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This took more time than what I hoped for, but anyways is pretty cute once looking at it complete

also, before you all think these are in perfect sync, this is Kozmotis with open eyes

Rise of the Guardians MBTI

Jack Frost – ISTP

“You’re all hard work and deadlines, and I’m all snowballs and fun times.”

Jack Frost’s dominant Ti (introverted thinking) can be seen in through his constant seeking of knowledge and his strong logical abilities.  He is not only very comfortable in his physical environment: he is practically one with it (Se).  Ni (introverted intuition) is also one of Jack Frost’s functions, which appears in his ceaseless questioning and search for the truth about himself and his purpose.  He is driven to serve others, but Fe (extraverted feeling) is his inferior function, and it takes some challenges to help him figure out how strongly this can be a part of him.   

Nicholas St. North – ENFJ

“So what? As long as ONE child believes, we will be here to fight fear.”

North is the ultimate guardian of children everywhere.  He follows his gut instincts, and he likes to be in charge and organize the rest.  At his center is an ever wide-eyed wonder, and there are many sides and layers to his personality.  He’s good at being in charge, is quite outgoing, and is motivated primarily by wanting to work for others by creating things for children everywhere and helping to keep them safe from nightmares, fear, and darkness. 

E. Aster Bunnymund – ISTJ

“Hah, I bet he’s never met a rabbit like me! Six-foot-one, nerves of steel, master of Tai Chi…”

The Easter Bunny is not all fluff and cuteness (though a very soft little side is also revealed).  As any more introverted personality, he is most peaceful, happy, and himself when he is in his own world–in this case down a rabbit hole and enveloped in the world of Easter eggs and colorful streams.  Bunnymund is often pretty stuck to his ways, and he is often perceived by the others as a rather grumpy and opinionated character.  He definitely has his soft side though, as well as a natural inclination towards liking to be in control, visible both in running the Easter world and in his joy in taking command for a time.

Tooth – ESFJ

“I’ve got something for you! Here it is! Look at all the pretty teeth, with little blood and gum on them!”

The Tooth Fairy is attuned to detail and skilled at keeping track of all the memories and teeth of every child.  Her focus is mainly outward and oriented around the care of others.  Not only does she tirelessly work for all the children, but she also is a natural with her many little fairy helpers–she is very sociable and has clear strong Fe (extraverted feeling).  She also has joy and skill in detail work, precision, and organization, and she strongly values memories, all of which can be associated with high Si (introverted sensing).

Sandy – ISFP

As the maker of sweet dreams, the Sandman is incredibly creative.  He is quite strong willed and powerful in a quiet yet forceful manner.  He doesn’t always have the best of luck communicating is imaginative, golden-sand-made ideas and thoughts to others, and often is off in his world of dreams.  He is an artist with his dreams, enjoying making them come to life for every child he visits.

Jamie – ENFP

“Santa Clause? The Easter Bunny? Sandman? The Tooth Fairy! I knew you’d come!”

The only child left in the most dire moment to believe in the guardians, Jamie is extremely imaginative.  He believes strongly in the figures he knows in his heart to exist, insisting to other children when they doubt.  His strong intuitive side is shown partly through his being so naturally in tune with a world that requires abstract belief, and he is ready to see the possibilities in everything. 

Pitch Black – ESFP

“It’s the one thing I always know… peoples’ greatest fears.”

Pitch craves the spotlight, he wants more than anything to be believed in and seen.  He is motivated by seeing his nightmares become terrifying realities, and by his desire to affect all with fear and be universally known and “appreciated” for all his horrifying power.

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Jealous!mike when guys keep flirting with ginny at the club

please understand that I interpreted “club” very loosely, but i needed more opportunities to revel in the jealousy of Michael Lawson. And, honestly, a lot of this isn’t even flirting. It’s just Mike slowly losing his mind over not being able to flirt with Ginny. 

