To use Tumblr’s new fonts, create a text post.
1) Click the gear icon.
2) Change the Text editor to HTML.
3) Use HTML paragraph tags around your text as follows. (The Preview won’t show the fonts at this time.)

<p class="npf_quirky">Fancy</p>
<p class="npf_chat">Typewritery</p>
<p class="npf_quote">Quotey</p>

4) Publish (or save draft) to see the fonts on your post via the Dashboard. (The Tumblr Official theme also shows the fonts on text posts.)


Throughout my time as a Content Creator™ on this website I gathered quite the collection of fonts and I wanted to make a neat and organized overview for myself and then I thought: Why not share it?

So here you go: 105 fonts to do whatever your heart desires.

I’m not including a download link bc I couldn’t manage to dig up even half of the files (also bc I’m lazy and it’d be a lot of work lmao) but you should be able to find all of these fonts for free simply by googling them (if they’re not installed on your pc already) :)

Adrian Frutiger, OCR-B, Comparison method – final artwork and difference between B and 8 in colour, European Computer, Manufacturers Association, 1963-1965; in Adrian Frutiger – Typefaces. The Complete Works, by Heidrun Osterer and Philipp Stamm, Edited by Schweizerische Stiftung Schrift und Typographie, Birkhäuser, Basel, 2014, p. 181