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Partners in (Fighting) Crime Chapter 9: Dear Future Husband

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Masterlist Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader, Michelle x Reader (best friends) 

Warnings: Brief nudity, occasional dirty joke. Peter being a little munchkin :)

Summary: You and Peter are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship.

A/N: So yeah this chapter is based off of the song by Meghan Trainor but it fits because I want this to be a fluffy chapter and this is a fluffy song so please enjoy!!! 

You and Peter walked down the school hallway, you holding his hand with your other arm wrapped around his bicep. A few kids stared, in shock that Peter had finally landed himself a girlfriend, and one that was as pretty as you. But neither of you paid attention to them because you were both too lost in each other’s eyes. It was like you were both in your own little world. One filled with happiness and love and no one could pull you two out of that trance. When Ned and Michelle spotted the two of you they both immediately did a double take and smiled. 

“Well hey it’s about time.” Michelle says and Ned’s jaw was hanging as you and Peter blushed and snuggled a little closer to each other. 

“Wait so you guys are together now?” Ned asks. You and Peter look at each other and bite your lips. 

“Yeah!” You both answer happily and you kiss his cheek and he blushes more and then you rub your nose against his and the two of you giggle as he does it back to you. 

“Ew, if you guys keep being that sweet you’re going to give the whole school a cavity.” Michelle says and you roll your eyes at her. 

During chemistry with Peter and Ned, Ned tried to focus on his work but couldn’t because of you and Peter giggling and passing notes to each other during class. You smiled and sighed when you saw one of Peter’s notes. 

According to the textbook, the strongest type of bond might be chemical, but I bet our love could challenge that. ~Sweet Pete  

When the teacher wasn’t looking you quickly threw your arms around Peter and gave him a huge wet kiss on his cheek. Then when she turned around again to look at you, the two of you were blushing but seemingly hadn’t changed positions. 

During your lab, Peter took the time to briefly show you how he made his webs. He pulled out a little secret drawer at his station and mixed two chemicals together to form the sticky substance that came out of his web shooters. You raised your eyebrows and nodded. 

“So that’s where that stuff comes from?” You ask him and he nods. 

“And here I was thinking it came from somewhere else…” You joked and raised your eyebrows and his face turned red as tomato, making you giggle. 

At lunch he brought you some treats. 

“I brought some of May’s cinnamon rolls for you.” Peter says and hands you the bag. 

“Aw Pete you are too sweet.” You tell him and break one in half and give him the other half. Michelle and Ned tried to talk to each of you but you were both too absorbed in each other to listen to them. 

“So Y/N what did you think of that math test-” She noticed you weren’t listening and just staring into Peter’s eyes. 

“So Peter what did you think about that English-” Ned sighs as he sees Peter staring back at you. Michelle tries waving her hands in front of the two of you but neither of you even blink. 

Michelle and Ned look at each other. 

“Let me try something.” Ned says and puts a pea in his spoon and then launches it like a catapult into the back of Peter’s head. He doesn’t move. “Damn. That must be some connection there. That usually always works.“ 

"I’ve got something that might work.” Michelle says and jabs her finger in a spot on your shoulder. 

“Ow!” You exclaim and look back at Michelle. “MJ that was my pressure point…" 

"I know. I had to take drastic measures to break up whatever’s going on with you two.” Michelle says. 

“Sorry. I just can’t help it. Peter has the prettiest brown eyes. It’s impossible not to get lost in them.” You say and Peter blushes. 

“Yours are prettier.” Peter says and looks into his lap, smiling sheepishly. 

“Aw baby!” You exclaim and poke his nose and he giggles and the two of you rub your noses against each other again. 

“Wow this is escalating fast.” Ned says that afternoon when walking next to Michelle. You and Peter were a bit ahead of them, hands interlocked and swinging back and forth. “They’ve barely kept their hands off of each other or even talked to anyone else besides us since they started dating. And it’s only been a day!" 

"It’s just new relationship feels.” Michelle explains. “Give them a week it’ll wear off soon." 

Well a week passed by….and it definitely wasn’t wearing off any time soon. You and Peter literally spent all your time together. Either doing homework, being in school, or fighting crime. Sometimes you would study together as you fought criminals. 

"Which particle of an atom has a positive charge?” Peter yells at you before tossing a money bag to you as you hovered in the air above the criminals that had robbed the bank. 

“Proton! Duh! Give me a harder one Spidey!” You yell back at him and toss him the bag. The robbers started charging him now. 

“Uh…” He panicked when they started shooting at him. “Karen can you think of a good review question for me to ask Y/N?” He asks her. 

“Hey Dragonfly! How do you determine the pH of an acid?” He asks and tosses the bag back to you and you dart around, dodging the bullets that were being shot at you. 

“Take the negative log of the concentration!” You shout back at him and toss him the bag. Finally the cops showed up and you set the bag down and you and Peter left to let the cops arrest them. 

As the sun set you made your way back to Peter’s house. You offered to help Aunt May cook and stay for dinner. Peter crawled up the wall to his window and you flew close behind him, not wanting to get spotted. Once Peter opened his window he held out his arm for you and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and he held you close to him by your waist as you let your wings sink back into your body and disappear. 

