i realize this banners quality is absolute garbage but i dont have the motivation to make a better one. anyway im back with yet another net

What this net is for: To bring together people who are just getting into DC comics, and need a place to start or are looking for for a jumping off point. It’s very daunting to look at decades worth of material and have no idea where to start, or no way of knowing what is actually any good. So, I’m trying to get people together that have varying amounts of knowledge on DC, to provide recommendations, reviews, and to just have people to talk to.

Who can apply: Literally anyone, no matter what your blog’s content is, no matter how knowledgeable you are, no matter who you are.

How to apply: 

What is not allowed: 

  • No terfs
  • No homophobes
  • No transphobes

Perks: Cool friends, selfie and post reblogs, share headcanons, more notes and hits on fanfic and art. Possible group chat if there’s interest.

If you get in: Tag all triggers, be nice, and you’re encouraged to follow everyone.

ETC.: This must get at least 30 notes or it didn’t happen. Message me with any questions. Applications will close let’s say around December 17th, but I may change it. Good luck!