through entire fanfic: FIND ALL THE TYPOS.


Giggly 2min 😍

2017 SHINee World FIVE Osaka Day 2 170217


A sort of continuation to this and this by @sarogane (help I’m falling for this ot3 forreal and one of them isn’t even really a character in the show)

It got a little long so… Most of it is under the cut, sorry mobile users //

Kuro watches Shiro wipe down Lance’s bruised thighs, gently, slowly, carefully. He doesn’t dare interfere. He studies Lance’s expression: Blissed, adoring, impossibly affectionate, and a sharp tang of something churns his stomach. Something negative, that makes him feel somewhat aggressive. Human feelings are weird, and he still hasn’t gotten the hang of them entirely. Separating them from one another was difficult, and he didn’t like concentrating on them for long enough to really understand. Following his instincts was much easier.

Except his instincts tell him to jump right back into bed, snuggle between their warm bodies, kiss Lance’s cheek and nuzzle into Shiro’s warm chest. And what the fuck, Kuro. That’s just not something he’s supposed to want. It’s not for him. There was no place for him on that bed. His role begun and ended with sex. Lance accepted him because he looked like Shiro, and Shiro, well… That guy was one kinky fucker, as he proved to them both not even twenty minutes ago when he ordered Kuro to- Well, that’s another story.

Point is, soft kisses and quiet murmurs were for them. That was the entire plan anyway, right? Get Lance and Shiro together. He was never supposed to be a part of the equation to begin with, and really, he shouldn’t outstay his welcome.

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To draw silhouettes:

Step 1. create random lines/circles 

Step 2. Use brush + eraser. Keep stirring it for 1 min

Step 3. Done (Duang) ! You successfully created a bug-dude.

Step 4. Try some more.

I think this is how concept design works…K just kidding.

(That 4th one is so hilarious though. I haven’t figured out how to draw imposing and muscular monsters…(

Couldn’t sleep til I did a quick doodle idc if it’s the middle of the night, the Sally Face indiegogo ended and made 91% of it’s flexible goal! The fanbase for this game just keeps growing and it’s been so rad seeing all the art and support for such a neat game!

Congrats Steve! I am so excited for future Sally Face episodes!