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Chicago Typewriter Full Album OST

Tracklist :

1. 시카고 타자기 (Main title) - 남혜승 0:00
2. Satellite - SALTNPAPER 3:05
3.아주 오래된 기억 Blooming Memories - 백예린 Yerin Baek 6:58
4. 우리의 얘기를 쓰겠소 Writing Our Stories - SG워너비 SG WANNABE 10:42
5. Be My Light - 케빈오 Kevin Oh 14:40
6. Come With Me - Boni Pueri 18:29
7. Time Walk - Boni Pueri 22:27
8. Satellite (Inst.) - SALTNPAPER 25:58
9. 아주 오래된 기억 Blooming Memories (Inst.) - 백예린 Yerin Baek 29:50
10. 우리의 얘기를 쓰겠소 Writing Our Stories(Inst.) - SG워너비 SG WANNABE 33:34
11. Be My Light (Inst.) - 케빈오 Kevin Oh 37:12
12. 유령작가 유진오 Ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh - 남혜승 41:01
13. 총을 겨누다 Aim the gun - 남혜승 43:38
14. 한세주의 전설 Han Seju & Jeon Seol- 남혜승 46:40
15. 시간여행 Time travel - 남혜승 50:02
16.그날의 소설을 함께 기억해 Remember novel of the day - Various Artists 53:14


P. S. Boni Pueri’s, SALTNPAPER’s and SG WANNABE’s are my favorite. The musical arrangements, lyrics, and the way it brings all the feels of this show. Will save it to my playlist. Ah it’s so beautiful❤️️


Nam Hye Seung, Music Director, the woman behind all those magical moments.

Her works include but not limited to BGM and OSTs from: Chicago Typewriter, Dokkaebi, Jealousy Incarnate, KBS Drama special: The Red Teacher, Good Wife (only pt.2 OST), Memory, One More Happy Ending, Bubblegum, Beautiful Bride, Beloved Eun Dong, Witch’s Romance, Angel Eyes.