I bought a typewriter on eBay and it was a very good decision. I’m still mulling over names, I want to choose just the right one. I also revamped my bullet journal, again. Fingers crossed this one will really work for me.

An*// ____

You’re the wretched fantasy; an apocalypse waiting to happen.
I’m the strongest wave in the ocean, waiting to be challenged.
Let’s build our walls up and struggle for oxygen together; let’s fizzle out and meet at the end of each other’s pegs.
“Babe, you’re the medicine, your love- the poison. With you, I’ll survive and without you I’ll die in the arms of unrequited emotions. Find me in the letters that were posted but never received. I never asked you where you live; I have assumed my subconscious to be your home.”

It’s so easy to put in the back burner something that is difficult to pursue. It’s so easy to make yourself forget about the wonders it brings you. But the moment you dip even a foot in it once again, it becomes frighteningly difficult to keep lying to yourself because you are so intertwined with it. And as much as you hate to admit it, you know that you are rooted in it.