Masterlist - Reactions (2017)

Their s/o used to be a gymnast

You being a famous youtuber/blogger

You not eating properly bc of stress

Their s/o being the indoors type

Finding out you were a victim of physical abuse

Their s/o having social phobia and body dysmorphia

Their s/o’s military brother died

You passing out bc of dehydration

You getting a facial piercing

Their s/o suddenly being struck by intense pain

Hearing their s/o fart for the first time

You having a habit of biting your lips, making them bleed

Finding out who you think is the second most handsome member

You confessing to them while drunk 

Finding out their s/o is bisexual

Liking their new makeup artist

You speaking another language

Their secret s/o watching them from behind the scenes of a show

Accusing you of using them in a fight

Their s/o only really shows affection to their dog

Their s/o ignoring their texts/calls bc of Pokémon

Their idol crush covering The 1975′s “Falling for you” and looking at them

You being good at using a butterfly knife

You always leaving them cute sticky notes

Their s/o poking their face a lot

Their s/o being 5′5, but getting angry when called short

You having three jobs, and trying to get a fourth

You going bodies with someone #2

Your mum dying and you taking custody of your younger brother

Their usually reserved s/o initiating skinship around the members for the first time

Figuring out they’re in love

Their s/o never having received a lot of love

Their s/o drawing them a lot

Having to say goodbye when leaving for their mandatory military service

Their crush calling them beautiful, but meaning to say “I love you”

Continuation of another request, where you apologize for what happened

People shipping them with their secret idol s/o

Their idol s/o is bullied by another idol

Their s/o is someone who laugh at everything 

They’re on  a variety show and start developing a crush on another idol

Their s/o not moving when they sleep 

You making them food despite soon being due to give birth

You saved money to buy their parents something expensive (but useful)

You taking naps in odd positions

Their s/o being underweight, and wanting to continue being underweight

Their s/o shows up at a meet and greet as a surprise after not seeing them for a long time