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hey!!! so i just hit 32k which is honestly incredible to me??? and honestly since i didn’t do anything for 30k i thought that this would be cool to do a blograte type thing with the aesthetic of a moodboard (inspired by @spacedust-lester ) !  

ooo ok so here is how:

  • mbf me!
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  • send me an ask with this heart “♡” and your favorite song, tv show, or movie!

ok here is the format/rubric i will be using!!! i will tell you which things your blog reminds me of!

color: | pastel pink | sea blue | ochre yellow | mint | burnt orange |
planet: | mercury | venus | earth | mars | jupiter | saturn | uranus | neptune | 
season: | winter | spring | summer | autumn |
place: | the sea | disneyland | snowy mountains | city | space |
sound: | waves | rain | birds | church organ |
scent: | flowers | coffee | apple | cookies |
painter: | monet | van gogh | picasso | kahlo |
poet: | poe | plath | angelou | frost | whitman |


disclaimer: i might not be able to do all of these blog rates if i get too many, but i will try to do the most that i can!!!

if you don’t want to see these block the tag “emily does blogrates”

ahhh all in all, thank you for 30k 32k!!! it means the world to me, i love you so much!!!

MBTI as things your mom would say

Requested by anon

ESTJ: This better be done by the time I get back

ISTJ: Don’t play with your food

ESTP: I brought you into this world, I can take you out

ISTP: I’m not gonna say it again

ENTJ: Don’t use that tone with me

INTJ: I’m gonna count to three

ENTP: Don’t say I didn’t warn you

INTP: Were you raised in a barn?

ESFJ: Because I said so

ISFJ: Go to your room

ESFP: I’ll tell you when you’re older

ISFP: Maybe later

ENFJ: Use your manners


ENFP: Don’t tell your dad

INFP: *doesn’t have to say a word, the look says it all*

Finalized frontal design for my Raven Queen costume, plus checklist for things I need (don’t worry, i won’t be updating with every checkmark I make).

The crown remains the most daunting part, and I may settle for craft foam if I can’t do thermoplastics. The epaulets should be super easy to make, and I have a concept for the “wings”.

Backside doesn’t have much worth note save for needing a bit of fabric to make a short “poncho” type thing bearing her crest over the longer cape.

Belt is subject to change because I’ve found a few that I like.

Probably have about $70 to spend on what I don’t have (excluding worbla), which is less than I had budgeted for with my tax return – mostly thanks to finding out Kyle already had craft foam, black and silver spray paint, and a heat gun.


Why does everyone I come across think that being a daddy is all about fucking a girl in a cute dress and pig tails. It upsets me and makes me give up hope that I’ll fine a daddy to care and love me

Its a very sad thing how the stigma exists that the lifestyle is some kind of twisted awful dirty thing because of the way its been portrayed in pornography and media for years. And this type of thing is unfortunately common.

It always boils my blood when I see someone proclaiming themselves to be a daddy at even age 18 or 19… when they have not had the proper mentorship, training, or even mental development and life experience to begin to assume ownership over someone else. 

It just goes to prove that our struggle is real…and thus, we continue to deal with its ugly sides.

I am very proud of you for the way you handled it though. Kudos indeed.

anonymous asked:

OKAY that niall is the type of bf thing. KILL ME. Niall is also the type of boyfriend to always take you lead and do what makes you happy. During the smallzy interview he said PDA & flowers or chocolate is up to the girl and her likes. Niall is the type of bf to just know what you prefer, your shampoo, or favorite cookie. Niall's the type of bf to know how you do your coffee or how to do your eggs. niall is the type of boyfriend that i need now .

