Laica type-spe(i)cimen/handouts. (KABK’s typemedia16)

Laica is the Italian translation for Laic. Laica is a slightly conflicting type family, with a lot of hidden details, often not completely compatible. The initial idea for Laica was to design a typeface for a running text covering the specific range-size of 9—12 pt. In order to obtain a certain rhythm on the page and a kind of personality in the curves, Laica is based on the misrelation between two common tools (broad and pointed nib) used to practice and sketch letterforms, balancing the curves between these two different approaches: a patchwork of shapes with the tradition of calligraphy as starting point but with a contemporary and fresh appeal. Trying to place the right black spots free from any strict, philological approach, mixing two souls in one unique type family. Laica tries to be balanced even with some oddness, constantly in between sobriety and excess, to cover the purposes of editorial needs and usage.



Today was officially the last day of school. We took down the exhibition and cleared the class room of our stuff. This is also the last post to this blog, instead you can follow letteroriented.tumblr if you wish.

Thank you for all my classmates, teachers and other involved people for one heck of a year. It was a crazy ride, but totally worth it. And of course congratulations once more to all the new graduates. You’re awesome!

Peace out


Yesterday we made a trip to Amsterdam to see the movie premiere “The Style of the Stedelijk” about the designs for the museum.
One of the designers is Wim Crouwel, who was on this premiere. I couldn’t belive that, I met with Wim Crouwel! And after the movie I went to him, we talked some sentences and I got an autogram from him! Cool!

Yesterday we also see the Stedelijk Museum and we had a coffee in Eye Museum.


First week at t]m

This is the end of our first week at Type and Media.
We had really great classes! It started at monday with Paul, we will make a revival project. We have to look for a book before 1940 and we will redraw the textfont from the book, digital. I found a nice dutch pray-book from 1904. We have to show 2-3 books and we will choose on monday, what font will be revive.
Tuesday, on Peter’s class we drew some basic lettershapes with brush. I really enjoyed it! I am the one lefthanded in the class , that’s why it is more difficult for me, but with Peter we figured out the best way for me. I draw the letters from bottom to top and from right to left. So I should thinking backward. 
Wednesday we learned some Python programming basics from Just. 
Thursday we drew some letters and words with pointed pen. I love it! And I have to practice a lot.
And today we had a Museum trip, with Jan Willem, in Meermanno museum, where we looked some pretty book speciality. 

I am so happy, that I can study, what I love!

Ps. And on this tuesday was the Princes Day in The Hague, so I was on the Prinsjesdagviering (~Princes Celebration) in the Grote Kerk (~Big Church) you can find also some pictures about it.