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'Save the Artist' Merch
Because some people were really interested in the logo. I made it available for stickers and other stuff.

>> Original Save the Artist Post <<

This logo was made to bring awareness to Art Theft over the internet and how it is a problem, in not only the Mystery Skulls Animated community but, in other communities as well. Artist create so much lovely art for their respective communities, but sometimes people forget or choose to ignore the fact that there is an artist behind the artwork. This awareness movement is supposed to bring back into the light, what is important in a community. We all love our communities and artist love sharing their work but there needs to be a point to stand and protect our fellow artist from those who just treat them as tools.

Artist are not printing machines, or a means to an end for creative images. Artist are people, who should be cherished and loved just as much as their artwork is.

Are the profits going to a charity? 
No, they are not. Which is why they are as low as I possibly can make them.

 Those who were working with me on making the original post, wanted the logo to be available for stickers. I don’t have any way of sending mail nor do I have the money to make my own merchandise. So with the help of RedBubble, I am making the logo available to put on whatever you want. If there is a product that you want that is disabled please message me and I will unlock it. :D


SOME NEW OCS I MADE!!!, I haven’t even introduced all my ocs to you guys but still continue to make more :’),,anyway

Tobias is the tuff buff boy, he loves to work out, and acts tough all the time to hide the fact that’s he is a total softie and cries constantly. hes also nervous and jittery around new people, but calms himself down by exercising. He hates all junkfood, and doesn’t believe in soda. Tobias loves Xyriel because of how nerdy he is, and how tough he despite how short he is, he even still loves Xyriel no matter how many times he’s made him cry.

Xyriel is a videogame loving nerd with a bad mouth and attitude, no matter who you are he’ll tell you off. Hes overall a horrible person who yells a lot. unlike Tobias he loves soda and junkfood, he absolutely hates exercise, he’d rather die than run. Though he thinks Tobias is a bit weird and annoying, he still loves Tobias, and he thinks that its really adorable that Tobias has a big crush on him.

Tobias is Filipino/Latino and Xyriel is full Filipino. Tobias can understands Tagalog but isnt very good at it speaking wise but is fluently good at spanish, Xy knows Tagalof fluently.


Less than a month left to submit your artwork.

We’re creating a fanzine to celebrate Ilona Staller ‘Cicciolina’, her work and activity - everything she stands for as a porn actress, politician and in her personal life.

The more people are involved the better, so the project will be open to everyone. You can use any technique from pencil doodles to oil paintings to create your artwork.

Deadline: 30th of September, 2015.


Your works and questions are welcome at: cicciolinalovezine@gmail.com