“After you m'lady.” He says chivalrously and you slid in his window and onto the ground, giggling and blushing from your nickname. 

He came in after you and shut the window behind him. 

“Well Queens is a lot safer now tonight thanks to you princess.” Peter says and takes off his mask and tosses it on the ground. 

He takes your hand and kisses the back of it sweetly. You take off your mask as well and he can see you blushing and biting your lip from his sweet actions. You let out a soft gasp as he pulled you into his chest and kissed you sweetly. 

“And thanks to you too Spidey.” You tell him and he laughs and dips you and continues to give you multiple pecks to your lips. 

“Oh hey you guys are back.” Michelle says casually and both you and Peter jump apart when you see Michelle and Ned sitting on Peter’s bed. 

“W-what are you guys doing here?” Peter asks casually in a high squeaky voice, running his hand through his now slightly curly hair. 

“You said you’d come study with us.” Michelle reminds you two. “Remember we asked you both at lunch today while you were making goo goo eyes at each other?” You both blushed and stared at the ground. 

“So did you stop any crime today Spider-Man?” Michelle asks Peter. 

“Did you fly in and save the day Dragonfly?” Ned asks you. Both you and Peter’s eyes widened and you turned to each other. 

“Did you tell-” You both said to each other at the same time. “No I didn’t-I swear I’d never-" 

"Relax guys we figured it out on our own.” Ned assures the two of you. 

“How did you figure it out?” You ask. 

“Well it’s obvious.” Michelle says. “Whenever Peter’s busy for the Stark internship and you have to study, Dragonfly and Spider-Man show up to save the day.”

“Not to mention you were both conflicted about falling in love with two different people, but now you’re totally into each other.” Ned adds. “So we can obviously deduce that you were falling for each other’s personas. That and once we had that figured out we just told each other your secrets." 

"And don’t worry we won’t tell anyone else.” Michelle says and Ned raises his hand.

“On my Jedi honor.” He promises to you. 

“Okay. Well that makes this all a bit easier I guess.” You tell Peter and he nods. Suddenly you both hear Aunt May knock on the door. 

“Coming in!” She says and Peter grabs your hand and pulls you into his bathroom and shuts the door. “I heard Peter and Y/N. Where are they?” She asks. 

“They’re in the bathroom.” Ned says then regrets it. Aunt May’s eyes went wide. 

“Together?…” She asks. 

“What are we going to do?” You whisper shout to Peter. “She knows we’re in here together. We can’t come out in our underwear that would make her think things….” You say and blush and so does Peter. 

“Don’t worry I’ve got emergency clothes for us under the sink.” Peter says and gets them out for you both. May knocks on the door. 

“Peter, honey what are you and Y/N doing in there?” She asks in a concerned tone. 

“Uh nothing!” Peter assures her as he steps out of his suit, leaving him in just his boxers. 

“I just fell down on my way over here and Peter’s helping me clean up the scrapes!” You tell her and you hear May sigh in relief. 

“Oh okay I thought you two were doing something weird in there!” She says and laughs. 

“Yeah don’t worry!” Peter calls back. “Nothing like that’s going on in here-” His breath hitches when he sees you topless in front of him, covering your breasts with your arms and your chest plate lying on the ground. You blushed as he stared at you, mouth gaping. 

“Peter!” You hiss at him and he shakes his head to try to snap himself out of his trance. 

“Why don’t you have a bra on!” He whisper shouts. 

“I don’t need to wear one under the chest plate there’s one built in. That and the clip in the back restricts my wings and-okay seriously?” You cut your explanation short when you notice the tent in his boxers. He blushes and covers it.

“I’m fifteen and my girlfriend is topless in front of me what did you think was going to happen!” He exclaims quietly. He notices you staring at it and he gets a small ego boost. “You uh, like what you see down there?” He tries to say cooly and lean against the wall. 

“Peter!” You hiss at him again and he jumps off the wall and quickly gets back to the task at hand and tosses you one of his shirts and a pair of gym shorts and then you both respectively face away from each other to change. 

You both came out and you kissed his cheek then went to the kitchen to help out Aunt May while Peter studied a bit with Michelle and Ned. At one point while you were mixing the sauce you made Peter came out from his room and over to the counter. 

“Wow that smells amazing.” He says and sniffs over the pot. 

“Do you want to taste?” You ask him and he smiles and opens his mouth.

You laugh and feed him some with the spoon. He smiles but then his face turns into a grimace and he spits it out into the sink. 

“Was it that bad?” You ask him. 

“It was really bitter…” He says and gets a glass of water to get the taste out of his mouth. 

“Yeah I probably should have mentioned that I never really learned to cook…I’m good at decorating pastries…not so much at making them though.” You tell Peter and shrug. 

“That’s alright sweetheart.” May says and pats your shoulder. “It just takes practice. You’ll get the hang of it soon. I think you might have just added a bit too much rosemary…” She says after taking a taste with her finger. 

