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You ever have one of those days when you just..need somebody shoulder to lean on for a few becuz too many words and too many emotions?

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Sketch © Anjelzjelly129

A Long Conversation - The Dark Artifices

This is the (super super adorable) extra short story that’s included in the hardback/paperback first editions of Lady Midnight!  In case you got LM on ebook or audiobook and are missing out, here it is! (it catches up with the rest of the TMI characters up to the point where they arrive at the LA Institute.)

Clary looked around the Institute’s music room with a tired but gratified smile.  It was a hot New York summer night, the windows were flung open, and Magnus had magicked up icicles that sparkled down from the ceiling and cooled the space.  The room was filled with people Clary loved and cared about, and in her personal opinion it looked pretty good, considering she’d had to race to find somewhere in the Institute they could hold a party on about twenty-four hours’ notice.

There was really no reason not to smile.

Two days previously, Simon had showed up at the Institute, breathless and wild-eyed.  Jace and Clary had been in the training room, checking in on the new Institute tutor, Beatriz Mendoza, and some of the Conclave students.

“Simon!” Clay had exclaimed.  “I didn’t know you were in town.”

Simon was a graduate of Shadowhunter Academy, Clary’s parabatai, and a Recruiter, a job created by the Consul to help replenish the diminished ranks of Shadowhunters.  When likely candidates for Ascension were found, Simon would talk to them about what it meant to become a Shadowhunter after a mundane life.  It was a job that often took him away from New York, which was its downside; in the plus column, Simon seemed to truly enjoy helping scared mundanes with the Sight feel like they weren’t truly alone.

Not that Simon looked like a dependable voice of reassurance at the moment.  He looked like a tornado had hit him.

“I just proposed to Isabelle,” he announced.

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It’s ok if you don’t do this kind of thing here, and if so please disregard, but is it possible to put a call out to other followers to ask for advice? I’m applying for disability for the second time and it’s wrt fibro, interstitial cystitis, etc. and just wondering if anyone is willing to give me advice or share their experience. TY <3            

herboreal @herboreal

(ACK!  I’M SO SORRY! I have a cat sleeping right next to me so I am typing in cramped conditions.  And my keyboard hit my mouse and sent this to you privately.  Thank goodness it was stored to my outbox! Admin J)

Sure thing!  I have SSDI and my personal advice is:

1. If you are applying for SSDI (which is what you would do if you have a work history) GET. A. LAWYER.  Do not screw around with this.  They know exactly what to do and how to go about appeals and will represent you if this goes to court.  The cost will be 25% up to $6,000 of your backpay.

(Backpay is payment of what you would have received had you been approved the first day they received your application.  You can receive payment from before that date if a judge deems it applicable, but that is very unusual.)  This seems like a lot of money, but you have a better chance of approval, which means a future income, and you have to do very little work yourself, so it is worth it in the long run.  

3.  If you are applying for SSI, you will probably be unable to hire a lawyer.  However, there are hundreds of disability lawyer websites with huge amounts of information.  Many of them keep blogs to help people with the process.  Use those websites.  

They are free and the information is accurate, compared to personal examples which will be skewed to individual experiences.  (Not that they are always wrong, but in my experience, most of us forget about the process after approval.  I don’t know if it’s stress or just not wanting to think about it, but we tend to be hazy on the details.)

3.  I don’t know if you mean this is your 1st appeal or 2nd application.  If it is a 1st appeal, meaning they have have already denied your claim once, be prepared for another denial.  The 1st appeal process is called reconsideration.  And it consists of them handing off your file to another person to look over.  

They don’t take in new evidence or input from you and my understanding is that 1st appeal approvals are somewhere around 10%.  The 2nd appeal is where they collect any new evidence and you go before a judge to appeal your case.

4.  KEEP APPEALING.  The process is set up in hopes that people will give up before they are approved.  I believe the majority of cases are approved after going before a judge.  They hope that you will give up after being denied twice and a lot of people, especially people with invisible illnesses, only receive serious consideration when going before a judge.

5. Collect copies of all your doctor records for your own personal files. Request a copy of your file from each doctor’s office so you have a record of your previous visit.  And then make them give you copies of your notes, test results, etc, after every visit.  

