types of kpop fans

Levels of kpop fans I’ve encountered

Level One: The super casual fans. Knows nothing about kpop besides it standing for korean pop. Will most likely say at some point while watching an MV, “Wow there’s so many of them (members).” Doesn’t bother remembering specific groups or names and is literally just there for the music.

Level Two: These fans are a step above casual. Is knowledgeable on basic kpop terminology such as idol, bias and comeback. Owns an album or two but nothing serious. They’re not super committed to that kpop life™, but can put names to faces for popular idols. You won’t catch them staying up late at night watching music shows or spending hours streaming. That’s too extreme for them. 

Level Three: Has 60% chill until you talk about their faves (in that case it dramatically goes down to -25%). Stans at least one group but knows a helluva lot more. They’re slowly acquiring a collection of kpop merch. Rarely has space on phone from downloading too many pics related to their bias. Their youtube history is filled with videos that start with [ENG SUB] or Try Not To Fangirl.

Level Four: Majors in kpop politics. Is probably a veteran of a fan war or two… or more. Knows everything like seriously EVERYTHING. If you want to know something go to them. They know about any drama happening with idols or their companies. They know about debuting groups before the groups even know it themselves. Can recite the most random ass facts about ANY idol and can quote shit from like 7 years ago. They also can identify each of their 10 billion biases by their knee caps in .05 seconds. For them kpop is not an interest, it’s a lifestyle.

Type of Kpop Fan I Am

Me: Respects Idol’s personal life and just wants them to be happy.

Also me: *gets gun ready when i see someone too close to my bias*

*casually chops off a finger*

the signs as types of fans
  • aries: the "wtf did you just say?" fan
  • taurus: the "omg you like it too?" fan
  • gemini: the "hold up, i need to delete stuff first" fan
  • cancer: the "i can't pick a favourite" fan
  • leo: the "i'm gonna marry them" fan
  • virgo: the "i know everything about them" fan
  • libra: the "i- i just- i cant" fan
  • scorpio: the "of course i like them, don't you?" fan
  • sagittarius: the "you should really check this out" fan
  • capricorn: the "did you check out their new video?" fan
  • aquarius: the "tbh why do i even like them?" fan
  • pisces: the "they deserve to be more popular" fan

But don’t you realize that BTS is technically a 7-in-1 package of different ideal types/boyfriends

Whatever ideal type you have, you’ll definitely find it in BTS

  • a nagging boyfriend who cares about your well-being like a mom 24/7 but also likes to do physical activities - Jin
  • That shy boyfriend who barely utters his feelings, pretends that he doesn’t care about you but secretly produces a romantic song especially for you - Suga
  • A boyfriend that knows how to bring up a happy mood anywhere at any time but is also sensitive and aware of other’s feelings - J-Hope
  • An intelligent boyfriend with an IQ of 148 but is a dork when it comes to cheer you up - Rap Monster
  • A real-life example of “good man in the street, beast in the sheet” - Jimin (but srsly tho his squishy face + hot body rolls just kills me everytime)
  • An obedient boyfriend who respects his parents so much, knows how to make you laugh with only a mango pudding and his cute moles, and is a perfect candidate for your kids’ future dad - V
  • A protective boyfriend who will literally punch whoever bothers you at school, but is a cute walking bunny meme in front of you - Jungkook

This band can’t get more perfect

Stereotypical fan types I've run into, sorted by their BTS bias
  • Yoongi: Fans that have reached a maturing age but are thirsty as hell. 8/10 have acquired a Daddy kink, and their favore AU is mafia, whereas Yoongi is the mafia leader that has a raging sexual personality.
  • Hoseok: They ship the hell out of JiHope. Generally calm and collected or absolutely expressive and animated with no inbetween. These fans typically do have darker parts to their personality they pretend don't exist
  • Seokjin: Both the most loving and the scariest fans you'll meet. As a majority, the Seokjin stans that I meet appear to be loving in nature and only want the best of others whilst they look after themselves.
  • Namjoon: Probably my favorite fan. The ones I've personally met have a decent head on their shoulders and have a somewhat open mind. By all means, there's going to be at least one person the exact opposite, but this is the pattern I see. They enjoy the idea of rough sex but blush at any compliments.
  • Jimin: Extremely careful in how they represent themselves. Once comfortable they'll open up about their personal lives and offer some stories, but these fans really only show what others want to see from them and they are intent on keeping it that way. Really lovely and fun to talk to.
  • Taehyung: Tbh they're angst hoes and want their suffering served to them on a silver platter. They will gladly stay up all night to read/write about their favorite pairing having a fallout, only to regret it and demand fluff fic the next morning. TaeKook is popular, and they'll defend it with everything they have.
  • Jungkook: Pretty terrible at replying to text messages, even if they like you. They try to be expressive with their feelings often but sometimes it doesn't work out, so they do have their quiet phases. Extremely dependent, but they try to act as if they're independent.
small rant

I hate to bring negativity but I see way too much of this and I need to speak out. This is mainly to do on twitter but may even exist on tumblr. If you have twitter, you’ll most likely know what I’m about to talk about.

If you stan one group, stick to supporting that group. Do not focus your attention on trying to bring down other groups. From an army’s perspective, there’s so many pages trying to target BTS by tweeting horrible things by telling them to die. One particular twitter page called btsaresluts is set on telling everyone that BTS should get in a car accident and die. She says twice are better and BTS are pieces of shit. This is fucking immature and disgusting. Twice is no better than BTS. BTS is no better than Twice. They belong to different genres and have different styles. Just because you do not enjoy that one genre doesn’t give you the right to bash it. These idols have done nothing to deserve this hate and I’m not talking about just BTS and Twice but others as well. They are here to make music and live their dreams. They DO NOT need you to fucking discourage them or upset them by telling them to die. 

Support your favourites and fucking leave it at that. Don’t fucking try and diss others. ‘They shouldn’t have one. These people deserved it more.’ ‘They’re so ugly why are they even there?’ ‘Lol they can’t sing or dance lmao go die.’ These types of comments are reasons why idols don’t even check twitter anymore. These types of comments bring people to depression. THESE TYPES OF COMMENTS ARE WHY KPOP FANS ARE SEEN AS HORRIBLE. 

You do not gain anything from saying these types of things besides more negativity and useless attention. Why feel the need to gain this negative attention when you could actually get a life and focus your energy and supporting your group. Focus on getting them wins rather than complaining why they didn’t get one. Stop being fucking negative and unnecessarily petty over people that haven’t done anything to you and spend $0 on being a nice person.

I could go on but you get the idea. I’m done. That negativity you choose to focus on others will come back to bite you in the ass and don’t expect anyone to help. Peace out.

You know me so well Google

Jaebum the type to actually fight you when you say ‘fight me’

So many scenarios for a Kpop (or any type) fan. READ BELOW:

1. When yo bias come out looking good ass shit.

2.When a unexpected new fucking mv (or teaser) come out.

3.When your babies (a group) win award you was hoping for.

4.When they hit a 18+ dance right there.

5.When you find out they (a group u stan) coming to your area.

6.When you just scrolling down yo feed, and see a fine ass photo of your bias.


What are some more?

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Demian being narrated in English in all the short films… full album track list almost entirely in English. Please appreciate these details that Bangtan does for us International fans. They honestly don’t have to and they can just let us keep strugglin’ but they don’t. I hope there’s no more of this ‘Bangtan doesn’t care for International fans’ type of feelings. Because they do, for a kpop group they do a lot for us. I hope we cherish that~