Magic: the Gathering - Squirrel Renascence

Perhaps my favourite keyword un-mechancic in the Unset so far - Squirrellink

Creature - Squirell Advisor
Squirrellink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to create that many 1/1 green squirrel tokens.)
Creature tokens you control are Squirrels in addition to their other creature types.
Other Squirrels you control get +1/+1

Earl the Squirrel
Unstable set art by Milivoj Ćeran
Unstable promo art by Matt Cavotta

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important question: what hogwarts houses do the Galra Generals belong in

dam son

i didn’t watch season 3 that hard so forgive me if this characterization is off

Zethrid: Zethrid is wild enough to be a Gryffindor but loyal enough to Lotor to be a Hufflepuff. Loyalty is a very Gryff/Huff trait; Hufflepuff emphasizes loyalty out of faith, while Gryffindor is more loyalty earned (similar to Slytherin, but that’s another analysis entirely). Hufflepuff as a whole tends to be the slightly slower house however just because more chill people tend to be Sorted there (relative to the school), so Zethrid would probably push for Gryffindor just so she can pull Stunts. Tldr, she’s a Gryff.

Acxa: Ravenclaw. Acxa is a very careful person, who prefers to be completely appraised of a situation before she’ll even raise a finger. She borders Slytherin but I just get the feeling that she values knowledge a whole lot. A true Slytherin would be okay with limiting say, books, but Acxa seems the type to squirrel them away. So, Ravenclaw.

Ezor: Slytherin. She’s a very peppy girl so people are surprised by her house placement but imo Slytherin strives to hide in plain sight and subterfuge. “Always keep them guessing,” is a good saying to apply to Ezor, as her personality seemingly contradicts her actions all the time.

Narti: I literally cannot glean Narti’s personality besides her relationship with her cat so I have no idea how to place her. She’s super loyal to Lotor so tbh she would probably just request to be placed in whatever House he’s in so she can protect him better?? She doesn’t have a lot of outside personality, at least from what I can remember, which is a goddamn shame. At the very least, I can fall back on Loyalty and classify her as either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. I kind of want to make her Hufflepuff just so the Houses are balanced among the generals, lmfao.


Lotor: Ravenclaw. He’s a textbook Slytherin which is why he specifically requested to be placed in Ravenclaw as a misdirect, lol. Knowledge and power are oftentimes intertwined, and Lotor wants to be in control of it all. Ravenclaw is the best place for him to bide his time; for one, the smart kid is automatically endeared to the class, as students oftentimes rely on them to carry the class. Lotor becomes a teacher’s pet, helps people with homework, establishes hella connections in the meanwhile, and learns how to cheat the system by becoming the system. Being a Ravenclaw also separates him from his father’s legacy. So pop off, Prince Lotor.

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So is blazblue gonna just gloss over the myriad of races in blazblue or am I missing something like the penguin people on jobs stage

There are several races:

