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He protects you in a car crash after you break up- Luke Imagine

A/N: **Requested by anon -Taylor

It had been almost three months since you and Luke broke up. To make it even worse, it was a pretty bad break up. However, you were still friends with the rest of the band so you were sometimes forced to hang around Luke, even though you weren’t talking. Today was one of those days. 

“(Y/N) we are going to the beach and you don’t have a choice. We never see you anymore because of the break up. We want to hang out with you so you’re going to have to suck it up,” Michael lectures you as he packs up some of your beach things against your will.

“He’s right you know. You guys are going to have to talk eventually. And we love you too much to not hang out with you,” Calum intervenes. He moves from his spot on the wall over to you and engulfs you in a hug. 

You felt guilty and gave in. You threw on your swimsuit and crammed yourself in the car with the 4 boys. When you all got in the car, you realized you were sitting between Calum and Luke. You nudged Calum and whispered to him, “Please switch with me.”

“Can you seriously not handle an hour long car ride. I’m not moving,” Calum protested. Luke refused to even look at you, keeping his focus on something outside the window. 

You two started driving down the road in uncomfortable silence caused by you and Luke. Whenever one of you would start to say something, the other would immediately snap, causing annoyed glares from the other boys. About half way through the drive, rain started pouring down on the road making the road extremely slippery. The windshield was extremely blurry which is why none of you saw another driver, who was speeding, cut you off. 

Your car slammed straight into the other one at a fast rate and everything went spinning. You had no idea what was going on. Everyone was screaming and you couldn’t tell up from down or where you were going. All you could feel was Luke throwing himself over you, hands holding your head, making sure you didn’t get hurt in anyway. You gripped onto him making sure you didn’t go flying. Even with him trying his best to protect you, your head hit something sharp and you blacked out.

*               *               *                *               *                 *                 *                 *       You woke up in a bright white room with beeps coming from a random machine. You felt someone holding your hand. You opened your eyes to see Luke sitting next to your hospital bed in a chair with his head in one hand and the other one holding yours. He had one hand completely wrapped in some type of white gauze and multiple cuts on his face. He even had a little bit of dried blood stuck in his hair. 

You lifted your head a little bit and felt a throbbing in the back of your head. You let out a hiss of pain, causing Luke to look up at you. 

“Oh my god (Y/N). Thank God. I was so worried,” Luke whispered as he quickly got up and gently hugged you, burying his face in your neck. 

“You protected me… why did you… we weren’t…” you kept stuttering, utterly confused.

“I couldn’t let you get hurt. When we were dating I promised you I would always protect you. I had to keep that promise,” he explained and you sat there astonished. He placed his hand on your cheek and caressed it softly, being careful not to hurt you. You placed your hand over his and thanked him.

“(Y/N), I am so sorry for these past few months. But I realized after the wreck, I still love you and I have no idea what I would do if something awful were to happen to you. I love you,” he confessed to you quietly. 

“I love you too, Luke,” you replied. He leaned down and carefully placed his lips on yours.