Talk to your doctor or their office manager to find out what the best way to do it ever time is and follow through.  You need to see what your doctor is writing down because this is what the disability office will be looking at.  And if there are issues that need to be addressed, then you will know. 

(They will not want to do this, but they are required by law to give you a copy.  And they are also limited to what they can charge you, which is usually a set rate of cost per page copied.)

If our followers have any suggestions, additions or corrections, please reblog with comment, reply, or send in an ask if you with to give anon advice (we don’t have anon on, but we will not publish your answer.)

Best of luck to you!  And feel free to write back in if any of this is unclear.

Admin j

Edited to Add I was in such a hurry to correct the publishing error, I forgot the most important.

6.  ALWAYS DESCRIBE YOUR ABILITIES AS IF IT WAS ON YOUR WORST DAY. This is important because THIS is why you need disability.  And they will determine your case based on what you say.  And if you tell them you can do something on some days, they WILL assume that is what you can do everyday.  If you say that you can sometimes lift 25 pounds they will determine that is what you can do every day. 

When thinking about what you can do, imagine what you are like during a flare, or when you are muggle sick on top of your current illnesses.  This was the advice from the company I hired to get my disability and it will make or break your case.

Creepypasta #1066: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 3)

Length: Long

Apart from domestic and missing persons, I tend to get a lot of cases from local businesses for things like fraud, making sure their employees are legitimate with their sick days, and running background checks on potential hires.

One of my more frequent clients is this quaint little antique store that sits in one of the less populated parts of town, silently minding its own business on a crooked and forgotten street corner. The couple running the joint may have a pretty sparse employee population, but they’re nothing if not thorough with those few workers they do have.

It was mid-autumn and shivering winds had begun to drift into town. We have very few trees up here that would deign to become dyed that calming autumn orange, but the few that would are beautifully eye-catching splashes of colour amongst a sea of pine green. The Tim’s residing under one such tree is where I was been called out by the aforementioned couple. I sipped my coffee, patiently watching the door for their arrival.

I greeted them when they eventually arrived and they settled down at my table without buying anything. I’ve worked with them before at this point and I knew better than to try to break the ice with small talk, so we got right into business.

They’d recently hired somebody to start working night-shifts at their shop. As far as I know they don’t get much traffic in the daytime to begin with, so why they thought they needed someone to run the register after sundown I’d no clue. It was what it was, however, and as per usual they don’t trust the kid yet.

I had already been hired to do a background check on this guy back when they first hired him. He was a good enough kid, from what I could tell. No criminal past, always seemed to go straight home from school. He never left the house much at all and when he did, it was usually just walks or grocery runs.

So the couple wanted me to sit outside the storefront on the kid’s first night working to make sure he didn’t neglect his post. I tried to tell them that not only would investing in a security camera be cheaper, I could install it for them to boot. They weren’t interested. I made a mental note but didn’t press things. They went on to tell me that they’d like me to run a mystery shopper type deal. Go in near the end of the guy’s shift, buy something, and test out how well the kid deals with customers.

Now, I’ve been inside the antique shop a few times before. Whenever I’m approached by the couple, I try to take as many measures as I can to avoid entering the establishment again. I was initially reluctant to accept this case for that reason. I was a little bit short on funds, though, so I took the case.

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It’s kind of funny. You smile for the camera, you hold very still, you act as if you’re having a good time - but it’s a day when you’re having terrible cramps. I guess I shouldn’t say this, but sometimes modeling seemed so phony and fake I just had to laugh. They thought that was great, they had a great smile from you, and they just snapped away, thinking that, well, I was having a good time. Sure sometimes it was fun. I once asked why I had to wear a bathing suit for a toothpaste ad. He looked at me as if I was some kind of crazy!
—  Marilyn Monroe on modeling

anonymous asked:

Hiii>< could you do some headcannons for tsukki and kuroo w a s/o who's having really bad cramps

im assuming like period cramps here!! i know how much they suck so im here for you anon ((and so are the volleyball boys!!)) also not sure if you meant both of them in a poly relationship or separate so i wrote them separate!!