You decided to let Ned and Michelle stay for dinner since they were here anyway. You all had fun and laughed a lot. Tons of inside jokes and more Star Wars debates from Ned and Peter. Peter didn’t notice but Ned had set up the camera on the counter to film you all having fun. 

“You’re the Han Solo to my Leia.” You tell Peter and you swore you had never seen his eyes light up so bright. 

Michelle also dared the two of you to reenact a scene from Lady and the Tramp and slurp up a noodle together. Everyone cheered when you and Peter’s lips met and you broke off the noodle. The two of you giggling and then Peter stole a few more kisses from your lips. 

But unfortunately the night had to come to an end. And so you gave your boyfriend a reluctant goodbye at the door to his apartment. Your foster father Happy glaring daggers into Peter, while he stood there stiff as a tree trunk. 

“By Pete. I’ll see you tomorrow at work.” You promise him and give him a big hug and kiss him sweetly on the lips. The kiss lasted for about five seconds before Happy coughed, signaling he was a bit uncomfortable. 

“See you tomorrow princess.” He tells you and you give him one last peck on his cheek before leaving down the hall.

At first you hated that he called you princess but now he didn’t really call you that to tease you, it was more of a sweet and endearing term so you allowed it. Happy stayed behind to give Peter the “talk”. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“Okay now just so you know, I’m not some big overprotective dad okay.” He tells Peter. “I mean I’ve only had her for a year. But she’s grown on me, and I think of her as my own.” Peter nods. “And I know you’re a good, sweet kid and you wouldn’t want to hurt her but since I know you can be a bit…reckless when it comes to your spider thing, just don’t do anything stupid that could hurt her. Please.” He begs. 

“Of course Sir, I would never want to hurt your daughter. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He says and smiles a bit. 

“Okay well I’m going to go and try to forget I heard that.” Happy says and leaves. 

“I’ll text you later Happy!” Peter calls down the hall. 

“Please don’t!” He calls back. 

That night Peter was cleaning off his suit when he heard something tap his window. He went to it and looked confused as he opened it. 

“Mr. Stark?” He asks when he sees Iron Man floating outside his window and he smiles. “Why are you here? Did you want to congratulate me on the boat thing, I actually saved it this time with some help from my new girlfriend-” He rambles and Tony opens up the mask and cuts him off. 

“Yeah you’re girlfriend is what we need to talk about.” He says seriously and Peter’s smile falls. 

“Is something wrong?” Peter asks. 

“No. Unless there needs to be.” Tony says. 

“What are you talking about?” Peter asks. 

“I know who she is Peter.” Tony says. “After seeing you two fight together and now hearing you’re dating Happy’s daughter it wasn’t too hard to put the pieces together. And I’m not going to tell Happy anything, because again his cardiogram but I just need you to make sure that she doesn’t get too rebellious…" 

"Rebellious how?” Peter asks. “We both fight the bad guys we’re both on the same side." 

"Are you?” Tony asks. “Because I remember when Happy used to bring her to work a few months back before the Civil War, she was hanging around Steve a lot…I even saw him teach her a few fight moves. So something tells me he’s aware of her abilities as well. And now…Steve is a war criminal. And her helping him in any way will be considered illegal and we will have to arrest her and lock her away.”

“You want to lock her up!?” Peter exclaims. 

“Not at the moment but if she’s found suspicious of anything then we will have to give her some form of criminal punishment.” Tony explains. “So I just thought I’d give you a heads up, and make sure she doesn’t do anything that would make me have to take her away from you.” He warns then puts his mask back on and flies off. 

Peter shut his window and went to sit down at his desk. He tried to keep working on his suit but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. All he could think about was you, and pray that you wouldn’t do anything that would make his mentor arrest you. 

A/N: Next part will come sometime early next week!

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anonymous asked:

How do I know if my crystal a legit crystal that can be charged?

I am not sure what you mean by the “can be charged” bit. You can charge anything. You can charge your coffee creamer should you really wish to ☕️✨

As far as how to tell if the crystal is legit? Well that’s a little complicated. There are several different types of “man made” crystals. Ones that have been dyed, chemically altered/bonded, or lab grown entirely. 

Pretty much if it has the word “aura” (angle aura, fire aura, rainbow aura) you can assume these crystals have been treated. 

Otherwise there are other things you can do like looking through identification guides online, being careful to look through the fine print of what you’re buying, or asking the seller. 

🔮 Here is a website that I’ve used to help identify my crystals in the past 

🔮 Here is an amazing post explaining the science and witchcraft behind crystals (not mine) 

I’m of the opinion that crystals don’t loose their effectiveness just because they’ve been altered or grown. Simply that their properties have changed (Natural crystals have a stronger connection to the element earth.)

One way I like to think of it: Crystals that have been made or altered by science are just incredibly intricate potions 🔬⚗💎

  • Colored/dyed crystals are perfect for color magic
  • Grown crystals hold properties associated with change, control, growth, and speed/energy 
  • Bonded crystals offer properties not only form the crystal but to the element attached to them, and can be associated with things like peace making, friendships, and helping relationships between people who otherwise have a difficult time getting along. 

I hope you found this to be helpful!