Also, while there are real people in this, I did zero research into what they are actually like in real life, so they might as well be fictional… 

way more than you hate it | ao3

Del Mar Country Club

“I can’t believe that Oscar made us show up to this thing,” Mike muttered, fidgeting with his hat. 

At his side, Blip shifted. Mike didn’t need to look to know that he was being rewarded with a side eye of epic proportions. 

“You’re surprised that the celebrity golf tournament required celebrities?”

Mike scowled, crossing his arms and hating the way the polo shirt he’d had to borrow cut into his biceps. That had been old before he’d been forced to play 18 holes with a bunch of snobs with more money than God. After, forced to mingle with those same snobs, they were pretty much torture.

“Do you even count as a celebrity?” he snarked, glad to finally find an outlet for his annoyance. Not that Blip was particularly satisfying to pick on.

“I’m a two-time All Star, baby,” the center fielder replied with a grin. “And don’t pretend this isn’t all because the people in your group didn’t know who you were.”

“I shouldn’t have to apologize for being some yokel’s celebrity,” Mike muttered, giving up on getting comfortable. He was wearing plaid shorts for God’s sake, of course he wasn’t comfortable. “I should’ve told Oscar to go to hell when he asked.”

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okay but woozi and joshua have a very similar voice pitch to adam levine of maroon 5, like they’ve both already covered ‘sunday morning’ and it was GLORIOUS, and josh one time sang a snippet of ‘this love’ on a vlive, I just NEED both of them to do a full cover of a maroon 5 song (IMAGINE A COVER OF 'LOST STARS’ FROM THEM), I think it’ll be the most beautiful thing any of us could ever experience


A cigarette dangled between two, slender fingers, smoke curling from its butt and swept away in the dying breeze.

Baz had problems. His problems were spun golden hair and freckled skin and blue eyes. The burning smoke in his lungs helped take away the burn that was being hopelessly in love with Simon Snow.

Another match. Another cigarette crushed to ashes beneath the sole of Baz’s boot.

He had problems. Like waking up to an eyeful of bronze shoulder blades peppered with moles (and how kissable his moles looked. Baz would’ve killed a man for a chance to drag his lips across that skin).

The cigarettes don’t burn the way Snow does.

“Roommates,” Baz sighed bitterly. “All we’re going to be.” His lungs full of smoke and his mind full of Snow; he was fucked. Baz shook a hand through his hair and cast a reproachful glare at the semicircle of sun peaking up from the horizon.

If Simon Snow is the sun, then let me burn.

Simon’s hands clamped tightly on Baz’s shoulders, drawing him in, pushing him back. It was a messy struggle to see who wanted this more.

Everything was hot.

Baz’s fingertips burned against Simon’s skin, brushing over moles and drawing a map for his lips.

“You taste like smoke,” Simon breathed.

“Likewise.” He felt Simon’s fingers curling around his collar and fiddling with the top button of his shirt. “You’re a bloody campfire, Simon.”

Simon let out a soft giggle. He brought a hand to Baz’s face, traveling along the elegant swoop of his jaw before letting their lips meet again.

Baz burned.

So there’s a type of Mountain Dew called Pitch Black, which is basically a tangy better tasting sparkly grape juice (it’s very good), and this brought an amazing idea into my brain. If you vore the Squip super computer pill and take it with the Pitch Black Mnt. Dew, you will get… An Emo Squip. 

Just imagine: Jeremy, you shouldn’t even try anymore, why haven’t you just given up, Christine will never love you, Michael doesn’t love you, everything you do is pointless because everyone will just leave you in the end. (I’ve seen art of an emo Squip before, but I need more please) 


Wolves howl in different dialects according to researchers. They analyzed 2,000 recordings and came up with 21 different howl types based on pitch and fluctuation. Each species of canid whether dog, coyote or wolf has its own favorite calls. Researchers can even identify wolves by their subspecies.

Find out more about how this could help canid conservation efforts and how studying howls might reveal something about our own language