typewriter lyrics

how tøp got their name.

“we’ve always been intentional about every aspect of the band, especially the band name.
i was studying a play, in that play, someone made a decision to send out faulty airplane parts and twenty one pilots died.
he tries to justify why, he ends up committing suicide at the end of the play.
it’s a constant reminder that you have to make the right decision, even though it may be the hard decision.

my mom always told me
“you just gotta do what you don’t feel like doing.”

that’s just something we live by.”
- tyler joseph, november 2012


lyrics taken from the song I wrote this week, about realising that, while you can remember him and miss him, that does not mean you are weak. You lived without him, and you will again. Because, after all, no amount of words will make up for what he didn’t do. // 

Thought taylorswift might be able to relate, so there’s this.