typesetting tutorial


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S0q3ErWcJI)

Take two: trying to include voice this time. Still translating @yomi-gaeru’s SasuSaku alternate ending doujinshi.

Edit: Ok it worked? So, the premise to this  comic is that Sasuke and Sakura are married and Sasuke is a jounin sensei. Sasuke’s son asks if they can surprise Sakura with a birthday cake. Obviously, this is an alternate ending, and I think was written in 2013.

@thelittlechook This is another “cheer up” doujin for you. :)


Good morning! I made a tutorial… but it’s more like how I do my thing? I guess? in any case, I hope it’s helpful. And legible. Click to full view.!

I am happy to answer any questions, either in the comment-thing or in asks! Also I love just chatting with people so if you want to say hi C:

I use paint tool SAI. one day I will learn how to Illustrator. also how to typeset. 


Edit: The live stream is over! But you can rewatch. Skip to 1:40 when the actual tutorial of how I clean starts. I also briefly demonstrate some tricks I’ve figured out for cleaning over patterns. Also, the smudge tool is the best.

Gonna work again. May have to cut and run on short notice.

Gonna try to demonstrate how to clean more specific stuff.