Name: Sally

Type: Squirrel

Personality: Normal

Gender: female

Moving: the 9th but will time travel

Fc: 4528-0088-2226, Town/ mayor: Robby of Olivine

Timezone: PST

Tumblr contact: olivinepost.tumblr.com

I’ve had her for a long time, I think you’ll enjoy her greetings I think they’re hilarious.

so i’m laying out a bunch of fakemon ideas for a fan region? i know the starters are a grass-type squirrel (grass/flying final evo), a fire-type sheep (fire/fairy final evo), and a water-type seal (water/psychic final evo)

this games got a lot of story with not a lot of explanation so far but i guess i expected that out of a final fantasy game

the combat is fun so i guess that’s what’s important

hopefully when i play more tomorrow they will explain what all these words they’re throwing around actually mean lmao

Shoot from the published magazine Project M out last June in Germany. The squirrel calligram I did as header illustration of this article. Colors made by Photoshop.

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