-pretends like he doesnt care and tells you to grow up and get over it!!

-spoiler alert: he cares immensely and is really upset seeing you in pain

-he’s furiously typing on google remedies for cramps and just like that hes heating up a water bottle and giving you a foot rub


-you dont have to even tell him as soon as you show the slightest sign of discomfort kuroo becomes a complete worrywart

-he absolutely babies you,, honestly he practically acts like you’re dying and stays by your side and does anything you ask

-literally whatever you want kuroo will do, your having cramps? hes got you a heating pad and is ribbing your stomach right then and there. hungry? he’s cooking up one of his mom’s homemade recipes. cold? blankets. bored? movies. need to go to the bathroom? hes all over you saying how he can walk you there but by that point you’re shooing him away and telling him you can do things on your own. 

banjiras-attacks  asked:

1, 3, 7 & 10 @Plom & Lightning


1. What does their bedroom look like?
A) Plom’s room is very minimalistic and neatly kept. The only furniture she owns are a futon, a bookshelf, and a desk.

3. Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often?
A) Everyday Plom take’s part in Ein’s training program along with the rest of her company. Her training mostly involves strength and cardio exercises.

7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time
A) Plom has a small garden with many of her region’s native plants off on the outskirts of Floaroma town. Taking care of them tends to help her relax.

10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such
A) Plom has a mild case of OCD. She tends to keep things in certain patterns around the house whenever she cleans. This habit came about due to her time working in the temple back in her region.


1. What does their bedroom look like?
A) Lightning’s room is surprisingly nearly kept even with all the furniture and nicnaks around. She has a huge collection of yo-yos littered in a desk of hers as well.

3. Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often?
A) Lightning trains in Eins program along with her own every other day. She can’t train as much as she wants due to her duties as a mother as of the moment.

7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time
A) Lightning mainly wastes her time by thinking up dirty jokes. That’s about it. She just wants to come up with more uncomfortable jokes. It makes her feel good for some reason?

10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such
A) It’s a secret, my dude :^)


perrieismybabe  asked:

Hello,love! I don't know if requests are closed or not,but could i have a mini blurb? I'm kinda sick and honestly it sucks. It's not as bad anymore,but it feels like my stomach is twisting and i have some type of cramps :( not because of period tho..

Hi sweetie, soooo sorry I didn’t get you a blurb written when you first sent me this. I hope you’re well now, but if not, maybe this will help a little. I got inspiration from your request as well as the anon below.

ANONYMOUS SAID: A little drabble about Harry’s lilac jumper will honestly complete me 😍😍😍

The Lilac Jumper

“I’m gonna miss you,” you whispered.

“I’ll miss you more,” he said.

Pulling you into a tight embrace, you inhaled the scent of him as your nose pressed against his sweater. His favorite purple sweater, or as he called it, his lilac jumper. To you it smelled like lavender, though that may have just been a mental association you tied to it because of its shade.

“Please don’t forget me,” you teased.

“C’mon, love, how could I forget you?” Harry’s voice vibrated through his chest.

You raised your head to look up at him, his eyes dancing, his dimple dipped in his cheek. You returned his smile, wrapping your arms around his neck.

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2,000 Followers: Thank You!!!

Guess which gal just reached her 2,000 followers mark on Tumblr? This gal!!  I would like to say thank you to all my wonderful followers who deal with my messy ass fangirling about superheros (mostly DC… actually all DC), Shadowhunters, and other stuff. You guys are so lovely whenever I post selfies, complementing me, and always keep my spirits up.

 The moment I realized that people really enjoyed what I had to say on here, was when I got countless asks that people really liked my blog and looked up to me? Like wow. I think I teared up the first time. I’m just a 19 year old black bisexual female about to start her sophomore year in college, unsure of her future, but also ready to take life by storm, and you guys have stuck with me through all my fangirling, shit posting, and overall craziness.

Some of you have been here since day one, and others, just recently. I’ve compiled a list of some of my followers who have been nothing but supportive and to which you guys should all follow. This list in no way captures ALL of my followers, but just a few that I can recall. 

