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me in 6th grade: Did he just say the f word? Luckily, I, an intellectual, don’t use that type of immature language…
me now: wHAT th3 fucKk look at this fuckign meme!! im cryiNG lma0 !!! see u hoes later !!!

I like to headcanon that Tucker is a werewolf

from a family of werewolves

there is probably a more logical explanation for his ‘meat sense’ and his parents letting him eat only meat for 14 years straight but I don’t want it.


30品目バランス弁当 // 30 Item “Balance Bento”
Ekiben is so fun, and this overstuffed, veggie-full bento is the most fun of all. When the scenery’s no good for, or when your train’s tunneling through a mountain and you’ve got no reception, you can entertain yourself with a scavenger hunt (and test your kanji skills!!). Can you find/read all 30?

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Five love languages - Physical Touch

If you have not been introduced to The Five Love Languages, I would recommend you take a look. It is an interesting read, providing insight into how people give and receive affection, to and from others.

Have you ever had someone you love misunderstand the affection you were trying to convey? For example, perhaps you did them a service, and yet they are upset because you never TOLD them how you felt. You may be left deeply confused, as you just SHOWED them how you felt. How do they not see that?

If you do know all about The Five Love Languages, I wanted to zero in on one in particular, one I know personally well, Physical Touch.

The five types of love languages are acts of service, gifts, verbal affirmation, physical touch, and quality time. If you don’t know which order you utilize these, you can take a quick test online. I personally predominately utilize physical touch, then quality time, then acts of service, then gifts, then words of affirmation.

As an INFJ who is Physical Touch, I have grown to deeply understand why it is referenced as a language. Funnily enough, I do not enjoy hugs and yet, with certain loved ones, I am highly cuddly. When I understand that one of my family members or friends do not like to be touched, I deeply respect their boundaries. However with those who love touch as much as I do and I feel deeply towards, I unconsciously find myself telling them things with touch that I can’t seem to say in any other way.

My boyfriend and I in fact are both physical touch, and this results in us using it constantly. We enjoy holding hands when we are walking as a way to feel connected when we are running around doing errands. We will show a hundred small touches of affection through out a day, and yet rarely do we verbalize the things we are conveying. Its unnecessarily and superfluous.

He’ll say, ‘I am still paying attention to you’, when he is distracted, by rubbing my arm. He’ll say he loves me, by kissing my cheek. Ill tell him I am content and just reading, when I touch his knee. We love and apologize and connect and affirm, in each and every touch, our own silent language.

Others will have physical touch in their line up, and utilize it as well, but if you first convey affection through touch, you will understand the difficult contradiction of some you love, doubting your love because you can’t say it, and yet others you love never needing to hear it because they can feel it in your touch. You may still use quality time and other such languages, but one will usually reign supreme.

You will understand if you are Physical Touch, the particularly deeply painful experience, that while seemingly inconsequential, can pierce your heart. This being, when one you are trying to physically reach out to, physically pulls away from you. Others are not always aware of the depth of emotion that is behind a touch, and therefore that they have rejected you on a very personal level.

You will also relate to the need for control and choice in who and when you touch, as when someone you do not feel warmly towards tries to steal a hug from you, it can be highly offensive.

If you are one who uses Physical Touch mainly, you may at different turns appear cold and warm, as you won’t show your feelings in the way someone may want you to, and yet with another that uses touch, you will find words and other acts somewhat unnecessary to understanding your bond.

As always, there is never a wrong or right way to convey how you feel, we are all unique and simply trying to understand ourselves and each other. All the best in your never ending quest for knowledge.

