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How do I know if my crystal a legit crystal that can be charged?

I am not sure what you mean by the “can be charged” bit. You can charge anything. You can charge your coffee creamer should you really wish to ☕️✨

As far as how to tell if the crystal is legit? Well that’s a little complicated. There are several different types of “man made” crystals. Ones that have been dyed, chemically altered/bonded, or lab grown entirely. 

Pretty much if it has the word “aura” (angle aura, fire aura, rainbow aura) you can assume these crystals have been treated. 

Otherwise there are other things you can do like looking through identification guides online, being careful to look through the fine print of what you’re buying, or asking the seller. 

🔮 Here is a website that I’ve used to help identify my crystals in the past 

🔮 Here is an amazing post explaining the science and witchcraft behind crystals (not mine) 

I’m of the opinion that crystals don’t loose their effectiveness just because they’ve been altered or grown. Simply that their properties have changed (Natural crystals have a stronger connection to the element earth.)

One way I like to think of it: Crystals that have been made or altered by science are just incredibly intricate potions 🔬⚗💎

  • Colored/dyed crystals are perfect for color magic
  • Grown crystals hold properties associated with change, control, growth, and speed/energy 
  • Bonded crystals offer properties not only form the crystal but to the element attached to them, and can be associated with things like peace making, friendships, and helping relationships between people who otherwise have a difficult time getting along. 

I hope you found this to be helpful!