‏أشرس معركة ستخوضها في حياتك، هي أن تحقق ذاتك كما تريد في عالم يبذل قصارى جهده ليجعلك كالبقية.
The hardest battle you will go through in your life, is being what you want to be in a world that tries its best to make you like everyone else.
—  zaidalhouraniquotes

I want to write a superhero story where everything is entirely stereotypical except the hero, hero’s girlfriend, and the villain are all entirely aware of it and state the fact that it’s stereotypical numerous times.

“And then I’ll-”
“Why are you telling me all your evil plans?”
“I’m a super-villain, aren’t I? That’s what I’m supposed to do when I have you kidnapped. Then your hero bursts in,” the hero opens the door, “and my plans are revealed to the world. Why are you laughing? Stop laughing. I’m a good super-villain.” And then the hero whacks villain over the head and they escape.

Except then I want it to end with the hero and the love interest realising they never actually liked each other they just wanted the story to go with the stereotypical plot and the hero falls in love with the villain and the love interest realises they had villainous potential the whole time and ends up the villain the hero and original villain have to fight off. Dunno who wins that bit then.

Also there has to be a discussion at some point about how uncreative the name Metro City is, possibly ending with a new name for it. Maybe similarly uncreative.

If this gets 200 notes I’ll start writing it.

  • Annabeth: *secretly hides a stash of chocolate*
  • Percy: *finds it*
  • Percy: What do you have to say for yourself-
  • Annabeth: Chocolate comes from cocoa.
  • Percy: So?-
  • Annabeth: Cocoa is a plant.
  • Percy:
  • Annabeth: So chocolate, is technically, a salad.
  • Am I right?
  • Percy:
  • Annabeth: Don't answer that. *runs away with stash*

J: You mean the absolute world to me and I hope you never, ever forget that.


This is just pure gold 💘💓❤
Look at how Jongin is mesmerized by Kyungsoo :’) like as if he’s under Soo’s spell 😢😢😭😭
Kyungsoo noticed it and flustered. He didn’t know what to do until Jongin looked away 😭😭😭😭
Awn my heart can’t handle this beautiful scene 💘💓💓

And hey, eyes never lie 👀🙊👼

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