Personality Types (MBTI) & Flowers

ISTJ - Magnolia (meaning : dignity)
ISFJ - Wisteria (meaning : steadfast)
ESTJ - Hydrangea (meaning : perseverance)
ESFJ - Aster (meaning : contentment)
ISTP - Freesia (meaning : spirited)
ISFP - Iris (meaning : inspiration)
ESTP - Delphinium (meaning : boldness)
ESFP - Amaryllis (meaning : dramatic)
INFJ - Crocus (meaning : foresight)
INTJ - Stargazer Lily (meaning : ambition)
ENFJ - Gladiolus (meaning : strength of character)
ENTJ - Calla Lily (meaning : regal)
INFP - Peony (meaning : healing)
INTP - Heather (meaning : solitude)
ENFP - Hyacinth (meaning : sincerity)
ENTP - Lavender (meaning : distrust)

been thinking again: I want autistic people to be able to freely appear and behave in ways that are distinguishably autistic… like… we shouldn’t be forced to make ourselves seem like allistics, because we are not allistics! we stim, and a lot of us move different, and look different, and talk different (whether that be the way we form words with our mouths, or the ways we communicate through typing, sign language, other aac, etc.) 

you can’t limit your acceptance to only those who can appear ‘normal’ enough, who are passable enough. real acceptance means embracing us the we exist naturally.

Interrogation Techniques

For the anon who requested 45 and 58 with Reid “My eyes are up here.” “It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so attractive.”

Warnings: Some degrading language

‘Type killers’ always got under your skin a little more than random acts of violence. Seeing all those faces that looked eerily similar, murdered just for having the misfortune of sharing traits with someone else long gone. It bothered you even more when you were sitting and staring at a pile of woman who bore a striking resemblance to you.

Your teammates kept a close eye on your for the entire week, which only added to the slight paranoia that came with looking like murder victims. Once the guy was in handcuffs and shoved into an interrogation room you felt a weight you didn’t even realize you were carrying being lifted from your shoulders.

“We still need a confession.” Hotch announced coming into the room that your team was sat in, watching the unsub who seemed far too calm and collected. “We’ve got him on at least two accounts, but a confession for the other four would solidify his prison sentence.” The room was silent for a moment, all of their minds following separate trains of thought, but all arriving at the same station.

“I’ll go in.” You nodded, standing up from the desk you’d previously been stationed at. Spencer, who had been resting beside you shoot up immediately at your words.

“What? No!” You ignored him, turning to face your boss, straightening your back in a way you knew showed your determination. You knew what you had to do; it came with the job.

“Hotch, we all know his chances of talking are considerably higher if I go in and play nice. If you go in and start with that tough guy routine we’re going to move nowhere but backwards.”

“(Y/N) no.” Spencer stated using his firmest voice. His hand gripped at your arm and you continued to ignore him.

“I’ll go in, I’ll be able to catch him off guard, get him talking. If it- I mean if I’m not getting anywhere I’ll come out and you and Morgan can go in and do what you need to do.” Spencer’s hand tightened slightly and you lifted yours up to pat his, not breaking eye contact with Hotch.

“Go in. Play nice. If he gets too… crude. But no information is coming through you get up and you leave or I will come in and remove you myself.” You cocked an eyebrow before nodding and removing yourself from Reid grip.

“Gotcha.” You nodded turned around and swiftly removing the blazer you were wearing and popping open a few buttons on your shirt. You stood up straight and fixed your hair giving yourself a moment to collect your thoughts. When you zoned back in you couldn’t help but smirk slightly.

“My eyes are up here.”  You teased, putting a finger under Spencer’s chin and lifting. He glared. Okay maybe not a time for jokes.

“You’re not meat, (Y/N). Don’t unbutton your shirt for that pervert.” You smiled gently and moved your hand up to pat his cheek.

“You’re sweet Spence, but if it gets a confession out I think I’ll manage. I get similar looks from the creeps that stalk the subway. I’ll manage.” He made a soft noise of protest and you hushed him quickly, “I’ll be okay.”

Thirty seconds later you were swiftly entering the interrogation room, sitting in the chair and keeping your head down as you looked through the files, giving him a moment to really look at you. You felt a bit… dirty. Allowing yourself to be ogled at but when you looked up and caught his staring at you practically licking your slips you had to bite down a smirk. You’d gotten worse. Most women above the age of… well. Birth. Had gotten worse from people passing on the streets. Being leered at for a few minutes would be worth it if it meant this sicko was put away for a long long time.