  • Humans - they’re everywhere and most of them are capable of Ars Magus, while only a select few can use magic and sorcery. They can turn into vampires if bit by one, and into Drive-Unions if they develop a crystal.
  • Beastkin - the only known three are Jubei, Tomonori, and Munefuyu. They are cat-types but others likely exist.
  • Half-Beastkin - they first appear in Phase Shift 1, but Kokonoe is also a half-beastkin since she’s Nine and Jubei’s daughter.
  • Demi-Humans - half-human-half-animals created to fight in the Dark War. Makoto is the best known example. Demi-humans, and half-beastkins get lumped together with beastkins a lot of the time and all 3 face social stigma. Demi-humans are likely the most common type of beastkin bc normal beastkin are very rare, and half-beastkins are rarer. Penguin, cat, dog, squirrel, etc. types have been seen.
  • Vampires -  a pretty loosely defined group. The Alucards and Fuzzy are considered vampires.
  • Illusionary Creatures - beings made by the more intense emotions of those who get close to the Azure. Clavis Alucard is the only known one. Their existences are like Drives.
  • Drives - specifically this is Izanami. She’s Amaterasu’s Drive and is purely immortal because of it.
  • Lycanthropes - basically werewolves created by sorcery a long time ago. They’re really rare, and Valkenahyn is the only known one.
  • Kaka - a clan made from Jubei’s genes before the Dark War. Less than 100 at a time and they mainly live in the Kaka village underneath Kagutsuchi.
  • Demons - they’re never seen in the series, but Hakumen has fought them, and what makes Tager big and red is because of demon genes that Kokonoe injected into him.
  • Ghouls - people who died that have been brought back to life. They’re pretty mindless. Fuzzy can reanimate them, and Relius can as well.
  • Sankishin - only putting this one here because of Susano’o. He gained a will and became his own person. Hakumen’s soul is pretty much perma in the Susano’o Unit now as well.
  • Embryo - Raquel was one of these that managed to take the form of a vampire. I suppose Nobody could be considered part of this category as well, so could Hinata but they only possessed the Embryo and weren’t actually it.
  • Grimoires- Touya was the Origin of the Grimoire that took the shape of a person. Mai is currently the No-Name Grimoire. Hazama is an Azure Grimoire, and Kazuma was likely one as well.
  • Prime Fields - artificial humans designed to explore the Boundary. There’s also the sub-category of Embryo Storages, Murakumo Units, and Kusanagi’s. Noel, Mu, Nu, Lambda, Es, Bell, etc. are here.
  • Black Beasts - there seems to be more than one or even two of them. Basically beings of pure destruction, and can be made from the failure to make a Kusanagi.
  • Artificial Causality Weapons -  Minerva. Relius’ Detonator line comes under this as well, so that include Ignis.
  • Cyborgs - this is Tager’s official race. A human augmented with machinery.
  • Nox Nyctores - most of them have cores which are made out of souls. Nirvana, Yukianesa, Take-Mikazuchi, and Requiem have all got demonstrated sentience.
  • Spirits - beings that can possess others. Terumi can possess people, but it looks like Trinity can only possess Nox’s.
  • Drive-Unions - humans who get a crystal and unlock their Drives. Their condition will nearly always kill them. It’s up to whoever to decide if they’re a subspecies of human, or just people with a terminal medical condition.
  • Apostles - a small group of human men under Spinner Superior’s control. I’m putting them as a different species for the same reason as D-Unions. They’re infected by weird bugs. When angered, they basically become massive insect-human hybrids with razor sharp claws, teeth, multiple legs, etc.

These two aren’t really species but I’ll put them here anyway:

  • Chrono Phantasma (phantoms of time) - exceptions to the timelines who are immune to phenomenon intervention. Rachel is the main example here.
  • Chrono Phantasma (ones who shouldn’t be here) - people who shouldn’t be at the timelines they’re at. They’ll eventually go back to the state they were. Celica is the big example here.

That’s all I can think of right now. There might be one or two more that I may have missed. I’m putting Nox’s and Causality Weapons there as well bc they’ve got sentience.
Drive-Unions and Apostles can become normal humans again, but since they’ve normally got abilities and biology different from humans, I’ve put them as different species. It’s really up to your interpretation.

The main species in BlazBlue society though are humans and demi-humans (the latter treated as second-class citisens). Kaka’s, beastkin, half-beastkin, and lycanthropes are known about but not really accepted as much by humans. Vampires and sentient grimoires like Mai and Hazama are extremely rare and not really known about by anyone.

Dateless, part 2


Part 1



“Well, well, well,” Dean said, stepping into the living room of the bunker. “Ain’t this cozy?”

Your face immediately turned crimson. You tried to scoot away from Crowley but his arm held you close.

“Squirrel. You’re back early. Where’s Moose?”

“What’s Crowley doing here?” Sam asked, stepping in behind his brother.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was canoodling our poor, little Y/N.”

“Canoodling?” You, Crowley, and Sam said at the same time.

“Looks like we got back just in time,” Dean continued on. “Otherwise this scumbag might’ve tried to soil our girl.”

“I would never dream of doing such a thing,” Crowley said. “I treat Y/N with nothing but respect.”

Sam studied the two of you as Dean plopped down between you, causing Crowley to withdraw his arm. “Wait a minute. Are you two seriously dating?”

Your blush deepened as you stared at the ground.

Dean scoffed. “Please. She’s too smart for that. Besides, Crowley’s not her type.”

“I beg your pardon, Squirrel. You don’t know what type Y/N likes.”

“Sure I do. She…” Dean paused. “Well, I know that…” Another pause. “What about that one guy she talked to at the bar?” he asked, looking up at Sam.

