typo artis


Baba, our beloved magikarp who we sadly lost due to PC wars.
Baba, the girl from the elfs world.
Baba, the girl who timed traveled and yet…
Baba, who became champion.
Baba, the magikarp/girl who won all our hearts one input at a time.

Guys I just have a lot of emotions about Baba I love her so much and she’s come so far and look at her now. I just really love Baba.

Edit: I somehow spelled the wrong name and didn’t even know oops… anyway I just fixed it that’s what I get for doing it late at night when I’m super tired.

anonymous asked:

you go back and forth between calling artie 'he' and 'she' - I was wondering if that was a typo or if the character is gender fluid or something? Sorry if that sounds dumb or I'm missing the obvious or something

ah, no, it wasn’t a typo. When I created Artie, he was a he. Then for a while I changed him to ‘she’. Then back to ‘he’ for a bit. Then to ‘she’ again. Will most likely change in the future, too. I guess you could say Artie’s genderfluid. I don’t really think much about it, its just whatever feels the most natural to say at any given time. 

From an in-universe perspective, panthars, as a species, only have one uniform sex with their what might be called ‘gender’ being based on the social role they’re filling within their reproductive cycles, which changes over time. It’s kind of an intricate system with many different identities that don’t really match any human identities. Artie is a bit different as she was ‘born’ on Earth removed from panthar culture (and thus identifies by human identities), but its still a part of who she is.

But, from a meta perspective, Artie is more or less a reflection of me, so she tends to follow my identity but kind of lags behind a bit for some reason (I have theories but they’re very introspective and personal). I expect sometime in the future she will be a ‘they’, like me, but for now its ‘she’.