Thank you again,

-Asher (nightfallgoddess)

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If 5sos had periods


Watches Disney movies and cries at the smallest things. His bed is covered in chocolate wrappers around him. Drinks green teas like his life depends on it in hopes of easing cramps.


Definitely the type that does exercise for cramps, also takes hot baths. He would watch dog movies and stat crying because a puppy hurt it’s paw. Whenever he was with you he would pretend to be tough until that one cramp kicked in harder than the others.


Needy as frick. Refuses to move unless absolutely necessary. “Baaaaabe” You coming home to him with a heating pad and electric blanket on. Like Michael he would want to be cuddled, but he would fall asleep on you in seconds.


Demands to be cuddled constantly. Constantly groaning and cussing in pain. Plays video games to get his attention off the cramps. Lays in bed with a heating pad on, all the food he could want and catches up on anime.

I'm pissed and in pain.

Don’t you EVER let ANYONE tell you that periods “aren’t that bad”. You don’t understand what it’s like to basically be surviving on copious amounts of pain killers just to make it through the day while having blood pour from your fucking uterus. Periods are literally a miniature version of going into labor aka one of the most painful things a person can ever go through. Your uterus is literally self destructing inside if you. It’s shredding itself and then coming out of your vagina. And guess what?! Pills take time to kick in, and because of how everyone experiences different intensities and types of cramps and pains from their uterus’ suicide, a lot of the time, pills only take away half the pain. Sometimes you won’t react to pain pills at all, and then your stuck having to wait another 6 hours until you’re able to take different medicine. I also don’t think people understand just how sick girls get on their periods, a lot of girls get headaches and vomiting, which is usually caused by the intensity of their cramps. I know I personally have trouble even breathing while on my period. Why? Because breathing, for me, makes my cramps worse. Not to mention the exhaustion that comes with getting your period. Not only is your body tired from ripping itself up and pouring itself out, girls also have trouble sleeping because of their cramps.
Now, I’ve been mentioning cramps a lot, but what exactly does a menstrual cramp feel like? I’m honestly not sure of guys can even experience anything like a period cramp. You can’t move. You can’t breath. You can’t sit up. You can’t lay down. You can’t curl up or sit up or spread out or stand up. There is no position you can get into to make them any better. I don’t even know how to describe the pain except for it feels like someone has taken a dull knife, slowly carved open your uterus, stuck their dirty hands in your internal organs, and just started grabbing and squeezing and twisting and mashing up everything in your lower belly.
But no, you’re right, person who’s never experienced a menstrual cycle before in their life, I’m sure this girl can just pop some pills and get back to work no problem.

so i know nobody that follows me cares about agents of shield, but its one in the morning and this is my blog goddammit and i wanna talk about fitzmack

because i think its really important to analyze the sort of narrative that a lot of fanfic writers and fans have where mack finds helping fitz “rewarding” and that mack is the only one that can “fix” fitz. like let me be clear: i love fitzmack. like, i stay up at night thinking about them playing halo. i smiled like an idiot in the middle of a conversation the other day cause i thought of them fighting over skittle colors. they are indesputably my otp of the show, dear to my heart, my babies 5ever blah blah blah. so let me be clear: the “mack is the only one who can fix fitz” shit?

that. is not. their dynamic.

like, normally i would leave this shit alone because its not like different interpretations of characters and relationships is something new, but this mindset regarding their relationship is really, really fuckin toxic. fitz is mentally ill. hes shown signs of autism since his introduction, but disregarding THAT discussion, he is indisputably, undeniably “damaged” from his hypoxia. and fitz is okay with that. his issue in the first few episodes of season 2 wasn’t the illness in and of itself; it was the sudden switch of mindsets (“i dont want things to change”) and, notably, how everyone else treated him. skye? coulson? jemma? they all mentioned multiple times they wanted fitz to go back to how he was before (“sometimes he’s like the same old fitz,” etc). fitz’s whole driving social issue was that he was FINE with the change. he adjusted to himself, and the only other person who accepted him in this new mindset - who tried to adapt to him instead of makin him adapt to them, who validated his abnormal habits and tried to relate and treated him like the person hed become was a valid person - was MACK.