The first few questions were easy. He answered them gladly, licking his lips from time to time, eyes focused on you. His comments were lude but not obscene. You were making progress.

“Do you know any of these women?” You asked, setting a series of photos out in front of him.


“You didn’t look.”

“I’m sorry, Skank. But I can’t seem to focus. It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so damn attractive. Or if you had the decency to button your top.” Your body tensed. The profile pointed to all signs of him wanting to sexual engage his victims, not that their appeal angered him. You opened your mouth to ask again when you heard a shuffle from outside the door.

“Reid!” Emily called as Spencer burst into the room, face flushed with anger. You raised both eyebrows in surprise. Reid quickly approached you, gently grabbing you by the elbow and lifting you from the seat nudging you towards the open door where Emily stood looking shocked.

Spencer turned on the unsub not even waiting to make sure you left and his eyes became a kind of intense you’d never seen before. It was like they were oozing with anger. He’d never looked so intimidating.

“Hello, I’m that Skank’s husband, and I will be finishing your interrogation.” He sneered as you let the door fall shut. You stood completely shocked for a second, mind processing what just happened. Spence rarely ever lost his cool. You waited another moment before you allowed yourself the pleasure of a little smirk. That’s your man.


Sometimes it is difficult to find the equivalent word to your native language when you are writing in English, especially when your native language has got 18 different words with different nuances for a word “groan” (and over 200 for different types of snow with all the dialects combined together)

For language nerds:
Nurista = complain bitterly or complain miffed 
Ähistä = the concentrated noises you make when you are doing something physical like carrying heavy stuff or reaching something you barely can just reach 
Valittaa = complain
Huokailla = breathe out softly, sighing 

ASL should be taught in schools

Like seriously I think ASL (American sign language) or any type of sign language should be a language choice in school. Just knowing the basics could really help and I think it’s important for hearing (non deaf) people to maybe know a few basic signs. I’ve seen more and more people learning it and I think it’s amazing. It would just be really cool if it was a language choice at schools.

Spanish Text Talk Phrases

So, for those of you who don’t know, I went on a search for quite a while for Spanish text talk / internet slang that Spanish-speaking people use. I did get a few responses, but earlier today, I finally really found what I was looking for through a course on Mango Languages. Mango is a fantastic program for anyone looking to start a new language, and it’s free through some libraries. However, not many libraries do offer it, and I only have it because mine does. Having said that, I figured I’d share what I found with all of you! Here you go. 

K? - ¿Qué? (This was adapted in more recent years with the spread of the English language. Typing ‘K?’ simply means “What?”)

K haces? -  ¿Qué haces? (A shorter, more informal way of asking, “What are you doing?”. It’s an equivalent to “Wyd?”)

Kieres? -  ¿Quieres? (Another example of the qu being replaced with a k. You can pretty much do that with any word that starts with qu in Spanish. Simply put, this translates to “You want it?” or “You want one?”)

X k? -  ¿Por qué? (The multiplication symbol, x, is read in Spanish as “por”, as in 5 x 5 is read as “cinco por cinco”. Therefore the x is understood as “por”. The k, as i explained before, is read as “qué”. Put those two together, and you have the Spanish word for “Why?” or the English text talk equivalent “y?”)

X fis - Por fis (A more casual version of “por favor”, which means “please”. This is the Spanish equivalent to “Pls”) 

Ntc - No te creas (Literally translated, this comes out to “don’t believe you”, but it’s understood as “just kidding”. Ntc is the acronym for that and therefore is the Spanish equivalent to “jk”)

Tkm / Tqm - Te quiero mucho (You might see it as tkm or tqm, but either way, they mean the same thing. Literally translated, “te quiero mucho” means “i love you so much”. That said, the English text talk equivalent is “ily” or “ilysm”)

Bb -  Bebé (This simply means “baby” or “babe” and can be used here as a term of endearment. The English equivalent would be something like “bb” or “bby”

Jajaja / jjj - hahaha (This wasn’t part of the course, but I’ve seen it online from Spanish-speaking friends on Facebook, so I figure I’d throw it in there. Congratulations. You now know how to laugh in Spanish.) 