Sam shook his head. “The only people she ever talks to are witnesses.”

“Huh.” Dean turned to you. “So, what’s your type, Y/N? Prove to Crowley once and for all–”


Dean paused. “Yeah, Crowley. Prove to him that he’s not your type.”

You bit the inside of your lip. “No, I mean… he’s my type.”


“Crowley… is my… type… and…”

“Her boyfriend, Squirrel. Now, if you and Moose would be so kind as to let us finish our date in peace…”

Dean looked over at Crowley, then back to you. “What the fuck,” he said, standing and heading to the kitchen.


“Sweetheart, are you sure you want to do this?”

You looked over at Crowley. “Yes,” you said, turning your eyes back to the road.

“If it’ll make things easier, I can just go home and wait for you to be finished with your family. You can go, have your meal, then come down and you and I can sit by the fire… maybe watch some of those warm, cheesy holiday movies you like?”

“It’s fine, Crowley. You…” You swallowed. “You’re important to me and… it’s about time my parents met you…”

Crowley couldn’t help but smile. He loved the fact that he was the first of his type in your life. While normally he could care less about meeting parents, getting to know families, he knew this was important to you.

You pulled up in front of a small, brown house. Crowley watched as you pried your fingers from the steering wheel—your nerves were certainly acting up.

The two of you got out of the car and headed for the door. Just as you rang the bell, Crowley slipped his hand into yours. He could feel you shaking.

“Y/N!” Your mother said, answering the door. “We’re so glad you’re here. Who’s your friend?”

“This… is Crowley,” you said, fingers wrapping around Crowley’s as if trying to convince yourself that yes, he was actually there. “He’s my….”

“Nice to meet you, Crowley,” your mother said, stepping into the house. “Please, come in. The bird’s almost done.”

You carefully followed your mother inside, stopping and standing in the foyer. “She… she didn’t even…”

“It’s okay, little one,” Crowley said. He took his hand from yours and carefully tugged your coat from your shoulders, sliding the sleeves down your arms. He hung the coat on the peg on the wall before taking your hand again. “Let’s just go enjoy the meal your mother made.”


“I know, I know.” Crowley led you through the house, into the dining room. Your father was seated at the table, as were your grandmother, brother, sister-in-law, and aunt. A chorus of hellos sounded as you and Crowley sat.

“Who’s your friend?” your father asked, parroting your mother.

“This is Crowley.”

“What is he, your boyfriend?” your brother joked, sniggering slightly.

“Be nice,” his wife said, elbowing him.

“No, you don’t get it, Y/N doesn’t date. Never has.” Your brother turned back to Crowley. “So, what, are you gay or something?”

“While it is truly no business of yours, and while I disapprove of your tone, no,” Crowley answered. “I am perfectly heterosexual and your sister and I are, in fact, a relationship.”

Your brother was silent for a moment. “Yeah, right. How much is she paying you?”

“You would do well to hold your tongue,” Crowley said, taking his napkin and smoothing it onto his lap.


Crowley blinked slowly, his eyes turning red. Your brother’s eyes grew wide; whether it was out of fear or whether Crowley was doing something, you didn’t know, but your brother was silent for the rest of the meal.


“Are you all right, little one?” Crowley asked. The two of you were back at his place, curled under a fuzzy blanket. A fire was crackling in the fireplace; the air smelled of apple and spice, steaming from the mug in your hands. A warm, cheesy holiday movie was playing on the TV.

You nodded. “I just… I keep thinking about my family. It’s not that they didn’t accept you… but it’s almost like they didn’t accept what we have.”

“Don’t worry, love. What you and I have is real, and strong. They will come around to it.” He wrapped his arm around your shoulders, drawing you in closer, pressing a light kiss to your temple.


Title: Type

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 337

Warning: Fluff?

“You think you’re funny?”

“Oh no, Sweetheart, I know I’m hilarious.” He grinned, making you roll your eyes taking another sip of your beer.

Stupid Dean Winchester would be the death of you. How could you loathe someone so much but be so damn entirely fixated? You were confused beyond comprehension and being around him was only making things worse. He knew how to press your buttons, but there was something about him that had you gravitating towards him. Was it his eyes? That smile? Those pretty, pretty, gorgeous green eyes, the way he licked his lips, his large rough hands, his dirty blonde hair that you wished you could run your figures through? What the hell were you thinking about?!