niall is VERY observant. hes very keen and receptive. he can pick up on the small subtle of things and situations without even being told. he knows how you like your tea in the morning, he knows what side of the sink is “yours” and what type of toothpaste you prefer, always making sure to buy that brand and only that brand. he knows your favorite type of cereal, he knows you only eat it with almond milk. he laughs at you about it but always makes sure you have what you want. he knows you dont like to kiss in public, but that you love to feel him hold your hand and he always respects that. he knows you like romantic movies, even though he would rather watch a comedy, he just likes to see the gleam in your eyes while watching two ppl fall in love. he knows you like cats over dogs, he knows you hate roasted chicken (even when it is seasoned) he knows you love getting flowers on your birthday, but hate when he tries to get you anything else. he always lets you choose the music in the car, always lets you walk first when you are out. always listens when you speak, mostly bc he likes watching how intense you get when you talk about something you are passionate about. he loves the way you smell and always lets you know that. he makes sure you have your favorite snacks at his house, always stocked for when you are there. he knows you love when he cooks for you, but he also knows that you are very capable and like to treat him too (even if his food does taste better). he knows how hot you like your showers and how much time you need to get ready. hes got it all down, like tiny little messages stored in his head. he rmr’s how much you love his morning kisses and how much you hate his snoring. he knows how much you enjoy just lounging around with him and doing nothing, that you’d much rather do that than go out at night. he appreciates the way you look at him and engage him, that you love him unconditionally, even when he says something dumb or inappropriate. he knows how you like to be held at night, how you like your hair played with and how you like to be touched. he knows what makes you cry, what makes you moan and what makes you laugh. he knows everything there is to know about you and he never ever forgets. 

ive been tagged by @yoongr thank you so much for tagging meee roscoe! i love your name btw!! (lets talk more)

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Name/Nickname: vivi

Relationship Status: single

Favourite Colour: pastel colors!

Last song I listened to: not today- BTS

Favorite TV Show: idk? teen titans? lol 

First Fandom: i was a hardcore angel (teentop fan) and i stanned sooo many groups 

Hobbies: i play paino and draw abit, i also like giffing alot on PS

Books that I’m currently reading: i dont read books xD

Worst thing I’ve eaten: I am such a picky eater like really, one time i  accidently ate garlic and i almost threw up

Favourite place(s): my room

alright here is 10 people i would love to be mutals with (im already mutals with some of you guys, you know who you are) 

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Some of the silliest ways to play with fire in Commander? (preferably in R/B?) Im talking things like Spiteful Visions, Necropotence/Greed, Lich-type cards. Things that offer high payoff for really high risk, cards you can legitimately kill yourself with if you're not careful.

Fire Covenant is a one-sided wrath if you’re willing to pay the life, and Hellfire can be even riskier, since you have less control over it. Sire of Insanity will wreck everyone’s hands, which can put you in a great position if you’ve got a good board; the downside is that if someone rips an answer then you’re stuck in topdeck mode. Infernal Darkness shuts down your nonblack mana production (unless you’re heavily invested in rocks or dorks and requires increasingly large amounts of life and mana to keep it alive, but it can lock out your (nonblack) opponents long enough for you to steal a win. Assuming your curve is exceptionally low (or you like gambling with high stakes), you can get insane value out of Ad Nauseam, Dark Confidant, and Dark Tutelage. Hatred kills people out of nowhere. Oh, and of course Gamble is a sweet one.

drawn-to-space  asked:

For another input on the matter, but more serious: This type of thing is reccurent for me. like, my family is filled with very affectionate people constantly checking up on me because... y'know... and it can be draining sometimes! so i DO have times that i just need some space and tell them to leave me alone, which is not often. they probably felt the same was as Sans did but, dissapearing kinda makes things worse... it makes YOU feel like the bad guy, even though no one is really at fault :/

Yep, exactly. And it wasn’t like Papyrus screamed at him to gtfo, he politely asked to be left alone for a bit. Normal thing. No reason for Sans to react badly.


Sharing a room with Trip Tucker would involve:

  • He may keep Engineering in tip-top shape, but his bedroom is almost always a mess. Clothes everywhere, PADDs on the ground for some reason, bed sheets unmade
  • Sharing a space with Trip will probably be a nightmare if you’re the type who likes to keep things clean and nice-looking.
  • “Trip, why are your socks on my bed?” “Why is your bed under my socks?”
  • Tripping over his shoes because he leaves them in the middle of the room
  • And then he gets offended when you call him out on it
  • He doesn’t seem to care that you’re always picking up after him. That there are clean clothes on his bed every week or somehow, his bed is always made and his shoes are by the door
  • The only good thing about sharing a room with Trip is he 1) always fixes things that are broken and 2) will be the bug-killer
  • If you scream in the middle of the night because of a spider, Trip will stumble into the room with messy hair and kill the spider, only to grumble all the way back to bed
  • But Trip never makes things dull when he’s home. So living with him is both a blessing and a curse

Requested by gottalovetheapocalypse~

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Melly- Sony tweeted re Zaynmoji and Z retweeted. Why? Do they make money out of his image rights? Waiting for your business hoe manual....


