Hej hej🙈

Ostatnio mało mnie tu, mikołajki się zbliżają, więc stwierdziłam, że to dobry czas na małe promo 🙈

Zasady proste (a przynajmniej tak myślę). Zatem:

🙈nie trzeba mnie obserwować, ale byłoby miło
🙈udział biorą wszystkie typy blogów
🙈oceniam sama, wyniki podam 6.12
🙈czas na reblogi do 4.12
🙈minimum 30 notek
🙈im więcej notek, tym więcej zwycięzców
🙈promować będę przez tydzień
🙈serduszka zabronione

Zachęcam do udziału i powodzenia małpki🙈💗

- Może mają ochotę na małe bara-bara.
Rzuciłam mu spojrzenie.
- Ble.
Błysnął uśmiechem.
-Ona zdecydowanie nie jest w moim typie - Spuścił wzrok na moje usta, a część mnie zadrżała w odpowiedzi na ten wzrok - Ale teraz tylko jedno mi w głowie.
Odebrało mi oddech.
- Jesteś jak napalony pies.
- Pogłaszcz mnie, to…
- Nawet nie kończ - powiedziałam walcząc z uśmiechem
—  Jennifer L. Armentrout – Onyks

i have too many things to say about The Answer so i’ll just make a list:

- The first Garnet had a totally different palette than the one we know. Instead of having a main colour situated between the main colours of her components on the colour wheel, she had patches of both Ruby and Sapphire colour.
- Her clothes were also just bits and pieces of Ruby and Sapphire’s clothes.
It looks more like an amalgam than a fusion.
- Which makes me think that like a gem reforming, gems who fuse have power over the appearance of the fusion. This would explain why Garnet has a star on her chest while theres no star on either Ruby or Sapphire. Obviously, having never fused before, they didn’t know how to control this yet.
- Which explains Stevonnie’s design! They were formed only twice, both times spontaneously, and were wearing a mix of their component’s clothing. Stevonnie didnt look quite as messy as the first Garnet probably because Steven and Connie are less different than Ruby and Sapphire, and also maybe because Steven already knows about fusion.
- The first Garnet had one bare foot and one foot wearing a boot similar to Ruby’s, which probably means that Sapphire is barefoot under her dress (if she does have legs at all??)
Pearl was using swords, Rose never showed her shield and none of the Rubies summoned a glove. Did the Crystal Gems come up with the concept? That would explain why Peridot and Lapis don’t have a summoned weapon, but then why would Jasper have her helmet?
- This makes me think about Ruby’s glove. She didnt summon it on her gem hand the only time we saw it, but now, it makes sense because we’ve seen other Rubies with different gem placement. You cant summon a glove around your shoulder!
-BLUE DIAMOND IS HUGE! She has to be at least TWICE as tall as Rose. I feel like that makes it less likely that Rose be Pink Diamond.
- There was a Pearl next to Blue Diamond, and nobody else. She probably isn’t a warrior like our Pearl, since she was referred to as “defective” multiple times. Then why is she there? I think she could be BD’s confident.
- Do Pearls only serve Diamonds?
- Her eyes were covered by her hair. I wonder if this is because she is not allowed to show emotion? Is it just a coincidence that Sapphire, also a “member of Blue Diamond’s court”, also hides her eye?
- The Cloud Hub (I think that’s what they called it) has some sort of filter on it that changes the colours of Gems to make their palette limited - they are restricted to their gemstone’s colour. Why? Is it just a stylistic choice, or is it there to remind Gems in which category they fall?
- Speaking of stylistic choices, WHAT WAS UP WITH THE BACKGROUND GEMS? You could say the team just didn’t want to design a crowd but IHIGHLY doubt that. They’ve designed crowds before. The only possible answer for me is that THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING!
- Speaking of hiding things, WHY DIDN’T WE HEAR BLUE DIAMOND’S VOICE?
- Is “a small group of rebels” only referring to Rose and Pearl or were there more Crystal Gems out there? We know Rose had an army - did she gather it later?
- Pearl is known as Rose’s “terrifying renegade Pearl” omg
- But… Jasper referred to her as A Pearl, not THE Pearl. Were there other Pearl’s in Rose’s army?
- Lapis was there I know everybody knows this but LAPIS WAS THERE
- One of the backgroud Gems had her gemstone on her elbow wtf

trolljacksparrow replied to your post: Actually Guccii II2 Pretty Atrociiou2 Wiith Mo2t…

out of curiosity, wwhat do you think about moschino “putting my brand name on plain clothes is designing right” outfits?

Hold On, IIm Already Typiing 2omethiing On How II Feel About Thii2, But From A Graphiic De2iign Pov: Pretty 2hiitty. Mo2chiino II2nt One Of My Favoriite Brand2 And II Feel Liike There Are Better Way2 They Could U2e Theiir Actual Brand Name Two IIncooperate IIntwo Theiir De2iign2.

Sentence starters from things my friends & I have said on Skype (Vol. 2, part 3)

“The base of the Grandma Black Market is in Florida.”
“I’m trying to control myself and not eat them all at once.”
“There’s a typi! …Ironic.”
“Buy a newborn human being for $25.”
“Got 15 days left of your pregnancy? Why not buy a baby instead!”
“That candy is like Jesus coming down and giving you manna from heaven!”
“I think they’re made by grandmas and sold on the black market.”
“It’s like 80% about prostitutes at least, right?”
“Wow, I misread that as Brokeback Mountain.”
“They all had nicknames. Mine was the dickapitator.”
“Is it about the clownfish mug with the fatal attraction on it?”
“Although, who cares what English settlers thought, amirite?”
“You could fuck someone up while looking good though.”
“I guess it’s just not an aesthetic to which I subscribe.”
“I don’t know enough about nails for that sentence.”
“Is this drink too strong or am I too white?”
“About the dog, I don’t trust his intentions.”
“Look at how incredibly well made and gay this video is.”
“I kinda feel like I’m inhaling cinnamon, not gonna lie.”
“Even if I add a bunch of milk, I feel like the taste is suffocating me.”
“I was vaguely productive today, but not in the way I planned.”
“I will love the dog and keep her safe.”
“The song ‘Heathens’ but every time they say ‘take it slow’ it gets slower.”
“Turns out it is cannibalism.”
“Hey, I can insult someone in Arabic now. And quote Avatar the Last Airbender.”
“He sounds like a little pig.”
“My dogs are small, why are they taking up so much room on my bed?”
“Who’s ringing my doorbell at 8:30 AM? Fuck off.”
“I can’t stop watching the video of the bird kissing.”
“I can call you garbage. And a pig.”

A co do intuicji, to podejrzewam, że ja czegoś takiego w ogóle nie mam. Gdybym miała, to bym nie wyszła za pierwszego męża, bo by mi intuicja podpowiedziała, że skoro przed ślubem nie był w moim typie, to i po ślubie nie będzie.
—  Maria Czubaszek
Nie była w jego typie, powtarzał to tysiąc razy, nie pomagało. Zaszła mu za skórę, weszła w krew. Utkwiła w nim. Oszołamiała go, a zarazem irytowała - dziwna niebezpieczna mieszanka