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Samandriel’s Mission

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Title: Samandriel’s Mission

Pairing: Samandriel x Reader

Word Count: 818

Warnings: angst, fluff, thoughts of suicide?

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy some Samandriel <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Recently, your depression had gotten worse and worse as the days went on.  You hoped that your depression would lighten up, but it was the exact opposite.  It didn’t help that you were alone in the bunker on most days.  You weren’t the hunting type and Sam and Dean were okay with that.  They knew about your depression and they weren’t sure how to help.  Castiel couldn’t stay with you, but he knew a fellow angel who could.

Samandriel walked through the bunker’s halls, looking for your bedroom.  Castiel told him that you would be in one of three places.  You weren’t in the library or the showers, so you had to be in your bedroom.  Now all he had to do was find your bedroom.

“[Y/N],” Samandriel called out as he continued down the hall.  When he heard faint sobbing from the room he had just passed, he stopped in his tracks.  He took a step towards the door, opening it slowly.  “Is it okay if I come inside [Y/N]?”

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Pairing: Yoonkook/Sugakookie 

Prompt: Snow White

The Hunter

Yoongi twirled the knife between his fingers in swift movements. He scanned over the file once more.

Name Jeon Jungkook
Age 19
Description Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.
Details You will find him in the forbidden forest. Bring me his heart.
I will find you when it is done.
Reward €1'000'000

Yoongi let out a low whistle. They must really want the boy gone for that price. Yoongi gathered his gear and started up his bike. Time to get to work. Time to hunt.

He parked his bike at the edge of the forest. Grabbing his duffle bag along with his bow and arrow he began following the trail leading into the forest. He would have to keep his sense heightened. It was a large forest with miles of ground to cover. Soon enough though he found footprints leading up a hill. He followed them stopping outside a small cave. Inside was a recently quenched fire, some clothes and a basket with berries inside. But where was the person. A thought struck him, maybe they had heard his bike engine as he made his way towards the forest. That explained why everything was still recently touched. He exited the cave and just stood still listening. He raised his bow. There was no sense of life which was unusual. Leaves rustled to his right. Bingo! He let the arrow go. A squeak of surprise caught his attention. His eyes noticed a figure that was running away, back down the hill. He followed trying not to make a sound. The figure stopped in a small clearing, looking around anxiously. Yoongi smirked. It was him alright. His prey. He matched the description perfectly. However the look on the boy’s face made Yoongi hesitate. It screamed innocence mixed with fear. He looked as though he couldn’t hurt a fly. So why was he being targeted. The boy was shaking with nerves, “W-who’s there?” Yoongi stepped out playing it cool, “My name is Yoongi. Didn’t mean to scare you. I was hunting and mistook you for food.” The boy smiled in relief and yet again Yoongi hesitated. Only one thought entered his mind, his smile made him look like a small bunny. Seemed like he was innocent as one too. The boy put out his hand, “I-I’m Jungkook.” He was still nervous. Yoongi frowned in genuine curiosity, “May I ask why you are here, alone in the forest?” The boy bit his lip, “I um live here.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow, “How do you survive. You don’t seem like the hunting type.” Jungkook nodded, “Berries, any fruit I find and nuts. Things like that. I could never harm an innocent life.” Yoongi decided to see if he could find more information about his target, “How did you come to end up here?” Jungkook glanced around nervously, “Someone is trying to kill me. They killed my father and now trying to get me. They want to be the only ruler of the land.” Yoongi smirked moving closer, “Oh I know. That someone has sent me to retrieve your heart.”  Jungkook’s eyes widened. Fear drowned out any other emotions. He took small steps back words escaping in rushed sentences, “She sent you! You’re - you’re going to take my heart.” Yoongi frowned, “She?” The boy nodded his head, “My stepmother. M-maybe you’re really a good person at heart.” Yoongi scoffed at the boy’s naivety, “Why would I be doing this than?” Jungkook looked him in the eye with sadness, “No one can refuse the queen after all.” Yoongi froze. He had been hired by the queen? So the boy is a prince. He shook his head. He still had a job to do. Raising his bow, he drew back the arrow and released. It shot into some nearby bushes. He scowled and tried again. It narrowly missed the boy’s head shooting into the tree behind him. Yoongi became frustrated, “Yah! Why can’t I hit you? I never miss.” He looked at the boy giving him a sarcastic smile, “Looks like luck is on your side.” Jungkook smiled softly, “Or you really are a good person at heart.” Yoongi let his arm with the bow drop, “Damn you. It’s that stupid smile. Why did rabbits have to be my favourite animals, apparently my weakness is a prince that looks like a stupid baby bunny. I’ll be killed for treason.” Jungkook stepped closer his cheeks flushed pink from the older’s comment, “You could stay here with me. Live in the forest.” Yoongi turned making his way back up the hill groaning, “Well someone has to protect you.” Jungkook giggled
to himself as the older muttered “stupid baby bunny.”


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