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Valentines Day is coming!!!

Hey! Love Notes is back! I want to do something fun for this Valentines and since I love type and you love someone out there (or just have so many feels) I’ll be offering to letter your feelings for you for free! :D

Send me your sweet, sweet words here

or http://typejunkie.tumblr.com/ask

and you’ll get a chance to get a super sweet, personalized hand lettered card! I’ll share it with the world and credit you for your writing skills.

Remember to not make it too wordy because less words look way prettier. 10 words max!

Types of Girls at School

I don’t know if it’s like this at other schools, but I know you’ll find at least one of these at your school.

1. The Queen Bee
This girl is VERY feisty. All she wants is for everyone to look at her and secretly, we all want to be her. Don’t lie. But being her friend is hard because a lot of the time, she just uses you to get what she wants. Beware.

2. The Athlete
This girl is really fit, and I mean REALLY fit. She could probably put anyone in a full-Nelson and break your arms. Just kidding, but this girl has an extremely fit body and she knows it. She is hardworking and determined to be the best.

3. The Prodigy
We all have had one of these. The person who answers all the questions before anyone can breathe. And boy, are they annoying. Normally they will treat the rest of the students like they are complete idiots. If this happens, well… Don’t try to argue.

4. The Barbie
This is the prettiest girl in the school. She has her hair and makeup did everyday. And not the general taking care of yourself, but instead, it’s like it’s her wedding. EVERYDAY. Boys love her, and girls hate her, because when Ghent look at her, they see all of their hidden flaws.

5. The Nerd
I use this terms very loosely and there are a lot of different nerds. There are anime nerds, movie nerds, music nerds, and many more. From my experiences, they will want you to discover the thing that brings them all their nerdy joy. Take it or leave it, if you take it, you will probably become good friends.

6. The Bad Girl
This girl really doesn’t give a fuck what you say. They will do what they want and break anyone they have to. They don’t care about school or much I anything for that matter. You’d be lucky to get two words in to them.

That’s about it. There are more, I just think that this is enough for now. *Warning* This is for humorous purposes, if you take offense then I’m sorry.