mack and fitz’s relationship is based on mack RESPECTING WHO FITZ IS NOW. when yall turn that into some narrative about how mack is the “only one that can cure him” through tru luv or whatever, you are 1) ignoring that basic respect that is literally the backbone of their relationship, 2) implying that other (neurotypical) people know whats best for fitz more than he does, and 3) implying that fitz’s sole goal should be recovery to elevate him to neurotypicals’ position, thus implying that mentally ill people are somehow lesser than neurotypical people. thats shitty. it needs to stop.

and dont think youre exempt from this shit if youre writing other fitz fics - fitzmack just happens to be the ship whose fics i actually read. ofc this fandom has problems with its relationships to particular characters (hello SWWs), but we need to actively tryto subvert these shitty ableist tropes wherever we can

Spin the Bottle (Part 2/2)

Annabeth waits with baited breath as the bottle slows down, but it seems like the world has slowed down with it and there’s nothing Annabeth can do to speed it up. Percy shifts on the floor, his knee accidentally knocking into hers. He immediately moves it back to where it was, but fire has already spread up from her knee and into the rest of her body. She can’t tell whether she wants to scream or cry.

Rachel, sitting next to her, seems to realize the same thing Annabeth has. She leans forward, her eyes caught on the bottle spinning around and around, passing each person and maybe stealing a bit of their soul too, from Annabeth’s point of view.

Frank. Jason. Hazel. Percy.


It starts leaning towards Rachel and then…


And it’s pointed exactly where Annabeth expected it to be. Percy let’s out a big sigh, and Annabeth sneaks a glance at him, not understanding the disappointed look on his face. Percy says nothing, furrowing his brows and turning towards Jason with a questioning glance.

“Uh,” Jason begins. “This hasn’t actually happened to me before. I guess you can just… choose whoever you want?”

“No!” Piper exclaims, excited for the drama. “No, there’s a much better thing we can do here. You three, stay here. The rest of us will be right back.”

Jason stands up with a slightly confused expression, but follows Piper along with everyone else except for Rachel, Percy, and Annabeth. She looks to Percy, who starts to make a joke, but is interrupted by loud laughter and exclamations from outside of the room. Rachel shifts nervously, accompanying it with tense chuckling. Much to Annabeth’s dismay, Rachel only gets louder, causing Percy to join in with her. Before she knows it, the three of them are laughing hard. The side-hurting, cheeks-cramping type of laughter that’s only inspired by petrifying fear or insane mirth.

Piper leads the pack back in, then, an excited smirk covering her face. “Rachel, Annabeth, come with me. Leo had this insane idea, and we’re going to try it.”

As she follows Piper out of the room, Annabeth throws a worried glance over her shoulder at Percy. He shrugs his shoulders in response, turning to talk to Jason and Frank. Stopping with Rachel and Piper, Annabeth tries to understand how extravagant of an idea Leo could’ve possibly come up with to figure out who Percy was going to kiss.

“Here’s the plan,” Piper tells them, gesturing to the two doors behind her. “You guys are each going to pick one of these doors, and then go inside. Then we’re going to get Percy to come out here, and he’s going to randomly pick one of these doors. Whosever door he picks is the lucky gal he gets to kiss.”

Annabeth’s mouth goes dry, but Rachel smiles wide. “I’m in,” she laughs. “Let’s do this.” With that, she steps around Piper, picking one of the identical doors. Piper raises her eyebrows at Annabeth, then wraps her hand around the knob of the other door, opening it and gesturing for Annabeth to step inside. Swallowing her regrets of having not picked a nice date with her new book, she steps into the closet, turning around to face Piper.

“I’m rooting for you,” Piper whispers quickly. Leaving no time for Annabeth to comprehend what just happened, Piper closes the door. Annabeth stretches her arms out, measuring the dimensions of the closet. Knowing she needs something to do to keep her sane while Piper shouts for Percy to come into the hallway, she decides the closet is probably 6 feet across and only a few feet wide.

Thinking more about what Piper said before shutting the door, Annabeth’s heart beats faster and faster, until she swears Percy would be able to hear it and know it was her. After all, her heart belongs to him, so why wouldn’t he know what it sounds like?

