Typhlops elegans by Pseudacris on Flickr.

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I’m kicking myself for not getting a better series of shots of this snake. Probably one of the prettiest Scolecophidians in the world. This is an endemic burrower on the island of Principe in Equatorial West Africa. I found it wandering above ground in broad daylight. Before being found by the California academy of sciences first expedition ot Principe, experts did not know this species was bright yellow, as the species’ color fades with preservation.


This creature is so beautiful!!!

Typhlops reticulatus | ©Renato Gaiga   (Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil)

The Reticulate worm snakeTyphlops reticulatus (Typhlopidae), is a  fossorial blind snake, whose diet is mainly composed of earthworms and insect larvae. This species appears to be a habitat generalist, and is known to occur in habitats ranging from grassland, through shrublands, to forest.

Typhlops reticulatus is a widespread snake, known from tropical South America east of the Andes, between 12º N and 14º S. 


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