“Shut up.” You hissed.

“I’m just saying, Garth is a good guy, you should give him a chance.” Dean smirked knowing very well how you felt about the goofy hunter, plus Garth couldn’t handle a girl like you.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Garth is like my brother. I’m not into him, he’s just not my type.”

“Oh? Little Miss Bad Ass has a type?” He raised his brows in mock amusement as he took a sip from his beer.

“Dean Winchester, shut that trap of yours before I make you.” You growled, growing highly aggravated with the stunning green eyed hunter.

“Wait, let me guess. You like guys who are tall, handsome, pretty green eyes, bad ass hunter, oh and freakin’ hilarious, preferably bowlegged?” He winked.

Your face went red, as you shot up from your seat in the library of the bunker. You were going to kill Sam for opening his big mouth! You were about to leave when Dean got a hold of you by your arms, pulling you into him, flushed against his firm chest.

“Dean!” You warned.

“Oh Sweetheart, I’m not done with you yet.” He flashed you a devilish grin before pressing his lips to yours. He was definitely going to be the end of you.

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Does Buddy ever find anything of Henry's around the shop? I mean he must have left something behind at his desk right? Before Buddy and Henry could communicate would he have found anything there? Like a shirt or something anything? I bet he'd enjoy a flannel shirt to snuggle with in secret. Buddy just seems like the type to squirrel things away whenever he finds something he really likes

Unfortunately, Joey Drew threw out quite a few of Henry’s personal effects after the animator -ahem- “Quit”. Buddy was only able to salvage a few things from his scavenging, like some of Henry’s old, slightly used sketchbooks from the design reference cabinets, and a photo from Joey’s desk that he found in a wastepaper bin.

The photo is of Joey, standing aside, their arms linked around each other’s shoulders and standing in front of a freshly painted Drew Studios sign. Joey looks younger in the picture, but the other figure… there is a cigarillo burn on the other man’s face, leaving him unrecognizable. Buddy doesn’t know why, but holding onto the picture makes him feel… melancholy. Nostalgic.

He keeps it with all the plushies he’s rescued.

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Hey Kae, what fonts do you usually use for your edits? I've gotten back into graphic design recently but I factory reset my laptop a while ago without keeping a list of my frequently-used fonts, and i've been meaning to get some recs for more anyway. Thank you~


Okay but the ones I use mostly in my edits + animations are:

- League Gothic (example)

- Futura (example)

- Fairview (example)

- Bebas Neue (example in the main gifs, not the 3 in betweens)

- I Know a Ghost (example)

- PT Sans Narrow (recent watermark font, example at bottom corners)


Also some cool font sites: dafont, Lost Type, MyFonts, Font Squirrel, The League of Movable Type

This site is also helpful for seeing how your text will look with all the fonts you have on your computer

Another cool font thing is Bitstream, in which you can type in text and choose different styles and it’ll pick different fonts to show you how the text will look like


Day 13 - Mowkee, The Squirrel Pokémon

The name is derived directly from a native american word for Squirrel. I live in Squirrel Hill… How could I not make a squirrel pokémon?!

Type - Normal

Height - 1'0"

Weight - 8 lbs.

Ability - Run Away/Quick Feet (Hidden: Frisk)

Pokédex Entry - Mowkee are very prodigious hoarders . They collect mass amounts of berries to last them through times when food is scarce. Some hordes have been known to weigh tons.

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He smiled as he sat in his chair. Relaxing and letting the stress dissipate. Scrolling through he smiled and laughed at some of the posts. Stopping on the squirrel update. He frowned before he started to type. "Hey now Androgynousapocalypse. Squirrels are a very timid and easily frightened species. It takes patience and time to befriend one. So don't give up. I know you can do it."

thank you for the support fic anon!!! i’ll remain persistent!!!

pls have a very rough chara concept of my miraculous OC B)
Lilian is a quiet studious type who has a secret love for fantasy fiction.
Her Kwami, Netty, is a flying squirrel type. :V
Her miraculous stone is a diamond embedded at 12′oclock in her watch.
When the long hand goes all the way around and hits the 12oclock spot,
her transformation wears off!

laughs idk about her powers or weapon yet T v T
but she can glide/hover in the air a little with her winged cape.
Her hero name is Sugar Glider!