typhoon juaning


Finally made time to change both of my blogs’ themes-this blog and my other one. So happy HAHAHAH Took me 2 hours to find and personalize 2 themes, but I am happy!

Oh well this week has gone by so fast I’m guessing it’s because our classes were suspended (for almost 2 days) due to Typhoon Juaning (which is thankfully out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility)! I best be off, Physics and Geometry long tests and training tomorrow for Saturday’s game against FEU @ The Blue Eagle Gym, 9 am (just in case you guys would wanna watch, teehee). Night xx

So I know I've gone hiatus for about five days.

It’s just the rain, I guess. Rain naturally makes me lazy. And guess what. I spent last weekend reading a really depressing and thick book about the French Revolution by some British author. Why I was even able to finish that, I have no idea. And oh, our ate took a day off too so I was the only one left with my lola last Sunday. I’m very glad that my lola had put on more weight after her radiation. She’s still having trouble realizing that I am not her sister, though. Haha. 

And I also didn’t need to work last Monday and Tuesday. Best thing about my work, really, is that my schedule is very flexible. And I have the best boss to take advantage of that flexibility. In a good way, of course.  

Anyway, I was watching The Glee Project last Monday and I still can’t believe that Marissa von Bleicken got eliminated. She was doing so goooood. I can’t come up with enough reasons why Ryan Murphy had to choose Alex over her. I mean, okay, I have no problem with homosexuality. None at all. But Alex putting on a drag show during his “last chance performance” was definitely a turn off. Gutsy, but not classy. You will never see Kurt Hummel doing that!

So while I was watching, this commercial was shown. And I started screaming and my lola stirred from her slumber and I was sorry but I couldn’t help it so I just kept screaming. This. Thiiiis. This is the answer to all my fan girl wishes. This is just it. I will finally see Haley Reinhart in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now I will have to resist buying my favorite brownies from The French Baker and start saving up for THE best September event of my life. Ridiculous but I’m aiming for an upper box A seating. I missed Kris Allen two years ago because of a class field trip but I sure wouldn’t miss Haley for the world. I will fight everyone tooth and nail for this one. HAHA.    

And now back to work. Thanks for reading, stranger. Please do your best to stay away from Juaning. :)