So alright, this is territory that Melly is not 100% her best at -  and that’s legalese type things. 

A lot of this is chalked up to what was negotiated in Zayn’s contract with Syco/RCA, and as usual here comes Melly’s disclaimer that there’s no way for us to ever fully know what he signed.  We know via Fifth Harmony, what we saw with our own two eyes w/ 1D’s indentured servitude,  and leaked versions of The X Factor contracts that Syco signed them to 360 deals (or “multi rights deals”), which basically entitles the label to a piece of all revenue streams the artist makes - not just the music. So things like tour, merch, endorsement deals, ringtones, and Zaynmojis would fall within that window of what they’d collect cash money on.

What I think is an indicator that Zayn does have a 360 contract is what images were used in Zaynmoji. Some of the images included were images from when Zayn was in One Direction, which I think Syco/Sony would have already had the rights to. A sampling:

If you’re feeling sassy, you can read more about the 360 deal here.

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I'm from England so I was just wondering what exactly is honour choir/band? Is it like a youth orchestra type thing?

kinda sorta not really. basically i, and similar students in international schools, did recorded auditions in october and sent them off to london to be judged and i got in, so now in march i’ll be travelling to abu dhabi (choir) and luxembourg (band) for a 5-day festival with the other successful auditioners to rehearse and perform a concert, as well as doing touristy stuff

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What's it like to share a bed with Leo Klaus Black and Zed? Like in a relationship type thing lol and do they share blankets?


  • He’ll of course share blankets with s/o aha
  • The bed might have to be a bit big though, considering Klaus’s size
  • I feel like if Klaus were to ever hug his s/o in bed s/o would be covered up, and no one would be able to tell that there’s someone else in bed with Klaus aha
  • Thankfully there’s always enough blanket to go around :]
  • He’ll warm up the bed so fast?? If s/o is ever cold they’re fine they’ve got a living heater with them


  • Will hug s/o in his sleep or consciously 
  • He’ll of course share the blanket aha. Both him and s/o are pretty much a bundle in bed, surrounded by the blanket
  • He won’t mind being the small spoon, but he’ll like being the big spoon in bed since he likes to hug s/o aha
  • Both Leo and his s/o would be very comfortable in bed together aha
  • Will fall asleep with s/o while hugging them or at least holding their hand in some way


  • He’ll cuddle his s/o a lot in bed aha
  • Lots of hand holding as well
  • All the blankets are just swaddled around both s/o and Black if they’re both near each other
  • Much warmth. If any of them are cold it’ll be very warm in no time


  • It’d be a somewhat awkward experience at first when Zed first shares a bed with his s/o. He’d be pretty shy and embarrassed to do anything in fear that s/o would be uncomfortable
  • After a while of getting used to it he’ll unconsciously huh s/o aha
  • He’ll silently slip his hand into s/o’s sometimes as well
  • If he has enough courage to do so he’ll hug his s/o. He’ll probably do it in his sleep though aha
  • There’s always enough blanket since Zed barely hogs the blanket aha

the initial worry with games like this is that itll quickly degenerate into a second life-type thing or maybe a gta online scenario, but i think a better parallel would be eve where people do jobs and a lot of players take the game seriously. they also say youll be able to like rent your own servers? so imagine being in an extreme roleplaying server and everyone is actually just playing the game like real life. i mean there might still be murderers and whatnot, but thered also be a functioning criminal justice system? thatd be such a wild game to play and unpack. there is so much there for me to look at and id wonder what sorta people would rush to become cops in-game. like what is the virtual outcome of taking this game seriously as a player and how do we play this game ideologically, especially since it attempts to reflect the world as we see and navigate it ideologically? its a really fascinating concept tbh.

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No I meant trope! It's like story line thats over commercialised! Like nerdy girl goes out with hot boy and realises she's gorgeous all along? That kind of thing?

Oh!! I’ve never even heard of that hahah! Hmmm…I honestly don’t know what my favorite would be. I guess just like the cliche type thing where two people have been friends their whole lives then eventually realize they’re in love with each other.