typewritten words


Introducing typewriter quote lockets in my Etsy store tonight. Only have two listed right now, but I will have more soon. The two listed right now are antique style modern lockets, but I will have actual antique lockets up soon because I bought a whole box of them this weekend!  Definitely not limited to just these quotes, and honestly, not limited to just what can be typed on a typewriter either.


Tell me, 29 days of corrupt disc and imaginative notes; did someone take your favourite thing away from you?
Why, oh why, the shortest of the twelve sisters, do you promise love and present remorse?
You’re inscribed with a date that respects and celebrates romance; some look forward to it, some kiss it away with gift coupons, some with a road trip, many with a tub of ice cream and binge-watching television, more in bars that stay open a little past midnight and a few call it pretentious and move along.
You’re the coffee; you smell like beauty and taste like hell breaking even in heaven.
In bed you are the oblivious kiss on forehead; and the delirious thrusts that shake the walls.
Even the sky can’t decide, you’re the sunlight on a cloudy day and shivers on a spring night.
The mighty stretch that knows exactly when to inspire poets with rain and torture lovers with snow just doesn’t know where to put you, February.
You’re the enigma no calender could solve, a question of a toddler that is ignored by his parents and the 3rd peg of a regular drinker: you don’t make much sense but you do leave a mark.
You’re allergies buried in my winter coat and the ice in my lemonade; tell me are you here to make me fall in love or paste me with emptiness I’ve been struggling to define?
What did they do to you, what did they take away?
Or are you just a restless teenager who tries to act smart; but is just a misunderstood artist?
You’re the dilemma a mother can’t solve; an equation with way too many variables and I’ve never been good at maths.
I want to paint myself in you but honey, what’s your hue?


Not all those who wander are lost. -Tolkien

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