               Don’t be stupid, Annabeth tells herself. Percy doesn’t like you like that. And you don’t like him either. You don’t. He’s your best friend. Just your best friend. Annabeth holds her breath when she hears what must be Percy’s loud, confident steps stand in front of her door. Or… Is it Rachel’s? She can’t tell, and it pisses her off to no extent that she feels so helpless, so needy, so in love with this boy. But then the doorknob to her closet jostles the tiniest bit as someone puts their hand on it from the other side, and Annabeth knows exactly where Percy is standing. She breathes in sharply, but then hears the unmistakable sound of Percy’s hand dropping from her door, and his feet moving a few spaces to the left. Hearing Percy put his hand on Rachel’s door, Annabeth fights the urge to sob, leaning her head into the door with an audible thump.

“No,” she hears Percy mumble. Before she can react, her door is thrown open, and Annabeth falls, surprised but elated, into Percy’s arms. The rest of their friends cheer, giving Annabeth just enough time to see who it is—Piper—that shoves the two of them back in the closet.

“Alright, alright! Give them their space, let’s go back into the other room,” Piper says carelessly, but Annabeth can hear the smile in her voice.

Realizing that her back is up against the far wall of the closet, and she’s still in Percy’s arms, Annabeth slowly lifts her head enough to meet Percy’s eyes. A piece of her hair falls in her face, and Percy lifts an unexpectedly shaky hand to brush it back behind her ears. He clears his throat.

“Annabeth,” he whispers. “You know we don’t have to do this, right?” She doesn’t respond, doesn’t know what to say, and so he continues. “They wouldn’t know. We’re… best friends. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Though it kills her, Annabeth draws in a big breath, ready to tell Percy that they shouldn’t. It must surprise them both, then, when she instead takes a step forward, away from the wall and further into Percy’s arms. They stand there for a minute, touching knees, hips, chests, locking just their eyes and not their lips.

Annabeth brings a trembling hand to rest on Percy’s chest, over his fast beating heart. His eyes close, and Annabeth has no trouble deciphering the look of pain on his face.

“Percy,” she breathes out.

“Annabeth,” he says simultaneously, her name falling from his lips to pool around them, surrounding them, suffocating them, hanging in the silence.

It’s that one word of his that has her suddenly lifting up on her toes, pressing her lips to his in a kiss Annabeth had only ever dreamed of. Percy’s arms, previously pressed against his side, hesitate for half a second before they wrap around her waist, pulling them impossibly closer, as if he, too, couldn’t get enough of her.

Finally overcome with everything she’s felt for Percy, she pushes against him until his back hits the closed door, her arms running up his chest to rest in his hair. She hears faint laughter from the other room, but all she can focus on is Percy’s hands roaming her back, her fingers in his hair, his lips on hers. It’s all that matters. It’s all there is.

Then there’s knocking from the other side of the door, and a joke shouted from someone that makes Annabeth worried enough to pull her lips from his, resting her forehead on his chest while they both catch their breath.

Minutes later, they head back to the room with everyone else, trying and failing to hide their red cheeks and wrinkled shirts, but Annabeth can’t keep the happy smile off her face. She’s sure, though, that half the reason it’s there is because she knows Percy is wearing one too.

Later, as they leave Jason’s house, Percy opens the truck door for Annabeth, closing it and running around to the driver’s side. Annabeth waits a full minute of content silence before braving the question she’s wanted to know since Piper made her get up, since she recognized that look on Percy’s face as determination to learn something and get it right.

“Percy,” she starts.


“Why were you playing with the Coke bottle so much before we started the game? You seemed really focused on it.”

But he must know that she knows, so he just smiles, reaching across the console to grab Annabeth’s hand. He pulls it up to his lips to kiss her knuckles, then sets both their hands on the center console. And this time, Annabeth doesn’t pull away.

A/N I hope you like the (for now) conclusion of Spin the Bottle!! There’s a few references (two, off the top of my head) to Part One of this, so let me know if it makes sense to y’all or just what you think about it! Thank you to everyone who reblogs and likes and follows me!!! You’re all so amazing!

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