I’ve also seen Spanish-speaking people use English text talk too, though. I was texting someone earlier today, and he used “lol” even though the entire conversation was in Spanish. Just thought I’d let you all know of that too

At any rate, I don’t know if or when this will come in handy for anyone, but in case it does, there you have it! And with that, I bid you all goodnight.

What do the Languages of India Sound Like?

India has a population of 1.2 billion people (just slightly behind the PRC) and with that comes some 400+ languages and multiple language families in one country. Obviously I’m not going to show every single language found in India. I’m going to focus on the 22 languages as defined in the Eight Schedule to the Indian constitution, so you can get a teeny-tiny sample of some of the languages of the second most populous nation on earth and how they sound.

All videos are from youtube. They should all play fine in the US, cannot guarantee that for anywhere else. However for pretty much all of these (except a few on the bottom) there are like a bajillion things like just type the language name into youtube and you’ll get like a good 50 movies showing up.

Borrowing of English words is very common in India so don’t be surprised if you’re listening to one and suddenly you there’s English for like two words and then back to whatever language it is.

Also there is a chance that some of the videos may not actually contain the language they’re supposed to contain. I do not speak any of these languages and I had to go off of what labels the video had as well as basic google searches if I could. If there is a mistake, I apologize. And if you catch a mistake let me know so I can get it fixed.

What does Hindi sound like?

Cucumber Benefits For Health and Beauty In Hindi - खीरे के लाभ @ jaipurthepinkcity.com

What does Bengali sound like?

Purnodoirgho Prem Kahini 2 | Trailer-2 | Bengali Movie | Shakib Khan | Joya Ahsan | SIS Media

What does Telugu sound like?

(Some English at beginning) PARICHAYAM ||Telugu Short Film By Klapboard Productions|| Harish Nagaraj Film

What does Marathi sound like?

Puranpoli - Emotional Marathi Short Film | Pocket Films

What does Tamil sound like?

Kalyana Parisu | Tamil Serial | Episode 616 | 29/02/2016

What does Urdu sound like?

Sairbeen 29th February 2016.BBC Urdu

What does Gujarati sound like?

Promo : Aa Namo Bahu Nade Che - Popular Gujarati Natak 2016 - Sanjay Goradia

What does Kannada sound like?

FOREIGN RETURNED - Kannada Short Film - Puneeth B.A

What does Malayalam sound like?

“അപ്പൻ ആരാ മോൻ” - Malayalam  2016 Comedy Short Film Appan ara mon

What does Odia sound like?

Dr Maya Gantayat Interview on Cerebral Palsy in Odia language

What does Punjabi sound like?

Ambarsariya Trailer - Diljit Dosanjh, Navneet, Monica, Lauren, Gul Panag | Latest Punjabi Movie 2016

What does Assamese sound like?

Touching Story Of A House Wife | Assamese short film - A New Dawn (Eti Notun Prabhat)

What does Maithili sound like?

गोनू झा के किस्से  (भाग -1) | Maithili TV programme | Maithili Serial | Gonu Jha

What does Santali sound like?

MON JURI TINJ 2014 Santali Movie Trailer

What does Kashmiri sound like?

*Kashmiri Folk Medley - Aabha Hanjura & Sufistication - Kappa TV

What does Nepali sound like?

फेसबुक प्रेम Comedy Guys Episode -3 |Nepali Comedy |Govinda Koirala|Suresh Thapa|Buddhi Tamang

What does Konkani sound like?

WIKITONGUES: Ashwath speaking Konkani

What does Sindhi sound like?

Sindhi language

What does Dogri sound like?

Satsang In J&k Local Dogri Language

What does Manipuri sound like?

Words of Life Manipuri (মৈইতৈইলোন) People/Language Movie Trailer

What does Bodo sound like?

Good News Bodo: Meche People/Language Movie Trailer

What does Sanskrit sound like?

Sushma Swaraj’s Sanskrit Speech in World Sanskrit conference in Bangkok

*Breaks my rule about no songs because I really couldn’t find much that wasn’t music and I figured something is better than nothing.